Trimline is a spin-off of Roadmaster Industries, an American company dating back to 1925. The Trimline brand name is now owned by Nautilus, but Trimline treadmills are no longer being produced. Read on to decide whether a second-hand Trimline would be right for you.

What We Like

  • Stability: Trimline treadmills have sturdy decks and high weight capacities.

What We Don’t Like

  • Warranties: Since warranties are non-transferable, people who purchase used Trimlines are gambling that the machines will require little servicing.
  • Lack of extras: For the price of a used Trimline, a customer could most likely find a new or used treadmill that has speakers, advanced workout programs, and other features that make treadmill use more enjoyable.
  • Motors: The motors on most Trimline models have just 2.0 HP capacity. An exception is the 3.0 HP motor on the Trimline 7800, which was sold with a confidence-instilling 30-year warranty.
  • Track sizes: A number of Trimline treadmills have small walking areas. The 1620, for instance, has just a 55” x 17.5” area, which is shorter and narrower than the tracks of most other treadmills we’ve seen.

Our Verdict

It’s not easy to advise customers to purchase a discontinued brand. Trimline treadmills do not get exceptional reviews, so there is little incentive to purchase them when good-quality machines with warranties are available.