FreeMotion i11.9 Incline Trainer Review

Editor's Rating: 9.5 /10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

The FreeMotion i11.9 Incline Trainer is a high-end fitness machine with all the fixins like incline/decline, internet, and optional TV. It’s designed for commercial use, but could certainly be a satisfying luxury home option as well. Is the treadmill worth the expense? Let’s find out by breaking down the key components of this trainer and comparing it to the alternatives from NordicTrack.

This machine delivers the goods in terms of power and entertainment. Highlights include an impressive 5 HP motor, an extra-large track with excellent cushioning, a 30% incline (plus a slight decline), and a 10″ color touchscreen with Android browser.

Nine workout programs are included to assist with weight loss, speed training, and other fitness goals. Unlimited custom-tailored workouts are also available with an iFit subscription ($9.99/month).

This fancy ride can also be upgraded with a 17″ HDTV for even more immersive entertainment and training options.

What We Like:

  • Incline Training: The FreeMotion i11.9’s deck inclines up to 30% and declines down to -3%. This feature helps burn calories far faster than traditional flat treadmills. However, keep in mind that most treadmills these days offer incline training to a lesser degree (from 10% to 20%). Plus, incline trainers from the more affordable NordicTrack residential brand (which has the same parent company as FreeMotion) can incline by up to 40% and decline by a maximum of -6%.
  • Track Cushioning: Incline training automatically relieves stress on your knees by shifting the position of your body during exercise. But the i11.9 doesn’t stop there. It also includes isolator cushioning to ensure that users can exercise in comfort.
  • iFit Live: The machine is wired for iFit. With an inexpensive iFit membership you can download customized workout routines, virtually work out with famous trainers like Jillian Michaels, and compete in online races with Facebook friends. iFit also helps you enjoy the incline/decline on the i11.9 by using the Google Maps app to replicate actual routes!
  • Workout Programs: Even without iFit activation, this trainer has nine workouts with a satisfying variety. The categories include competition, weight-loss, map, and HD video. Each workout can be used at a variety fitness levels. But how many programs are on the NordicTrack x11i? Forty-four. This machine is great for a health club, but private owners might find a better value elsewhere.
  • Bigger Track: The track measures 60″ long and 22″ wide. That’s is a bit wider than the average treadmill track. The same size can be found on NordicTrack Incline Trainers.
  • Powerful Motor: With 5 HP, this motor is one of the strongest in the industry. It’s a good choice for a commercial incline trainer that will be used for hours on end by a variety of trainees. It’s not exactly a requirement for home use though.
  • Touchscreen with Internet: The i11.9 has a 10″ touchscreen in full color. Here you can see your workouts and fitness data and even surf the web. The Android browser makes it easy to check sports highlights, read email, or browse Facebook mid-workout. Another welcome feature is Google Street View, which you can use with iFit for virtual training sessions around the world.
  • Smartphone Port and Charger: Plug your phone into the console to enjoy music and podcasts through the trainer’s 3″ speakers. You can also charge your phone through the console.
  • Optional TV: Add motivation to your workouts with this optional upgrade. It has a wide viewing angle and shows a beautiful picture. You could also opt to add this later. All of the consoles are pre-wired for easy compatibility.
  • Ready for More: Besides being ready for iFit and TV, this FreeMotion incline trainer is wired for other entertainment and fitness services used by health clubs. It can wirelessly connect to Cardio Theater, Broadcastvision Entertainment, MYE Entertainment, CardioVision, and Fantasy audio broadcasting.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Warranty: FreeMotion presents customers with a conundrum. If you buy this unit, you’ll get one of the industry’s most expensive machines and a very short warranty compared with residential trainers. It’s also a bit short for commercial equipment. The motor and frame are only covered for seven years, The parts are only protected for two years, and the console has a slim one-year warranty. If the electronics go kaput, then this machine is useless and repairs will be costly. This is cause for concern.
  • Size: Plenty of floor space is required. The i11.9 has a footprint of 79.50″ x 37.25″.

Our Verdict:

This unique machine might be a worthwhile in a commercial setting, but it simply doesn’t make sense for home use. The specs and tech are undeniably impressive. So, if you can find the FreeMotion i11.9 Incline Trainer at a deep discount or if money is no object, then go for it. However, under normal circumstances we find it difficult to justify purchasing this machine. The short warranty on the console is a big red flag, especially since this manufacturer has had trouble with touchscreens in the past. You might be better off choosing an incline trainer that lets you add your own tablet computer. That way, you’ll at least be in charge of the technology.

Anyone looking to stock their home gym with an incline trainer will  find far better value in NordicTrack (X9i $1,900, X11i $2,499 and the X15i $2,999). The FreeMotion i11.9 might be temping with all of those sexy specs and electronics, but this machine is built for professional gyms and hospitals (and even they should be wary of that warranty).