Epic A42T Platinum Review

Editor's Rating: 8.8/10

The Epic A42T Platinum Treadmill is a powerhouse of a treadmill. An elite model, this treadmill is manufactured by Epic, which is part of the fitness equipment giant Icon Fitness. Epic treadmills are typically found in retail stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods.

High-performance features like a powerful 4.2 CHP, large rollers and a 400 weight capacity make the A42T a top performing model. Despite these features, this model is still equipped with a folding design that uses Easy-Lift Assist Technology. Many treadmills with folding decks cannot offer such performance features, but this model does.

This model allows users to both incline and decline, with an incline capability of up to 15% and decline capability of -3 to 0%. Users can also reach speeds of up to 12 mph. When it comes to comfort, the A42T offers EneryReturn Cushioning for joint support and a nice spacious running area of 20″ wide and 60″ long.

The console of this model is perhaps one of the most fully loaded on the market for this price point. Features include a 10″ full-color touch screen display with full internet capabilities, access to HD workout videos, full audio offerings, a 4” cooling fan and over 40 built-in workout programs with 4 individual user Ids. This model is also iFit ready and comes with a wireless chest strap for hands-free heart rate monitoring.

The warranty on this model includes lifetime coverage on the frame and motor, with 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

What We Like:

  • Folding Design: This model is equipped with a folding design that uses Easy-Lift Assist Technology. Folding treadmills are excellent for in-home use, and this model offers an easy-to-use folding frame.
  • Fitness Tracking Features: This model is iFit ready, which means you have access to iFit interactive training programs. You can access celebrity workouts, run routes around the world with Google Maps and store/track personalized workout data. However; the subscription is sold separately.
  • Advanced Entertainment Options: The A42T Platinum model comes with a large 10″ full-color touchscreen display that offers internet compatibility and HD video workouts that will automatically simulate the changing terrain of the various trails/routes you can choose from.
  • Program Variety: Users can choose from an impressive 45 preset workout programs, and have access to 4 user Ids to keep personal workout information separately stored.
  • Decline Capability: A decline option is an excellent feature that not all treadmills will offer. This model will decline from -3 to 0%, which is beneficial for anyone who wants to simulate varying terrain.
  • Price: The $1999 price tag is already impressive, but when you consider the fully loaded console and advanced fitness tracking options, the price is that much better.
  • Warranty: We always like to see lifetime warranties, and this model comes with lifetime coverage on both the frame and the motor.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lacks an Accessories Tray: Despite the fully loaded console, there is no storage space or an accessories tray to place your keys, phone, etc.
  • Shorter Handrails: The handrails on this model are fairly short, which can be a safety or comfort issue for people who like to use the handrails to stabilize themselves.

Our Verdict:

The Epic A42T Platinum treadmill is a top model with tons of entertainment, performance and convenience features. A folding frame makes it an attractive choice for in-home use, and a fully loaded console with entertainment offerings and advanced tracking features make it ideal for any user who wants to stay fit. The powerful motor and durable deck make for a reliable and sturdy machine that would be a great choice for almost anyone. Need other suggestions for feature-rich models under $2,000? Check out that best buy list.

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