BH Fitness LKT8 Review

Editor's Rating: 8.9/10

The BH Fitness LKT8 Treadmill is popular for home gyms, but it’s durable enough for light commercial fitness centers. What does “light” commercial mean? It can run for just under eight hours per day and still qualify for repairs under the BH warranty.

The LKT8 is a good choice for customers seeking high quality but nothing fancy in terms of programming. The LED console is relatively simple and helps you distinguish this model from more expensive units. The treadmill features orthopedic cushioning, wireless heart rate monitoring, and a maximum 15% incline. It has a 425-pound user weight capacity and weighs nearly 300 pounds.

Parts are protected for 10 years with residential use, or five years with light commercial use. There is a two-year labor warranty in either case.

In terms of expense, this unit is third of four treadmills in the BH Fitness LK Series. One internal difference is that the more expensive models have 4.0 HP motors whereas the LKT8 Treadmill has a 3.5 HP motor. A more obvious difference is that they have i.Concept consoles with 12 programs instead of an LED console with 10 programs.

What We Like:

  • Quiet Motor: The quiet 3.5 HP DC treadmill motor provides ample power for light commercial settings. It has a lifetime residential warranty and a five-year warranty if used commercially.
  • Extra-Wide Workout Area: The BH Fitness LKT8 Treadmill running surface measures 22″ wide by 60″ long. Compared with most treadmills, it provides two extra inches of workout space.
  • 15% Incline: A zero to 15% incline adds variety to exercise while helping to simulate outdoor conditions. Exercising on an incline gives great advantages over traditional treadmill walking or running: It recruits different muscle groups and significantly increases metabolic rate.
  • Advanced Cushioning: The LKT8 Treadmill track features BH’s Active-Flex suspension technology. It merges a firm area for push-off with a softer impact-absorbing landing zone. This orthopedic cushioning protects trainees and also promotes endurance.
  • High Speed: The LKT8 supports speeds of up to 12 mph. The lowest workout speed is .5 mph.
  • Low Maintenance: BH uses an exclusive phenolic resin to coat its tracks. The result is that the LKT8 treadmill track arrives ready for about two years’ worth of workouts. After that, it needs to be treated to continue running smoothly. For comparison, many home treadmill tracks need to be lubricated every few months, and full commercial treadmills generally don’t need to be lubricated at all.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Compatible: This treadmill can receive heart rate data from a Polar® wireless chest strap (sold separately). Contact heart rate grips are included.
  • Weight Capacity: The LKT8 Treadmill has a maximum user weight of 425 pounds. The machine weighs about 320 pounds.
  • Safety Key: A safety key is provided with the console. It can be used to help prevent accidents resulting from unauthorized treadmill use. This safety key is removable. (On some other BH Fitness treadmills, the safety key is permanently in place.)
  • Extras: As a light commercial treadmill, the LKT8 includes the extras that club members expect: a workout fan (with two speeds!), an accessory rack and a beverage holder.
  • Longevity: High quality commercial components are used throughout the machine. One example is the 3” treadmill belt rollers; their relatively large diameter helps ensure long track life. Even the cosmetic items are under warranty for two years in a light commercial setting.
  • Warranty: Choose from light commercial and residential warranties. The light commercial warranty includes: a lifetime guarantee for the frame; a five-year warranty on the parts, motor, and wear items; two years on cosmetics; and two years of labor. With the residential warranty, parts and wear items are protected for 10 years.

What We Don’t Like

  • Console: There’s nothing wrong with the console, but it’s not a selling point. It does not have speakers or a port for MP3 players. For comparison, other BH Fitness treadmills have 7″ or 19″ touchscreen consoles and are Bluetooth compatible.
  • No Decline: Relatively few treadmills offer both incline and decline. For a treadmill with 15% automatic incline and 3% decline – and a touchscreen console – see the NordicTrack Commercial 1750.
  • Size: This unit is smaller than some others by BH. Still, measuring 81″ L x 33″ W, it is far from being a compact treadmill. If you are concerned about having enough space for new fitness equipment, you can use a free room planner on BH Fitness’s website.

Our Verdict:

The LKT8 Treadmill is a smart choice for customers who want high quality but nothing fancy in terms of entertainment or programming. The LKT8 Treadmill features great basics: a quiet 3.5 HP motor, an orthopedic track and 10 workout modes. Two generous warranty options back up this purchase.


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