BH Fitness TS500i Review

Editor's Rating: 9.7/10

The TS500i Treadmill is the top product in BH Fitness’s Signature Series. While this is the brand’s “value series”, the treadmill is still impressive — and it’s a better product than many costlier residential models. You’ll get a whisper-quiet 3.5 HP motor, an extraordinary running surface of 22″ x 61″, and Bluetooth compatibility. Hook up your mobile device to use apps and the Internet during your workouts! In our opinion, the generous 10-year parts warranty and two-year labor warranty on the TS500i seal the deal. This treadmill is an excellent competitor in its price class.

What We Like:

  • Console: The Signature Series treadmills feature 7″ i.Concept consoles with touchscreens. The i.Concept technology integrates entertainment and fitness. First, you can use classic treadmill training programs such as Warm Up, Hills and Fat Burning. Second, you can play motivational games that help increase your performance! For example, i.Concept has a game in which your character races against the computer. Altogether there are 13 programs. Third, this console lets you access new training apps, your own multimedia and the Internet: it’s Bluetooth-enabled for your Apple (iPhone or iPad) or Android device.
  • Motor: The 3.5 HP treadmill motor provides enough power for almost any residential trainee. It is virtually silent, just like motors on commercial treadmills, and has a lifetime warranty.
  • Spacious Workout Area: Enjoy one of the roomiest treadmills on the market! The track surface on the BH Fitness TS500i  measures 22″ wide by 61″ long. For comparison, most top treadmills have tracks that are 20″ wide and 55″ to 60″ long. The track size also distinguishes this unit from the other treadmills in BH Fitness’s Signature Series: The TS200i has a 20″ x 55″ belt and the TS400i’s running surface measures 22″ x 57″. Another nice feature: The TS500i treadmill belt is set on 2.75″ rollers, which are a bit larger than many other home treadmill rollers. The larger the rollers, the less wear and tear on the belt.
  • Varied Track Cushioning: A major benefit of treadmill running versus outdoor running is the shock absorption. Treadmills in this BH Fitness series have Active-Flex. This suspension technology combines a comfortable shock-absorbing landing zone and a firmer push-off area.
  • Speed: Run up to 13.5 mph! This capacity is almost unheard of in a treadmill. In our hundreds of treadmill reviews, we rarely see a treadmill that can exceed 12 mph. Ten miles per hour is typical.
  • Wireless Heart Rate Monitoring: This treadmill is compatible with a Polar® wireless chest pulse strap. It can send a continuous reading to the console, helping you stay in the best training zone for desired results. You can also use wireless monitoring with built-in HRC (Heart Rate Control) programs. These exercise programs adjust their demand in accordance with your heart rate data. Contact heart rate grips are included too.
  • Incline: A 12% maximum incline helps you stimulate different muscle fibers. As your gait changes with the incline, you’ll recruit different muscle groups. This is a great way to tone your body and to burn calories more rapidly than when exercising on a 0% grade.
  • Capacity: The TS500i Treadmill is marked for a maximum user weight of 400 pounds. It weighs 301 pounds itself; stability shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Safety Key: A permanent safety key helps protect pets and small children from unauthorized treadmill use.
  • Extras: The TS500i Treadmill has little touches that make it feel like a health club workout machine. You’ll get a personal cooling fan to help improve your endurance, an accessory rack for devices or reading material, and a conveniently-placed water bottle holder.
  • Warranty: BH Fitness provides some of the most generous warranties in the fitness equipment industry. The TS500i Treadmill is sold with lifetime coverage on the frame and motor, ten years of coverage for parts, and two years of labor. Cosmetic issues are covered for the first year too.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Size: This unit requires a bit more floor space than the average home treadmill. Its footprint measures 37″ x 78.5″. For a folding treadmill, see the TS400i.
  • Not Cutting-Edge: If you must have the absolute latest and greatest treadmill technology, then this unit isn’t for you. For instance, this unit has a 7” touchscreen while others have 10” touchscreens. You also might prefer a treadmill that not only has incline, but also decline. However, expect to pay more.

Our Verdict:

BH Fitness earns a very enthusiastic treadmill review for the TS500i. This affordable treadmill offers an attractive blend of physical comfort, workout variety and entertainment options. We also like the 12% incline for muscle toning and faster calorie burn. With a 10-year parts warranty, the TS500i Treadmill is definitely a top contender.

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