BH Fitness LK700Ti Review

Editor's Rating: 9.4/10

The LK700Ti Treadmill headlines BH Fitness’s LK Series. All treadmills in this series are recommended for light commercial facilities, but only the LK700Ti is also sold with full commercial and residential warranty options. Its track measures a spacious 22″ x 63″.

The LK700Ti is the most robust treadmill in its series and has a 500 pound user weight capacity. This unit is quite similar to the LK500Ti except it is heavier, has a higher weight capacity, and has a larger track. Both treadmills have Active-Flex cushioning and feature iConcept consoles with 12 built-in programs.

What We Like:

  • Console: The LK700Ti Treadmill has a 7″ i.Concept console with touchscreen. i.Concept technology combines entertainment and fitness in a few ways. You can use traditional treadmill training programs such as Warm Up, Hills and Fat Burning, but you can also play motivational games that help increase your physical performance. For example, your avatar can race against the computer in an i.Concept game. Altogether there are 12 built-in programs. The console also lets you access new training apps via Bluetooth. This works with Apple and Android devices. If you attach your iPad, then you can enjoy the Internet during workouts too.
  • Motor: The 4 HP AC treadmill motor provides ample power for virtually any trainee, including those who run long distances or are especially heavy. It has a lifetime warranty if used residentially. It has a five year warranty in light commercial and commercial settings.
  • Spacious Workout Area: Get one of the largest treadmill tracks on the market! The LK700Ti Treadmill’s running surface measures 22″ wide by 63″ long. (Most commercial treadmills have tracks measuring about 20″ x 60″.) Another nice feature is 3″ treadmill belt rollers. These are larger than what you’d find on most home treadmills, and larger rollers help the belt last longer.
  • Varied Track Cushioning:Active-Flex suspension technology combines an impact-absorbing landing zone with a firmer push-off area. Runners will especially notice how this cushioning helps improve their endurance.
  • Low Maintenance: The track is lubricated for about two years’ worth of workouts. (For most home treadmills, the owner needs to wax the track every few months.)
  • Speed: The LK700Ti supports speeds of up to 12.5 mph. Most treadmills’ capacities top out at 10 or 12 mph.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Compatible: This treadmill can be used with a Polar® wireless chest strap (sold separately). The wireless system can send a continuous heart rate reading to the i.Concept console, helping you exert the right amount of effort for desired results. Contact heart rate grips are also included. These are helpful but not as convenient or as accurate as wireless telemetry.
  • 15% Incline: A 15% maximum incline helps trainees stimulate different muscle groups and significantly boost metabolic rate. Using the incline also adds variety to workouts and new levels of challenge.
  • Weight Capacity: The LK700Ti Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 500 pounds. The machine weighs 401 pounds.
  • Safety Key: A permanently fixed safety key helps prevent accidents resulting from unauthorized treadmill use.
  • Extras: The LK700Ti Treadmill includes a personal cooling fan, an accessory rack and a beverage holder.
  • Warranty: Warranty lengths vary depending on whether the treadmill is used in a residential, light commercial or commercial setting. In any case, BH Fitness provides some of the most generous warranties in the fitness equipment industry. Customers get between three and 10 years of parts coverage. The motor is protected for five years in commercial settings. It has a lifetime warranty for residential customers.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Size: The large size of this unit is a selling point, but it can also be a drawback. The footprint measures 35″ x 92″. We rarely see a treadmill that long! This treadmill isn’t the best choice for a gym that needs to conserve floor space.
  • Weight: This unit has transportation wheels. Even so, we imagine that this unit will be cumbersome to move and costly to ship. It weighs 401 pounds assembled and nearly 500 pounds when packaging is included.

Our Verdict:

BH Fitness earns a five-star treadmill review for the commercial LK700Ti. It’s more machine than what most individuals need in terms of weight capacity and belt size, but that means it will meet the needs of a family, office or commercial fitness center. It’s loaded with enough programming to keep people returning for more, and the programming can be expanded upon too thanks to Bluetooth.

Prices for BH Fitness treadmills are not published; you’ll need to consult a dealer. If the price is competitive. then the LK700Ti Treadmill should be a top contender for light commercial and commercial buyers for many years.


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