Life Fitness is a global leader in home fitness equipment design and manufacturing. The company has more than 30 years of experience and is renowned for its durable, high-quality home treadmills. The T3 is among the company’s simplest treadmill models, but it includes a number of advanced features.

What We Like:

  • Overall quality: Life Fitness home treadmills include commercial-grade parts such as pre-lubricated tracks and commercial-grade motors.
  • Track: One advantage of the T3 is its 60” running surface, which is long enough to accommodate most tall runners. The T3 also provides excellent shock absorption with its patented FlexDeck system. Compared with other treadmills, those with FlexDeck technology reduce the impact to joints by almost 30%.
  • Consoles: Life Fitness offers two console types – basic and advanced – and the T3 features the advanced option. It includes a wide variety of workout programs and permits two users to store workout data. The console’s most often-used buttons are ergonomically placed, and its amber lighting is easy to read. The T3 also has two dishwasher-safe cup holders and a built-in reading rack.
  • Motor: The T3, like all Life Fitness’s treadmills, features a quiet MagnaDrive™ Motor System that detects user weight and adjusts motor output accordingly. With 3.0 CHP, the motor is suitable for runners and daily training.
  • Warranties: The T3 is sold with a lifetime warranty on the frame and shock absorbers, a 10-year warranty on the motor, a five-year warranty on the electrical and mechanical parts, and a year of labor.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price: Life Fitness treadmills are not economy-priced machines. The T5-0, for instance, has an MSRP of $5495.

Our Verdict:

Customers and industry experts alike regard Life Fitness treadmills as high-quality, durable machines. From their quiet and powerful motors to their ergonomic consoles, these treadmills offer an excellent blend of form and function. The machines are pricey, but if they fit your budget, they are well worth the investment.

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