Bodycraft Treadmill Review

Brand Rating: 6.0/10

Bodycraft is a reputable fitness brand headquartered in central Ohio. Founded in 1994, this relative newcomer to the treadmill industry has earned its good name thanks to adjustable cushioning on its tracks, excellent quality control and industry-leading warranties. Bodycraft has taken great strides since our last treadmill brand review too: The Bodycraft Blu Series treadmills currently for sale are larger and more powerful than their predecessors – and their parts warranties are now valid for up to 12 years instead of five. Below we summarize the three options for residential and light commercial shoppers.


The three Bodycraft Blu Series treadmills are called the 200M, 400M and 800M. The 200M and 400M are intended for residential use only, and the 800M is sold with a choice of residential or light commercial warranty. The 200M is primarily a walker’s treadmill, the 400M is more powerful, and the 800M is best for runners.

All the models share a special cushioning system. Adjusting among six levels, a trainee can find their favorite combination of firmness and impact deflection.

Each treadmill also has an automated incline, preset workout programs and a low-maintenance track. Tracks for the 200M and 400M measure 58″ x 20″. The 800M has an extra-long 63″ x 20″ track.

What We Like:

  • High Quality Tracks: All Blu Series belts are high quality: They are two-ply, infused with silicone to minimize maintenance needs, and have 2.5″ rollers with sealed bearings to further promote longevity. The 63″ x 20″ track on the Blu Series 800M is a top choice for runners. Tracks on the 400M and 200M also provide ample room for the typical trainee, although some people will feel constricted by the 58″ length.
  • Speed: The Blu 200M, 400M and 800M have top speeds of 10 mph, 11 mph and 12 mph respectively. Each begins at .5 mph and can increase in 0.1 mph increments. Data can be shown in miles or kilometers.
  • Cushioning: Bodycraft’s Blu Series treadmills have kinetic energy dampers beneath their tracks. Easily adjusted, these help each trainee get a comfortable combination of firmness and cushioning.
  • Incline: An automated incline is provided with each model. The maximum inclines are 10%, 12% and 15% depending on the unit. The 800M has the most powerful incline motor of the three; it has 1,350 pounds of thrust versus 600 pounds of thrust on the 200M and 400M.
  • Console Extras: The 400M and 800M treadmills have a water bottle holder, an accessory tray, a reading rack and a jack for a tablet computer. However, the 200M has a water bottle holder and accessory tray only.
  • Workouts: The 800M and 400M include wide varieties of preset workouts. Some program names are Interval, Thigh Burner and Easy Jog. Heart rate controlled programs are included too. The 200M has very simple programming in comparison; it has manual mode along with programs called Hill Walk and Easy Jog.
  • Data: Depending on the model, up to ten data points are provided. The Bodycraft 800M displays Speed, Average Speed, Incline, Time, Distance, Vertical Distance, Pace, Avg. Pace, Calories, Cal/Min, METS, Heart Rate and % Max Heart Rate. The 200M provides just four data points.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: All Bodycraft Blu Series treadmills have contact pulse monitors and can be used with wireless chest straps.
  • Motor: Motors for these units are under lifetime warranty for home use (or 10 years if the 800M is used in a light commercial setting). The power ranges from 2.5 to 3.0 CHP.
  • Assembly: Blu Series treadmills are relatively easy to assemble.
  • High Capacity: Bodycraft’s new treadmills have maximum capacities of 325, 350 and 400 pounds.
  • Transport Wheels: Caster wheels make these heavy machines easy to move.
  • Warranty: Bodycraft Blu Series treadmills have excellent warranties. For example, the home warranty for the Bodycraft 800M provides lifetime coverage on the motor and frame. Parts are protected for 12 years and labor is provided for two. If used in light commercial settings the frame and motor are protected for 10 years, parts are protected for five, and labor is free during the first year of ownership.
  • Quality Control: Bodycraft has excellent quality control protocol. Each Blu treadmill is assembled at the factory and tested for speed, electronics and other criteria. The unit is then disassembled and its parts are cleaned. Then, to ensure that all components are included, Bodycraft weighs each box of treadmill parts before shipping.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Machine Size: These treadmills are rather large and do not fold for storage. The 800M measures 88″ long and 33″ wide. The 400M and 200M are just 5″ smaller in length.
  • Simplicity of the 200M: Simplicity appeals to lots of shoppers, but we prefer the advanced workout selections offered on the 400M and 800M. The rack for a magazine or tablet computer also makes these units more attractive.

The Verdict:

Bodycraft is quickly becoming a competitor in the treadmill market. The Blu Series is designed for comfort and durability, and it has fantastic warranties which is great to see because it means they really stand behind their machines.


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