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Cybex International, Inc. is among the world’s leading manufacturers of premium exercise equipment. Their Cybex brand name graces a full range o

Cybex International, Inc. is among the world’s leading manufacturers of premium exercise equipment. Their Cybex brand name graces a full range of strength training products and cardio training machines. Their products are generally made in the USA, top quality, and priced higher than average. Cybex treadmills are intended primarily for commercial shoppers, but all models are sold with residential, entry commercial and commercial warranties.

The Cybex company culture appeals to many customers. Using energy-efficient practices is a priority at their facilities, and the company also respects the environment with its water reuse and recycling practices. Customer service is friendly and readily available during normal business hours for the US and UK.


Cybex makes five premium treadmills: the 790T, 770T, 625T, 525T and the Total Access Treadmill. All have long standard warranties for residential, light commercial and commercial use.

The two treadmills in the 700 series have the most advanced default consoles (touchscreen versus LED), but all Cybex treadmills are available with an upgraded 15.6″ monitor and Cybex GO digital programming. Cybex GO provides a variety of benefits with exercise support and HD entertainment.

The Cybex 790T is the fastest treadmill of the five and has the steepest incline. However, all five models are great matches for serious runners and power walkers. Advanced cushioning and 5.0 HP motors are standard for each.

A special Cybex treadmill model is the Total Access Treadmill. It’s very similar to the 625T but has unique features for trainees with compromised vision or other limitations.

What We Like:

  • Powerful Motors: Designed with vigorous running and long walks in mind, Cybex treadmills have motors with a peak 5.0 HP. The incline motors are powerful too, delivering 1000 pounds of thrust.
  • High Speed: The Cybex 790T is one of the fastest treadmills on our review website. It supports a high speed of 15.6 mph. The other Cybex treadmills have an impressive top speed of 12.4 mph.
  • Tracks for Runners: These treadmills’ tracks are all 60″ long and at least 20″ wide. With the exception of the 525T they have 22″ wide tracks.
  • Automated Inclines: All Cybex treadmills have automated inclines. The 790T has the steepest maximum incline at 20%. The other Cybex treadmills can reach 15%.
  • Cushioning: All Cybex treadmills feature variable cushioning inspired by smart running shoes. Called IS3 Intelligent Suspension, this cushioning has different levels of firmness throughout the track to help promote endurance and prevent injury.
  • Heart Rate: Contact and wireless heart rate monitoring are supported on all Cybex treadmills. Most show heart rate data with a color-coded system for quick interpretation.
  • Programming: Programming is varied even on the simplest Cybex treadmill. A good example of Cybex programming though is on the multilingual CardioTouchâ„¢ monitor. This is a 4.3″ touch screen display that gives access to exercise programs and lets a person access audio on an iPod or iPhone. Here a club member can easily set up a workout with a time, distance or calorie goal. Several fitness tests and heart rate control sessions are options too.
  • Optional High-Tech Entertainment & Workouts: Cybex treadmills are available with a 15.6″ monitor called the E3 View HD. This high quality widescreen monitor offers three viewing modes to match any trainee’s preference: Exercise, Entertainment or Escape. The E3 monitor can be used with another optional upgrade called Cybex GO. This is a digital platform that provides virtual workout environments, music videos, live high-def TV programming and other features.
  • Convenience:These club quality treadmills include special attention to detail. Speed and incline controls are located on the treadmills’ cross bars, and each console has two large water bottle holders, a magazine rack and a utility tray.
  • Safety: A safety lanyard can be used to switch off a Cybex treadmill in case of emergency. This brand also has a user detection feature called Safety Sentry. Additional safety features such as high-contrast deck coloring are used on the Total Access Treadmill.
  • Color: Cybex treadmills can be painted any color. Depending on the model, seven to 15 colors are standard. Virtually any other color is available at extra cost.
  • High Capacity: These fitness machines have maximum weight capacities of 350 pounds and higher.
  • Excellent Warranties: Cybex treadmills have long warranties. The 790T, for example, has an entry commercial warranty providing five years for parts, three for labor and 10 for the frame. The consumer warranty extends the parts coverage to seven years. The full commercial warranty provides five years for parts, two for labor and 10 for the frame.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price: Cybex treadmills are built to endure heavy use and are backed by strong warranties for any setting. However, they are among the most expensive treadmills on the market.

Our Verdict:

Cybex treadmills are among the best treadmills you can buy. They are a top choice for shoppers who have larger budgets and an eye on long-term satisfaction. If you seek a reliable luxury treadmill for your home or fitness center, then Cybex could be your brand.