25 Best Blogs for Runners & Walkers

As avid walkers and runners, we tend to spend lots of our exercise time alone. Blogs offer glimpses into the lives of others who hit the trail. Here we look at 25 of the best independent blogs about running, walking, power recipes, and more.

Running Blogs

These are general interest blogs for beginning and experienced runners.

1. A Trail Runner’s Blog: Blogger Scott Dunlap has been running trails and training for triathlons since 2001. Follow his tour of races across the US, from the classic Boston Marathon to San Francisco’s costume-friendly Bay to Breakers competition.

2. Dean’s Blog: Dean Karanazes blogs professionally for Runner’s World magazine. His tagline: “Blogging about ultra-running, life, and the human spirit.” This blog includes lots of useful information and musings about upcoming marathons, healthy eating, the natural world, and more.

3. Running Off at the Mouth: “Rants and ruminations from an adventurous mama with a strong urge to run.” Marcia’s style is frank, outgoing, and amusing. Check out her product reviews, investigations of refrigerator contents, giveaways, and other contributions.

4. Runblogger: The thirty-something runner Peter Larson gives training tips, reviews running gear, and shares interesting info from the running world.

5.Coach Jenny Hadfield’s Blog: Coach Jenny Hadfield is an expert runner with a master’s degree in exercise science. She co-authored the best-selling Marathoning for Mortals and regularly contributes to Health Magazine. Some of her blogs are unsubstantial, but check out the “Popular Blog Posts” list on her page for articles about cross-training for runners, staying hydrated, running hills, and more. She also writes on RunnersWorld where she offers great advice and tips on marathon running.

6. A Runner’s Blog: “Watch the highs and lows of running from a middle-of-the-pack perspective.” Some of these posts are ho-hum, but the blogs tagged “inspiration” are worthwhile. Read stories about runners who rescued people with their speediness, running for charity, etcetera.

7. Where’s Karl?: This blog from 2008 documents the writer’s 47-day journey running the 2,175-mile Appalachian Trail.

8. Running while Pregnant: If you have a bun in the oven, you won’t want to miss what other moms are saying about running and pregnancy.

9. The Running Moron: Friendly and self-deprecating Brett writes, “I’m just your regular non-athlete who took up running and, um, ran with it. There are many days when I’m out running in the cold or rain or dark that I ask myself why I’m out running. Then I remember – it’s because I’m a moron!”

10. Old Man Running – Seniors might especially appreciate reading the journal of a running and tweeting 74-year-old man. Some recurring themes include heart rate monitoring, injuries, and marathons.

11. Run Bulldog Run: The running blog and adventures of Ultra Runner Steve Speirs. Full of running tips, products, maps etc.

Science/Health/Recipe Blogs

These blogs cover recipes for runners, the physiology of running, and healthy feet.

12. On and off the Track: Steve Magness writes in-depth about the science of running. Sample headlines include “The 10,000-Hour Rule and Why Talent and Genes Matter” and “Compression Socks,” which leads an article about the physiology of blood flow and muscle vibrations.

13. Fix Your Feet: Walkers and runners should peruse this site to help protect and repair their feet. Sample posts are “Don’t Do This to Your Feet!” and “What Were You Thinking?”

14. The Hungry Runner: Check in here for a mix of healthful recipes, stretches, and musings about running.

Fundraising through Fitness Blogs

Check out how runners are helping the world through exercise.

15. Martina Crevecoeur at I Run for Food has raffle fundraisers and is committed to donating money for every mile she runs.

16. It’s Not About the Walk: “Walker Girl” blogs about half-marathon training and fund-raising for the blood cancers leukemia, lymphoma and mylenoma.

Music Blogs for Runners

The best running music is both motivational and a distraction when needed. See which songs are fueling other runners.

17.A Bold Pace: The marathon mixes presented here are designed to help runners keep certain paces: 7 minutes per mile, etc. Playlists take each song’s beats per minute into account.

18. The Runners Blog: This page shows the famous OK GO treadmill video plus a recommended playlist for runners.

Walking Blogs

These are general interest blogs for walkers. Race walking, weight loss, and on-foot city tours are among the topics explored.

19. Walking blog on Host Wendy Bumgardner presents a wide collection of posts covering walking for weight loss, walking with your dog, walking shoes and gear, and more. Some quirky posts include “Funky Smelling Water?” and “Cheating on Your Walking Partner.”

20. Nordic Walking – Claire Walter writes about Nordic walking from her home state of Colorado and around the USA.

21. Race Walking Record: This is the official blog of the Race Walking Record magazine.

22. Walk/Bike CT: “WalkBikeCT is an informational blog devoted to promoting walking and biking as viable transportation options in the state of Connecticut.” This likeable blogger has a great writing style.

23. The Walking Nun: This nun can write! Sample posts include “Weight Watchers,” “Why Runners Usually Make Good Employees,” and “My Social Media Goal.”

24. Walking Off the Big Apple: Whether you live in New York City or are just planning a visit, you’ll appreciate this collection of guides to special walks around Central Park and the city.

25. Walking Berkeley: Check out this page by two sisters, ages 63 and 67, who walked along each of Berkeley’s 1000+ streets.

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