The ProForm home treadmill brand is produced by global fitness leader ICON Health and Fitness. The ProForm 990 is the mid-level treadmill in ProForm’s Power Series. The full line includes the 690, the 990, and the 995.

What We Like

  • Compact design: Each treadmill in the ProForm Power Series lineup features a SpaceSaver™ design.
  • Motor: The 990’s 3.0 CHP Mach Z™ Commercial Pro Motor is self-cooling and remarkably quiet. It helps the machine to support up to 325 pounds, and users can reach a top speed of 12 mph.
  • Workout programs: With a built-in iFit card reader, the 990 is equipped for countless workout updates. Each iFit card contains eight weeks of virtual personal training: users listen to a real personal trainer, and the treadmill automatically adjusts its incline up to 12% to support different workout goals. Sixteen standard workout programs are also built into the console.
  • Heart monitor: The 990′s heart rate sensors are built into its handlebars.
  • Audio capability: The 990’s iPod-compatible audio port and rich Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system help to keep exercisers entertained.
  • Cushioning: Adjustable ProTech™ cushioning reduces the impact on runners’ joints.
  • Warranty: ProForm’s Power Series treadmills come with great warranties. With the 790, customers get a lifetime frame warranty, a lifetime motor warranty, and a year on other parts and labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • Track length: The 990’s track is best suited to walkers and shorter runners; it’s 55” long.

Our Verdict

ProForm’s Power Series has a strong lineup for 2010. The 990 includes the essentials of a great treadmill – a strong motor and a cushioned track, for example – plus it’s loaded with extras. The iFit workout options and rich audio capability provide extra motivation to exercise, and the built-in console fans help exercisers to stay with their programs. The 990’s warranty package instills confidence that the machine is built to last. If you’re a smaller exerciser (not tall or very heavy), then the ProForm 990 could be a great investment.