LiveStrong treadmills are manufactured by Johnston Health Technology and are endorsed by cyclist Lance Armstrong. A percentage of profits are donated to LiveStrong’s Lance Armstrong Foundation, a non-profit that advocates for cancer survivors. All LiveStrong treadmills have lifetime warranties on the frame and motor.

The LS 9.9 Treadmill is a step above the brand’s entry-level 7.9 T. It retails for $999 while the 7.9 T sells for $799.

What We Like

  • Console: LiveStrong consoles are simple but sleek with easy-to-read LCD displays, built-in cup holders, and reading racks.
  • Motor: With a 2.75 HP motor, this home treadmill can support daily training.
  • Audio: LiveStrong treadmills come with speakers and an audio port that’s compatible with iPods and other MP3 players.
  • Fitness Journal and exercise programs: With LiveStrong’s Fitness Journal system and 12 built-in exercise programs, you can compare workout results with your personal best and with five previous workouts.
  • User capacity: The treadmill’s user capacity of 325 pounds can accommodate most exercisers.
  • Warranty: The LS 9.9 comes with a lifetime warranty on the motor and frame, a 3-year warranty on parts, and one year of in-home labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • Track length: The LS 9.9 T’s 55” track is about average. Some runners would prefer the 60” track of the LS 12.9 T or 16.9 T.


Our Verdict

The LiveStrong 9.9 treadmill gets consistently strong reviews for great basics such as a strong motor and a user-friendly console. Added value comes from the iPod-compatible dock and a Fitness Journal system. Topped off with a generous warranty package, the 9.9 looks like a great investment. For a bit more money, some users would prefer the 12.9T or 16.9 LifeStrong treadmills. These include extra horsepower, steeper inclines, and longer tracks.

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