BH Fitness S5Ti Review

Editor's Rating: 9.5/10

The S5Ti is part of the new Signature Series line of treadmills with consoles powered by iConcept technology. These models are designed to provide high-performance, comfort features as well as a folding design. Many treadmills that are designed to be folded may have shabby or “cheap” decks, but not this model. The orthopedic, multi-ply belt runs on large 2.5″ rollers and can incline up to 12%. Users can also choose from speeds up to 13.5 mph. And the 3.5 HP with 400 pound weight capacity supports this set-up with incredibly quiet and smooth operation.

BH Fitness equips this model with a unique comfort feature that is part of their line of Signature Series models called Active-Flex II cushioning technology, which works as a shock-absorption system to provide cushioning where it’s needed and stability where it’s not (like the tail-end of the treadmill where a firmer belt helps with push-off). This system is ideal for preventing injury and improving performance while running or walking.

See Our Video Review of the BH Fitness S5Ti Treadmill

As with other models in this Signature Series, the S5Ti is equipped with a Bluetooth enabled console that can connect your favorite Apple or Android device to the console for unlimited access to your favorite apps and more. Users can also choose from multiple BH- powered fitness apps, over 1,000 training videos and hundreds of workouts led by professional personal trainers.

For this machine, BH Fitness offers a lifetime warranty on the frame/body, 10 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

What We Like:

  • Console: The iConcept powered, Bluetooth enabled console is innovative and intuitive, allowing users to access all of their favorite apps and programs, store workout data, and more.
  • Unique Folding Design: This model features a safety drop folding design system so it’s easy and safe to take this treadmill from flat to folded.
  • Rollers: Large 2.5″ rollers make for a smooth, durable feel.
  • Running Area: The extra-wide 22″ running surface also adds to the comfort of this treadmill, which is also a safety feature.
  • Suspension System: The Active-Flex II Suspension offers a tapered cushion suspension system. The Active-Flex II suspension system works by providing two stages of shock-absorption: a firmer push-off area to the back and a softer more cushioned area to the middle and front.
  • Warranty: BH Fitness offers lifetime coverage on the frame and body.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Price: The price does not include delivery and set-up; something other brands do offer on models of this quality.
  • Running Area: This model has an extra wide deck, but also a shorter deck at 57″ (below the average 60″). This poses an issue for taller people and runners, and can also be a safety and comfort issue.
  • Minimalistic Console Area: This model lacks a reading rack and built-in audio system, as well as any entertainment offerings.
  • Display Screen: The S5Ti has a smaller display screen that is blue back-lit (not full color like many other treadmills at this price point).

Our Verdict:

This folding treadmill is ideal for almost anyone looking for a reliable treadmill that offers advanced comfort and performance features. And though the console is lacking in some areas, the fact that you can connect your smartphone or tablet to the console makes up for it. Bottom line: if you are willing to spend a little money, BH Fitness’ S5Ti is a quality treadmill that offers top features anyone can enjoy.

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