BH Fitness TS200i Review

Editor's Rating: 6.7 /10
This model has been discontinued.


The BH Fitness TS200i is an entry-level treadmill from a reputable brand. This treadmill has a 55″ x 20″ orthopedic track, 13 built-in workout programs, and Bluetooth compatibility for use with Apple and Android devices. This folding treadmill is very similar to the BH Fitness TS400i but is meant especially for walkers rather than runners.

The TS200i is sold with lifetime guarantees on the frame and motor. Parts are covered for five years. Labor is covered for the first year of ownership. This warranty package is above average for home treadmills, but it’s below average for BH Fitness workout machines.

What We Like:

  • Full Track: Although this treadmill folds, it isn’t tiny. You’ll have enough room to walk but not necessarily enough to run; it depends on your height. The BH Fitness TS200i Treadmill track is 55″ long, just like non-folding treadmills meant for walkers.
  • Varied Track Cushioning: BH Fitness treadmills all have orthopedic cushioning. Those in the Signature Series have Active-Flex suspension technology. This provides both a shock-absorbing landing zone and a firm area from which to push off. This variegated design can help improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury compared with walking outdoors.
  • Console: The TS200i has a 7” touchscreen console with i.Concept technology. It focuses on both  entertainment and fitness, sometimes combining the two. First, there are 13 built-in workout programs. These include not only classic programs such as Warm Up, Hills and Fat Burning, but also motivational exercise games. Second, the console is Bluetooth-enabled for your Apple or Android device. You can download new training apps, access your music files and use the Internet during workouts.
  • Speed: Run at up to 11 mph! This treadmill isn’t meant for regular long-distance runs, but it can support interval training. You can exercise in manual mode or let the treadmill adjust your speed.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: The TS200i Treadmill includes contact heart rate monitoring and is also compatible with Polar® wireless monitoring. The data can be used in conjunction with heart rate control programs (included).
  • Incline: An incline is essential to replicating outdoor conditions — and keeping boredom at bay. The TS200i Treadmill has a 12% maximum incline. Let the track tilt to help you tone muscle, boost your metabolism, and relieve stress on your joints.
  • Capacity: The TS200i Treadmill has a maximum capacity of 350 pounds. It weighs about 230 pounds itself, making it heavy enough to be sturdy but not unwieldy if you should move house.
  • Folding: This treadmill can be vertically folded to save floor space. Unfolded, it has a footprint of about 37″ x 77″. Wheels are attached to help you move the machine when needed.
  • Safety Key: For the protection of kids and pets, a safety key is permanently affixed.
  • Extras: Just like health club treadmills, the BH Fitness TS200i has a workout fan, an accessory rack and charging port, and a beverage holder.
  • Warranty: BH Fitness provides some of the exercise industry’s best warranties. The TS200i Treadmill is sold with lifetime coverage on the frame and motor, five years of coverage for parts, and one year of labor. Cosmetic issues such as the frame coating are covered for the first year of ownership.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Motor: The 2.5 HP treadmill motor is powerful but nothing special. Motors with 2.5, 3.0 and 3.5 HP are commonplace today on treadmills designed for walkers.
  • Not Cutting-Edge: This treadmill is advanced for a folding treadmill, considering its incline, cushioning, touchscreen and Bluetooth compatibility. But if you’re looking for the most advanced home treadmill, you’ll need to look outside the BH Fitness Signature Series.
  • Not Super-Durable: The parts warranty here is relatively long for the treadmill industry overall. However, it’s still half that of the BH Fitness TS500i (the top model in this series). The shorter labor warranty is also a slight cause for concern.

Our Verdict:

The BH Fitness TS200i Treadmill is an affordable folding treadmill with a pretty good warranty. Its features should please most customers; they’ll get a comfortable track, nice workout variety and online/offline entertainment options. We also like the 12% incline for muscle toning and enhanced calorie burn.

It’s not easy to find a folding treadmill with automatic incline and a five year warranty — but there is one more to check out. The folding Sole F80 Treadmill has a five-year parts warranty and a two-year labor warranty, plus a more powerful motor and a slightly larger touchscreen compared with the BH Fitness TS200i.