Best Treadmill Desks

Last Updated - Mar 19, 2020

Treadmill desks make it easier to stay fit while accomplishing office tasks. As a treadmill desk owner you can avoid the serious risks of “sitting disease” with little effort; simply walk at a slow pace as you type, write, read your computer screen or talk on the phone.

The best treadmill desks are whisper-quiet and are sized comfortably for petite exercisers as well as for taller trainees. The examples on our list of top treadmill values meet these guidelines with their quiet motors, smoothly running tracks and adjustable work surfaces. Additionally some of the best desk treadmills can be used just like regular treadmills when work time is over. They can support high speeds and have engaging electronics for workouts and entertainment.

Best Desk Treadmills

Here are some of the top desk treadmills designed for home offices and commercial settings. Click the links to read in-depth reviews.

1. LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Desk

Just like their other treadmills, LifeSpan offers a free Club membership and Bluetooth connectivity with this model. This means access to innovative programs and goal tracking features. This treadmill desk also… Read More

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2. ProForm Thinline Pro Desk

This model outshines other models with its impressive 12% incline and -3% decline options and powerful 3.0 Mach Z™ commercial pro motor. Many treadmill desks may offer a slight incline, but… Read More

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3. Life Fitness Desk

The Life Fitness Treadmill Desk is a commercial quality office treadmill built for all-day walking. Its desktop height is power-adjustable to comfortably accommodate any user from 4'10" to 6'6" tall. The… Read More

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Not sure which model to buy? Read on for tips about choosing the best desk treadmill for your needs.

Desk Treadmill Features

If you are in the market for a treadmill desk, which will allow you to walk while you work, your budget range should be right around the $1,499-$2000 price range. While you can get ones that are more expensive, you can generally find some great models in this price range that will allow you to stop the negative effects that being so sedentary have on you. The great thing about treadmill desks is that most people find them quite user friendly to piece together and often provide very stable, sturdy operation that’s more quiet than a standard treadmill. Here are some of the main features you can expect to see when you buy a treadmill desk.
  • Adjustable Height: If you are not the only one using the treadmill desk at work, it’s important that you have the capability to have different heights available. Most of these machines are able to accommodate someone who is between 4’11” and 6’8” tall, so if you are investing in one for the work place, all your employees should be able to use it. It is important to look into the specs on your particular model as some do have fixed heights. Usually if they can adjust, they do so electronically, so it’s fast and easy for you as the user.
  • Motor Power: It’s important to note that most desk treadmills are not to be used as regular treadmills. Desk treadmills are designed to be used at slow speeds. No one is going to be jogging while doing their work. Most people are going to be walking at only around a 1.5-2 mph pace, some even slower. As such, these machines don’t need nearly the same horsepower, so we see those numbers go down. A 2.0 or 2.5 CHP engine is about right for those who are looking to utilize a treadmill desk. For those who want to jog on a treadmill, we recommend going up to 3.0 CHP or higher, so as you can see, there is that discrepancy. The best way to see what kind of motor the treadmill desk possesses is to look at its top speed. Remember that these treadmills are made to run for hours at a time, unlike most treadmills, which are not. Many will come in with a top speed of just 4.0 mph, which is more than enough to walk on it at work. Others do combine desk treadmill functionality with regular treadmill modes and can go up to 10-12 mph. These ones can then typically be used as a regular treadmill or as a desk treadmill as well.
  • Deck size. Another point of difference is the deck size. If you were to run on a treadmill, you’d want a larger deck size and since these aren’t made for running, many do come smaller than the average sized running treadmill. This said, if you are getting an adjustable model that can accommodate someone who is 6’8”, the belt is going to need to be slightly larger because of this fact, so keep that in mind. Read the specs of the machine that you are looking at purchasing.
  • Ergonomic Workspace: Treadmill desks are designed to help keep you in a user-friendly position so that you can work in comfort without risking injuries. They have been specially designed to help fend off issues such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which is all too common in traditional desk workers. Many of these treadmills come with wrist rests that are made of foam for additional comfort.
  • If you’re going to be walking on the treadmill for hours a day at work, it’s important that it’s well cushioned. The cushioning of the deck is going to help reduce those impact forces that could be leading you down the path to serious knee and ankle pain. This said, it’s still important to wear good running shoes when using one of these treadmill desks.
  • Data Ports: Most higher end treadmill desks will come with power outlets right in the desk as well as USB ports, and Ethernet ports for easy connection. This makes them a very practical choice and one you can use without hassle.
  • Workout Programming: While you can get some workout programs included in your treadmill desk, it’s not of the norm and will depend on the price point you go with. Since most are designed simply for straight, basic walking while you work, there’s no need to have workout program options on there. If it’s one that is designed to be used after work for fitness as well, then you may see some workout programs included on the machine.
Treadmill desks with simple workout programming tend to have small data windows that are flush with the desktop. Those with more advanced programming sometimes have larger data screens. Some have convertible desktops for office mode and serious training mode.

Best Treadmill Desks: The Rundown

ModelTypeRatingPriceLowest Price
LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk Non-Folding4.7-starsUnder $1,500See best price »
ProForm Thinline Pro Treadmill Desk Folding4.5-starsUnder $2,000See best price »
Life Fitness Treadmill Desk Non-Folding4-starsOver $2,500See best price »

Desk Treadmill Summary

In sum, desk treadmills are available in a wide range of prices, but the entry level price for this category is a bit higher than it is for traditional treadmills. Some desk treadmills have adjustable height work surfaces and some can be used for running as well as low-speed walking. Training support on these machines varies widely. See our reviews for desk treadmills that are strictly business or focus on those with iFit and other engaging features.