Top Reasons to Buy a Treadmill Online

Buy OnlineOwning a treadmill can dramatically improve your odds of keeping fit. When a treadmill moves in, excuses move out! Exercise becomes easy. What’s sometimes difficult though is actually buying the treadmill; the process can be a hassle if you shop the old fashioned way. Here are the five top reasons to buy a treadmill online instead.

1. Treadmills cost less online.

Treadmills almost always cost less online. The difference can be hundreds of dollars or more, and for most shoppers that’s the top reason to buy a treadmill online instead of in person. This calculation includes the treadmill’s sale price, delivery and a standard warranty.

The manufacturer’s website is usually the best source for treadmill deals for a few reasons. First, fitness machine manufacturers do most or all of their business online. This lets them avoid property taxes, utility bills and other overhead associated with owning physical stores. Second, they save money by delivering directly to customers’ homes or health clubs. With physical shops, in contrast, two deliveries are figured into overall expenses: one to the shop and one to the consumer. Third, manufacturers save on shipping heavy equipment because they do so much of it. They get volume discounts and pass the savings along to consumers.

Official websites for brands such as Sole and NordicTrack are some of the most popular places to buy a treadmill online. The major manufacturers typically include free shipping and a 30-day trial period with each online treadmill sale. Some make free financing available too, so you could pay a small amount per month instead of shelling out your whole fitness budget at once.

2. Shopping online is crowd-free.

Before e-commerce became common, getting a treadmill deal required dealing with pushy crowds. Parking lots and stores got especially packed during the biggest sales. Shopping, once a potentially fun activity, became a stressful way to spend a weekend or a holiday.

Today (or tonight) you can avoid crowds and still get the best deal! When you buy a treadmill online the showroom floor is yours alone. Shopping can be fun again.

3. Shopping online saves time.

Buying a treadmill online is much speedier than buying in person. That’s especially true if you’re price-conscious and want to compare offers from different vendors. Obviously clicking from webpage to webpage is faster than driving to stores. You can do it at any time that fits your schedule too, even if that’s before sunrise or late at night. Online shoppers also save time because they don’t need to wait in line for cashiers or take time loading new fitness equipment into their cars.

4. Shopping online includes delivery.

One reason to buy a treadmill online and directly from the factory is that delivery is free. After all, most treadmills have steel frames and weigh more than 100 pounds. Bringing one home can be a literally painful chore and isn’t an ideal way to spend a weekend. Paying for delivery from a local shop can be expensive too.

Free delivery from online shops is for ground level service only. Customers pay extra for machine delivery that involves stairways.

5. Online shoppers dodge sales pressure.

A fifth benefit of online shopping is avoiding sales pressure. You can still get help from salespeople when you shop online, but unwanted “help” is absent. Fitness equipment websites have online chat, toll-free numbers and email forms to help customers with questions. If you have a treadmill question you can always contact us and we will try to help.

In sum, shopping for a treadmill can be economical and hassle-free when it’s done online. To make the best purchasing decision, do your research first (because we have done ours!). Read our free treadmill buyers’ guide, read treadmill reviews and compare prices for treadmills from several brands.