Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill Review

Editor's Rating: 2.5/10
Best Buy Award(s):Under $500

The $269 Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill is a small folding treadmill for walking and jogging at up to 7.5 mph. It’s meant for occasional light use and can easily be rolled away for storage.

In some ways this Confidence treadmill is more advanced than the typical sub-$300 treadmill. That’s not saying much though; at this end of price spectrum, treadmills tend to be bare-bones. The Confidence GTR has a three-setting manual incline for simulated hill climbing, so it can make workouts more challenging and efficient in terms of calorie burn and muscle toning. It has 12 built-in training programs and a pulse reader too. However, this treadmill is built from substandard components to keep the product price low. The programming is very simple and the pulse reader is low quality, often providing inaccurate readouts. The Power Pro Treadmill has a 1.5 HP motor, whereas at least 2.5 HP would be desirable for everyday jogging.

This machine weighs just 62 pounds, which is about 100 pounds less than a typical entry-level treadmill for walkers. Its weight and compact size are convenient qualities in terms of managing space in a home, but they make this trainer inappropriate for larger trainees. The workout area on the Confidence GTR measures just under 44″ x 16″ whereas a typical entry-level treadmill workout surface measures 55″ x 22″.

Some other potential drawbacks of the GTR Power Pro are a very limited warranty and high maintenance; the track needs to be lubricated often.

What We Like:

  • Price: The Confidence GTR Power Pro Treadmill has a sale price of $269.99. That includes free shipping from Amazon, although not Amazon Prime shipping.
  • Assembly: Assembling this product only takes about 20 or 30 minutes.
  • Adjustable Incline: The track can be used flat or at three incline settings.
  • Compact and Portable: The Confidence GTR Power Pro demands much less space than the average home treadmill. Its footprint is just 52″ long x 21.2″ wide. When the machine is folded for storage it’s just 54″ x 25.5″ x 23″. The Power Plus Treadmill weighs 62 pounds and has attached wheels.
  • Speed: The top speed of 7.5 mph makes this a treadmill for walking and jogging, whereas some other treadmills in this price class have less capacity.
  • User Weight Capacity: This fitness machine has a user weight capacity of 250 pounds, but it might wobble at higher speeds even when used by people who weigh less.
  • Workout Programs: Twelve workout programs are included. Each controls the speed of the treadmill for 30 minutes. The simplest program is for light strolling and has a top speed of 3 mph. The most challenging program has a top speed of 6 mph. The machine can also be used in manual mode.

Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized Treadmill Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:1-stars
Motor:1.5 HP
Running Area:43.5" x 15.75"
Top Speed:7.5 MPH
Weight Capacity:250 LBS
Dimensions:52" L x 25.2" W x 52" H
Built-In Programs:12
What We Don’t Like:

  • Motor: Confidence treadmill motors are very weak. The Confidence GTR Power Pro has just a 1.5 HP motor. The industry standard is about 2.5 or 3.0 horsepower on the best-rated treadmills for walkers.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: The contact heart rate monitor on the GTR is not medically accurate. If you also use a wireless pulse monitor when using the treadmill, you’ll likely find that the readings are quite different.
  • Track Size: The track is short and narrow. Measuring just 43.5″ long and 15.75″ wide, it’s much smaller than the 55″ x 20″ track of typical entry-level treadmills for walkers.
  • High Maintenance: Unlike higher quality treadmills, this unit has a track that requires frequent lubricating in order to run smoothly. Customers have also reported that the tread belts need to replaced within a few months of purchase.
  • Cushioning: This treadmill lacks cushioning that would deflect some of the shock of jogging away from the trainee’s knees and ankles.
  • Warranty: A limited warranty may be available from the manufacturer. Customers advise only buying this unit with an extended warranty from the treadmill dealer since it might need significant maintenance within a few months of first use.

Our Verdict:

Skip the Confidence GTR Power Pro. This treadmill is named rather ironically, being too unreliable to instill “confidence” and having a light motor that makes it far from a “power pro.” It’s easily stored in a small space — that’s a handy feature — but that’s true of many treadmills.

If you’re committed to choosing a treadmill under $500, then we strongly recommend one of the many alternatives that includes free return shipping and other buyer protections. If you’re open to investing in a higher quality cardio trainer, see our page on the Best Cheap Treadmills for links and more information to favorites.


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