Landice Treadmill Review

Landice Treadmill Review Editorial Team 4 Landice has engineered and manufactured top-notch treadmills in the USA since 1967. The Landice brand is a consistent leader in the global fitness ind

Landice has engineered and manufactured top-notch treadmills in the USA since 1967. The Landice brand is a consistent leader in the global fitness industry, regularly getting accolades from Consumer Guide, Consumer Report and Runners World contributors. The company primarily serves light commercial and commercial fitness centers, but they also make treadmills especially for home use. Landice stands out for its high quality basics, plenty of customization options and long warranties. Their home treadmills are sold with lifetime guarantees!

Landice treadmills are categorized as residential, light commercial and commercial. All the models are similar in terms of appearance and functionality. Their main differences are in track size, roller size and user weight capacity. Each Landice treadmill model is personalized with the shopper’s choice of four workout consoles and optional extras. Some options are a 19″ TV, a tablet computer bracket and medical handrails.

Track size is a primary difference among Landice treadmills. Those with “L7″ in the name have running areas measuring 58″ long and 20” wide. These treadmills can accommodate most trainees. The “L8” and “L9″ treadmills offer extra room and can carry more weight. Their track sizes are 63″ x 22”. The model choices are the residential Landice L7 and L8, the light commercial L7 LTD (Limited) and L8 LTD, and the commercial L7 Club and L9 Club. User weight capacities range from 400 to 500 pounds.

All Landice treadmills have durable four-ply tracks, automated inclines (maximum 15%) and a High Tech Entertainment Center. The High Tech Entertainment Center includes not only stereo speakers and a port for mobile devices, but also a reading rack, workout fan and beverage holder.

As for workout support, Landice offers four diverse consoles. These range from the simple Pro Trainer with five workout programs to the Executive Control Panel with 21. Heart rate monitoring options differ with each console choice.

Warranties for Landice provide excellent consumer protection. As mentioned above, the residential Landice L7 and Landice L8 are under lifetime warranty and include a year of free labor. The light commercial and commercial units have five-year parts warranties and a year of free labor. The Executive Control Panel is under warranty too: five years for home use, three years for commercial use.

What We Like:

  • Capacity: Landice treadmills are hefty. Whereas many treadmills can only support users up to 250 or 300 pounds, a Landice can support up to 500 pounds. The lightest maximum capacity from this brand is 400 pounds.
  • Consoles: Landice consoles stand out from the competition. The variety ensures that every shopper has an appealing choice, whether they seek simplicity or advanced functionality. Highlights from the collection include a 9″ full-color display, fitness tests, wireless heart rate feedback, and programs that simulate exercising at famous landmarks. Each console can save at least two user-designed programs, and the Executive Control Panel can save 10.
  • Customer service: Landice is a member of the Online Better Business Bureau and consistently shows excellent commitment to customer service.
  • Distribution: Landice is a leading fitness brand and maintains a presence in brick-and-mortar retail establishments. The wide distribution helps ensure that repairs are accessible. Free in-home labor is provided to new owners who live within 60 miles of a Landice dealer.
  • Motor: Landice treadmills have strong yet quiet 4.0 HP continuous duty motors. These are made in the USA just like other Landice components.
  • Tracks: Tracks on these machines are roomy and well cushioned. The default cushioning is called VTX Shock Absorption and it’s been tested as five times more impact-absorbing than grass. Some Landice treadmills are available with additional cushioning for orthopedic needs.
  • Warranty: Landice home treadmills are sold with lifetime warranties. With most other treadmill brands, only the frame is protected lifelong. Landice’s light commercial and commercial treadmills also lead the industry by providing five years of parts protection. Finally, Landice also puts its top electronics (the Executive Control Panel) under warranty for three or five years depending on the treadmill model.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Footprint: Landice treadmills are extremely stable and some have extra-large tracks. In exchange for these benefits, users accept a larger-than-average treadmill base. The L9 Club, for instance, has a 33″ x 85″ footprint.
  • Price: Top-class treadmills come at a high price. Expect to pay about $3,000-$6,000 for a new Landice treadmill.

Our Verdict:

Landice treadmills are premium quality. They are durable, attractive, easy to use, and have lots of great features even before extras are added. Unlike many treadmills, they are suitable for users who are tall and heavy.

Landice treadmills require a lot of space, so they aren’t ideal for people in smaller homes. They’re also rather expensive investments. We recommend this brand to shoppers with larger budgets who seek fitness equipment for the long term.