Great Tools for Runners

running on a roadRunning has never been more fun thanks to a wide variety of mobile apps you can use on a smartphone or other mobile device. These apps help you track your progress, set goals, and even turn your exercise into fun games. Even if you run indoors on a treadmill, your exercise can be exciting with a running app. Try out different running apps to find the ones that make your exercise the most fun!

Runkeeper App

Signing up for Runkeeper is free. This app helps you track your workouts, set goals, make a plan to fit your schedule, and watch as you get stronger. Different challenges and rewards keep you wanting to run.

Endomondo App

This free app has lots of features that will help you with a running program. Use the app to create a running route and to track the distance, time, and speed at which you run. You can even use the app to cheer on your friends who also run. Endomondo also helps you keep track of how much water you drink along the way to make sure that you drink enough while you run.

Nike Running App

A built-in coach helps you set a goal and make it happen with the Nike running app. If you like running with friends, you can create challenges for your group and keep track of who’s doing the best at them. You can even choose a song to give you the extra motivation you might need at the end of a hard run.

Map My Run

With this app on your phone, you can track your route, distance, and calories burned while you run. The app also lets you track what you ate before you ran, which can help you figure out why you were faster or slower during a run. You can also get advice about the amount of water you should be drinking.

MiCoach App

Create a custom plan for running to get faster and stronger with miCoach. This app is especially good for people training for a marathon. As you run with headphones in, the app coaches you to help you keep up your pace and will tell you about your progress.

Smartrunner App

This app is great for runners, but it also works for biking, walking, and hiking. Set the distance you want to run or the time you want to spend, and the app will track your progress. You can even take pictures of yourself while you run.

Runner’s World Go

Runner’s World magazine designed this running app to help both beginner and advanced runners improve their strength and endurance. The app logs in your runs, tracks your progress, gives weather information, and even tells you what clothing and gear you might want to use.

Strava Running App

After downloading this app, you can use it to track your runs. You can also join challenges to work out with other people, motivating each other to become stronger. The app can also show you a map of where you’ve been running.

Wahoo Runfit

This all-purpose fitness app tracks your progress while you run or do other types of exercise like walking or strength training. Track your heart rate and the number of calories you burn while you run.

Localeikki App

Search for places near you to run with this free app. Just enter your city and state and the app will recommend running routes. The app also gives you information about the surface of the route and restrooms available along the way.

Zombies, Run!

Play this zombie game while you run. The app gives you a zombie mission and music to listen to as you run. When zombies chase you, you will have to pick up the pace. You also collect supplies as you run that help you in the game.

Treadmill Trails

Even if you run on a treadmill, you can still feel like you are going places. This app gives you fun and free videos that make it seem like you are really running through the mountains or in national parks.

Road ID

This app not only tracks your runs, but it also lets your parents keep track of you to make sure that you are safe while you are out. If you stop running for five minutes, the app will send them an alert.

Pacejam App

Setting a strong pace helps you run better. The Pacejam app lets you set the pace, and then it adjusts how fast or slow your music plays to help you run faster or slower.

Charity Miles App

With this app, your running can also help a good cause. The app donates 25 cents to your chosen charity for every mile you run.

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