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Landice Treadmill Review Treadmill Reviews 4 Landice, a company based in Randolph, New Jersey, has been established since 1990. Landice treadmills are consistently rated among the world’s top e

Landice, a company based in Randolph, New Jersey, has been established since 1990. Landice treadmills are consistently rated among the world’s top exercise machines. They’ve gotten accolades from Consumer Guide, Consumer Report, and Runners World subscribers. Landice has been making treadmills – and just treadmills – since 1978. All of their models are made in the USA.

After more than 20 years in existence, Landice has a good sense of the exercise equipment industry. The company makes treadmills and elliptical trainers for the home and for commercial settings. Some companies prefer to purchase Landice treadmills and give their patrons the quality experience of exercising on a Landice elliptical trainer or treadmill. The company prides itself on manufacturing, testing and assembling all of its products in the United States.

Landice makes two different treadmill models for residential use. With the residential treadmills, a lifetime warranty is guaranteed upon the purchase of a treadmill. The L770 Treadmill gives users a 4.0-horsepower continuous duty motor and a large, four-ply tread for the running deck. Fourteen-pound steel rollers support the deck on both ends and allow users weighing 400 pounds safe exercise. The L770, despite being able to support up to 400 pounds, weighs less than 300 pounds. It has a total width of 34 inches and a length of 76 inches. With an accessory rack that can be used to read or entertain users, the treadmill allows multi-tasking. Any type of treadmill user can use the L770. Serious exercisers can take advantage of the 15 percent motorized incline if they want to push their workouts to the limit. This treadmill is a great choice for casual and serious users alike.

The Landice L870 Treadmill has similar specifications to the L770. A 4.0-horsepower motor and an accessory rack, as well as a 15 percent incline, are seen in both models. These amenities give users the ability to work out consistently without the worry of their treadmill breaking. They also allow for an entertaining exercise while getting a legitimate workout with the use of the incline. This treadmill weighs 330 pounds, but can support users that weigh 500 pounds. Many treadmills that have been reviewed on this site do not support more than 350 pounds. Landice has given users that weigh more than the ability to shed pounds like everyone else. The tread belt is two inches wider and five inches longer, allowing for taller individuals to run safely with their longer strides. The belt is four-ply like the L870’s counterpart, the L770. The treadmill has a total width that is the same as the L770, 34 inches. The length of the L870 is six inches longer at 83 inches. Those hoping to purchase one of the best treadmills that Landice makes should consider the L870.

Commercial buyers should look at Landice’s commercial selection. Each of the commercial treadmills comes with a five-year warranty. Those looking to select a commercial treadmill have three different series to choose from. With the Club Series and the LTD Series, Landice has manufactured treadmills designed for regular workouts. Their Rehabilitation Treadmill Series was created for rehabilitation centers looking to help individuals rediscover and refine their movement capabilities.

The Club Series, which is designed for constant exercise at a gym or health club, is designed with consideration for regular usage. The L770 and the L970 are the two treadmills that Landice offers in their Club Series. Both are similar to the residential L770 and L870, respectively. The Club Series does come with a stronger frame and a special shock absorption system. These treadmills are finished with titanium and have a rust-free aluminum frame. The L770 and L970 both have a 4.0-horsepower motor capable of going as slow as 0.5 miles per hour and as fast as 11 miles per hour. The L970 only has a maximum incline of 12 percent but the L770 maintains the 15 percent incline as seen on both residential models. The L770, like its residential counterpart, supports 400 pounds while the L970 supports 500 pounds, like the L870 residential model. Both treadmills come with a safety lanyard so users are not severely injured in mistaken situations.

Another commercial line, the LTD Series, has two models as well. The L770 and L870 of the LTD Series offer the exact same amenities as the residential versions of the L770 and L870. The only noticeable difference is that both have a reversible deck that measures one inch in diameter. The LTD Series is designed for limited use which translates to less than five hours per day. Commercial institutions looking for treadmills that are not in use constantly, but are used more than a residential treadmill, should consider a treadmill in the LTD lineup. Hotels and condominiums are perfect environments for the LTD Series.

The final lineup in the commercial division of Landice is the Rehabilitation Treadmill. These treadmills are designed for conditioning exercises with individuals that have been recently injured. Medical divisions, besides rehabilitation, can find use with one of these treadmills. When administering tests on individuals that are at risk for heart conditions, a Rehabilitation Treadmill may be the right choice. This series of Landice treadmills can also be used by athletes for the maximum in safety and performance. Rehabilitation treadmills designed by Landice have a zero miles per hour starting speed. Along the sides of the treadmill, there are extended parallel handrails. A 15 percent elevation and a 0.1 to 12.0 miles per hour range can create countless combinations for any level of exercise. This series of treadmills, which comes in the L770 and L870 models like the other series mentioned, has a belt motor that can change directions, giving users the ability to run downhill if they like. This can be controlled by a hand-held remote that comes with the treadmill.

What We Like

  • Capacity: Landice machines are strong. Whereas many treadmill brands can only support users up to 300 pounds, Landice models can support users up to 500 pounds.
  • Console: Landice consoles truly stand out against the competition. They include technology that’s normally found in luxury cars’ navigational systems. The consoles are easy to use, and their programs provide entertainment and data feedback to help users reach their exercise goals. One model even takes users through simulated firefighter training, and the Landice L7 Cardio Treadmill automatically monitors and controls speed and incline to help the user stay within a specific heart rate zone.
  • Customer service: Landice is a member of the Online Better Business Bureau and shows excellent commitment to its consumers.
  • Distribution: More than 40,000 Landice treadmills have been sold and the manufacturer maintains a presence in brick-and-mortar retail establishments. These facts mean that, if needed, servicing your Landice should not be a problem.
  • Motor: Landice treadmills have strong but quiet 4.0 HP motors.
  • Track: Landice tracks are roomy and cushioned. The Landice L7 Executive Treadmill, for instance, has a 20”x58” treadbelt and VTX Shock Absorption. VTX surfaces provide several times more cushioning than grass.
  • Warranty: Landice treadmills are sold with full lifetime warranties and one year of free labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • Footprint: Landice treadmills are extremely stable. In exchange for stability, users must accept a larger-than-average treadmill base. The L7 Cardio, for instance, has a 32″ x 77″ footprint.
  • Price: Top-class treadmills come at a high price. Expect to pay about $3000-$6000 for a new Landice model.

Our Verdict

Landice treadmills are top quality. They are durable, attractive, easy to use, and have lots of great features. Unlike many treadmills, they are suitable for users who are tall and heavy.

Landice treadmills require a lot of space, so they aren’t ideal for people in smaller homes. They’re also rather expensive. Most users do not need all of Landice’s high-quality features, so they might prefer a cheaper option.

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