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Company Overview – Precor USA is a true innovator in fitness equipment design and manufacturing. Since 1980 the company has been supplying high qua

Company Overview – Precor USA is a true innovator in fitness equipment design and manufacturing. Since 1980 the company has been supplying high quality workout equipment to hotels, commercial gyms and residential customers. Under the original name of Precision Corporation, they introduced the world’s first ergonomically designed rowing machine in 1980. About ten years later they again revolutionized the exercise industry by introducing elliptical trainers and the first cushioned treadmills. Precor was also the first company to install electronics on fitness equipment; before Precor, trainees had little information about their performance during workouts. Precor is headquartered in Washington State and owned by Amer Sports.

Precor Treadmills for 2016- For this 2016 model year, Precor designed the Precision™ and Energy™ Series line of residential treadmills. The Precision™ Series features the TRM 425 and the TRM 445 while the Energy™ Series features the TRM 211, TRM 223 and the TRM 243 models. These treadmills range in price from $2,1999 to $5,999 and are designed with additional comfort and performance features to deliver a personalized at-home workout experience with a commercial-grade quality treadmill. The Energy™ Series line of treadmills feature a shock absorption system called Energy Stride™ Technology that uses a deck mounting system to reduce impact on your individual stride. The Precision™ Series line of treadmills also features a new shock absorption system called the Ground Effects® Control System that keeps the deck centered and sturdy while providing additional comfort, also personalized to your individual stride. They also offer two ultra-premium models, the TRM 811 and TRM 835, that will set you back $7,395 and $8,495, respectively.

Below we provide a general overview of the Precor treadmill lineup.

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What We Like:

  • Track cushioning: As mentioned above, Precor was the first treadmill company to use cushioned tracks. They’ve remained committed to supporting lower-impact running by developing the patented Ground Effects technology. This variable cushioning system is firmer where your feet push off the track and softer where they land. When combined with Precor’s foot plant technology, the tracks are especially supportive running surfaces that reduce stress on runners’ joints.
  • Track incline/decline: Adjusting the slope of a treadmill track helps replicate outdoor running conditions, speed up metabolism and recruit more muscle tissue. With the touch of a button, Precor users can adjust their treadmill tracks up to a 15% incline and down to a 2% decline.
  • Consoles: The consoles on Precor home treadmills are comparable to those of commercial-grade machines. They include customizable workout programs that track the personal bests of up to four users. Examples of built-in Precor workout programs include heart rate control workouts and runs of 1 mile, 2 miles, 5K and 10K.
  • Motors: Precor home treadmills have commercial-grade motors that support frequent use, heavier trainees and high speeds. These treadmills are built with 3.0 to 4.0HP AC motors.
  • Aesthetics: Precor has designed treadmills that are ergonomically sound, featuring either lever style motion controls or dome style keys that are right in reach and easy to tap and go on the oversized console area.
  • Warranties: Customers get lifetime warranties on their treadmill frames plus five to ten years of parts protection. Labor costs are included for the first year.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price: Precor machines are a fine option for people who can easily afford them. However, more affordable machines of somewhat lesser quality would be sufficient for most home treadmill users.
  • Special features: For the price of a Precor, some users would expect special features such as LCD television screens and built-in speakers that are available with other treadmill brands.

Our Verdict:

Precor treadmills are world-class workout machines. They are attractive, durable, easy to use, and provide excellent support for runners. The only drawbacks are the price tags on the more advanced models and the absence of multimedia entertainment that other treadmill manufacturers offer.

The Precor treadmill line is on sale right now.

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Precor treadmills are currently on sale.

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