FreeMotion Reflex t11.8 Review

Editor's Rating: 8.2/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

Got money to burn? Choose the FreeMotion t11.8 Treadmill and be done with it. You’ll get a 10″ full-color touch screen, a ridiculously powerful motor, iFit readiness and Reflex™ Cushioning! Upgrade this comfortable ride with a 17-inch HDTV and iFit subscription for some highly entertaining and effective workout sessions.

We’d award this treadmill a five-star review if the price dropped. Except at sale time, this model’s price isn’t justified. We don’t care how wonderfully bouncy the track feels… The relatively short warranty just makes us nervous. The FreeMotion Reflex t11.8 is backed by a seven-year frame & motor warranty, a two-year parts warranty, a one-year console warranty, and one year of labor.

If you love the idea of a TV treadmill, we recommend buying the FreeMotion 790. You’ll also get a 10-inch Android Internet setup and 38 workouts.

What We Like:

  • Motor: With 5.0 HP, the t11.8 treadmill motor is unusually powerful. Even so, it’s remarkably quiet. Reach a top speed of 12 mph and the motor won’t skip a beat!
  • Two heartrate monitors: Jog or run within your target rate for more effective workouts! Grip heartrate monitors and a full wireless Polar® heart rate monitoring system are included.
  • Device charger: Recharge your smartphone, iPad or other gadget as you work out.
  • iFit option: iFit helps make FreeMotion a popular brand. If you have a wireless Internet connection, you can download additional personal training workouts, compete in online treadmill races with Facebook friends, simulate outdoor training routes with Google Maps, and otherwise have an interactive treadmill experience.
  • Incline/Decline: Get toned like never before! The t11.8’s track can be automatically inclined up to 15% and declined by 3%. This shifts your body weight to relieve pressure on joints. Incline training also helps tone different muscle groups and raise your metabolism.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Warranty: The console is only protected for one year. Considering this treadmill’s MSRP, customers seem entitled to more security. It’s also odd that the frame doesn’t get a lifetime guarantee, just seven years.
  • Workouts: Only nine workouts are included. They can be customized, but many customers ultimately spend more by adding iFit in order to get more variety.
  • Size: Lots of floor space is needed. The unit has a footprint of 87″ x 39″ (221 cm x 99 cm).

Our Verdict:

There’s nothing wrong with high-end cushioning, color touch screens and super-strong motors. We’re just not convinced that the FreeMotion t11.8 treadmill is worth its price. We’re also concerned about the short warranty on the color touchscreen console.

You can’t put a price on health, but you can put a price on a great treadmill. A much better value is the FreeMotion 790, which combines high-tech entertainment with ample workout variety.

FreeMotion Reflex t11.8 Treadmill

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