New Year Treadmill Sales

New Year Treadmill Sales
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A new year, a new treadmill! We’re excited to share this year’s best treadmill deals for home gyms, health clubs and quiet office envi

Treadmill Happy New YearA new year, a new treadmill! We’re excited to share this year’s best treadmill deals for home gyms, health clubs and quiet office environments. New Year’s treadmill sales make high-powered cardio trainers affordable for more shoppers, and treadmill technology is of course better than ever. Device compatibility has become standard at all price levels; wireless data tracking is widely available; and in the New Year’s treadmill sales for this new year you’ll see machines with high-definition touch screens for workout programming and digital entertainment.  Prefer a simpler “classic” treadmill? That’s available at the budget through luxury levels too. Read on for New Year’s treadmill shopping overviews for walkers and runners.

New Year’s Treadmills for Walkers

Treadmills for walkers cost less, on average, than treadmills for runners do. That’s because walkers’ treadmills can be less robust yet still support great training sessions at lower intensities. With New Year’s treadmill discounts you can even bring home a good unit for less than $1,000.

But treadmills for walkers vary widely in terms of intended use and performance. Along with general-purpose walkers’ treadmills, here are two special categories represented in New Year’s treadmill sales: desk treadmills and walkers’ treadmills with inclines. You can also follow links for the best treadmill values by price tier including year-end closeout prices and free shipping in the continental US.

Desk Treadmills

Treadmills with desktops help people manage their weight and maintain high energy as they accomplish office work. To be office-friendly, desk treadmills have virtually silent motors and whisper-quiet track operation. They can run at low speeds for hours at a time without overheating.

Additionally some of the models in New Year’s treadmill sales are built to handle higher speeds. These can serve as traditional treadmills as well as treadmill desks. Some even have convertible consoles; the flat desktop converts to a console with a large display screen for workouts and digital entertainment. The best choices for this year have power-adjustable settings for the desktop height.

Treadmills for Power Walkers

For the best of both worlds — calorie burn and comfortable training — walkers can use treadmills with inclines. Walking on a tilted surface you can burn calories especially quickly like runners do, but your knees won’t suffer harsh impact. Other benefits are targeted muscle toning and extra cardio challenge.

The steeper the slope, the more dramatic the challenge and the metabolic boost. The best treadmills for power walking this year have maximum incline settings of about 15 percent to 20 percent. Also featured in New Year’s treadmill sale ads are treadmill alternatives with especially steep slopes. With maximum slants of 40 percent, plus the option of a downhill slope, these can be great options for advanced power walkers.

New Year’s Treadmills for Runners

Treadmills for runners have a few features in common. Compared with treadmills for walkers, they have stronger motors, longer tracks and more advanced cushioning. The current New Year’s treadmill sales feature values for every sort of runner, from the casual jogger/runner to the serious marathon trainer.

Treadmills for runners cost more on average than those for walkers do. Even so, you can get good value for around $1,299 with this year’s New Year’s treadmill sales deals. See what’s available with our treadmill comparison charts featuring regular prices and sale prices along with motor power, track length and other specs.

Look for treadmills with commercial quality motors and at least 3.0 CHP. Most treadmills for runners this year have 60″ long tracks too. If your stride isn’t long you might get away with spending less on a treadmill with a shorter track. Just make sure that the deck has ample cushioning; a true treadmill for runners has even better shock absorption than one for walkers.

Free Treadmill Reviews

The more you know, the better chance you have of choosing a true treadmill deal for the new year. Get ready to shop the New Year’s treadmill sales wisely by reading our treadmill brand overviews and honest in-depth treadmill reviews.