BH Fitness LKT6 Review

Editor's Rating: 6.2/10

The BH Fitness LKT6 Treadmill is the smallest in its series. Even so, it’s a sturdy 225-pound machine with a maximum user weight capacity of 400 pounds. This treadmill has orthopedic cushioning and a maximum 15% incline. It is compatible with wireless heart rate chest straps.

This unit is best for customers seeking good quality without the bells and whistles. Two of the pricier models in the LK Series have i.Concept consoles with Bluetooth, but the LKT6 Treadmill has a more traditional LED console. Note that although this treadmill is light commercial, it isn’t as capable as others in this series. You might be pushing your luck if you run it for eight hours a day.

The LKT6 is sold with above-average residential and light commercial warranties. Parts are protected for five or 10 years, depending on the warranty. Labor is provided for one year (light commercial) or two (residential).

What We Like:

  • Enough Room to Run: The running surface measures 20″ W x 60″ L, so it’s a full standard-sized treadmill track.
  • Orthopedic Cushioning: By deflecting shock, orthopedic cushioning protects runners and promotes endurance. LK Series Treadmills feature BH’s Active-Flex orthopedic suspension technology. This special cushioning blends a firmer push-off area with a softer impact-absorbing landing zone.
  • 15% Incline: The LKT6 has a 15% maximum incline. This can add variety to exercise while helping to simulate outdoor exercise conditions. Exercising on a 1% incline can produce the same effect as working against the wind, for example. Moving up to a 5% incline can have a dramatic effect on muscle tone and calorie burn. Incline training has been highlighted as a major weight loss strategy on TV’s The Biggest Loser.
  • High Speed: The LKT6 supports sprinting at up to 12 mph. The starting speed is 0.5 mph.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Compatible: This treadmill can receive heart rate data from a Polar® wireless chest strap (sold separately). Contact heart rate grips are included.
  • Weight Capacity: The LKT6 Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 400 pounds.
  • Safety Key: A removable safety key is included.
  • Extras: This light commercial unit has a two-speed exercise fan, an accessory rack and a drink holder.
  • Warranty: Customers choose from light commercial and residential warranties. The light commercial warranty isn’t too impressive, but the residential warranty is a good deal. The light commercial warranty provides: a lifetime guarantee for the frame; a five-year warranty on the parts, motor, and wear items; one year on cosmetics; and one year of labor. With the residential warranty, parts and wear items are protected for 10 years and the motor has a lifetime guarantee.

What We Don’t Like:

  • 3.25 HP Motor: A few years ago, a 3.25 HP motor was more impressive than it is now. This motor will almost certainly serve a household well, but it’s not the best choice for light commercial settings. You could find other light commercial treadmills with better motor guarantees. The Sole S77 is one of our favorites for residential use. It has a 4.0 HP motor with lifetime guarantee — plus an extra-wide belt, a 9″ screen and music capability.
  • Less Durable: Sometimes the only difference between treadmills in a series is the programming. Here though, the LKT6 is less durable than the others in its series. This could be especially noticeable with the track in the long run. This track rolls over 2.5″ rollers while the others have 3″ rollers to reduce wear. Also, the other LK Series treadmills are specially coated to reduce the need for regular maintenance. The LKT6 doesn’t get this treatment. Overall this means that the treadmill could do well in a home, or with moderate use every day, but it might be challenged if pushed to the eight-hour limit.
  • Console: The LED console on this unit is nothing special; you won’t find technology such as Internet connectivity or a port for MP3 players. Many people find that they’ll exercise more regularly and for longer periods of time if entertainment is handy. Other BH Fitness treadmills have touch screens and are Bluetooth compatible. The SK8900TV includes a 19″ television.

Our Verdict:

We aren’t wowed. The LKT6 Treadmill fails to impress us as either a residential or light commercial treadmill.

This unit was designed for shared use in firehouses, offices, homeowners associations, hotels and other light commercial settings. However, we don’t recommend it if long daily use is expected; other treadmills are more capable and have longer warranties. Plus, the track could require regular maintenance.

We also don’t recommend it very enthusiastically for residential use. That’s because the console is a simple LED that’s limited to 10 built-in programs. For the same price as a BH Fitness LKT6, you could buy a different treadmill with a touchscreen, wireless Internet, speakers for your MP3s, and unlimited personalized workout programs. Still looking for more? See some of our best treadmill picks.


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