Home Health on Any Budget: Affordable Treadmills

In in the hustle and bustle of the modern world, free time has become precious and people are having a tough time fitting exercise into their busy schedule. Some folks buy gym memberships,  but these memberships can be hard to maintain because of scheduling or social anxiety. Home exercise (like a personal treadmill) not only provides convenience for users, but removes the worry of exercising in public.  Sadly, finding a cheap treadmill can be difficult. How do you find the best affordable treadmills? Does a low price affect a treadmills quality? Keep reading and all of your questions will be answered.

Quality vs. Price                

  • While price often reflects quality, lower end treadmills are hardly useless. A treadmill’s low price might seem like an indicator of poor quality, but some budget treadmills compare favourably to machines that cost upwards of $4000.
  • Rather than shopping at specialty fitness stores, buyers can find cheap treadmills at large retail outlets. Going into a store also gives the buyer the opportunity to try out the product in person.
  • When shopping online buyers have access to a greater range of prices and most websites include a convenient feature that lists products from lowest price to highest. However, when online shopping, buyers should look at the reviews that others have left about the product. These reviews provide important information about common problems, concerns, and the benefits of a treadmill.

Before Searching

  • Buyers should determine the ideal location for a treadmill in their home and measure the space. On average, treadmills are about 64 inches long and 28 inches wide, but you should always add a little extra space for troubleshooting.
  • Buyers should set a firm price range for their treadmill at the start of their search. Treadmill prices range from anywhere between $499 to even more than $4000.
  • Buyers should research the features that they want for their treadmill. For example, some may just want a treadmill that adjusts incline or can sync up with iFit. Others may just want the bare minimum of features to get them walking.

Trying a Treadmill Out

  • Trying out a treadmill in person is beneficial to making a good decision. This pdf outlines some common considerations to look out for.
  • If a buyer wants a treadmill they can fold for better storage, they should try folding it in person to test the weight and ease of movement.
  • Buyers can also evaluate the durability of the product by examining the materials it is made with as well as adjustability. Some treadmills have a manual adjust for incline while others are electronic.
  • When trying out a treadmill, the buyer should consider things like ease of controls, range of speed, range of incline, and safety.


  • Even when buying a treadmill cheap, many of these safety features are included.
  • Most treadmills come with a safety stop switch or a key that attaches to the users clothing to help prevent further injury after any accidental falls.
  • Online reviews of products also provide insight into problems that other buyers have experienced using their treadmills.
  • Follow these six steps to make sure that you are using a treadmill safely.

Even when making purchases on a budget, treadmill owners do not have to sacrifice quality for affordability. Keep these buying tips in mind and you’ll find a quality treadmill within any budget. Just be careful not to go too cheap.


  • JosefFebruary 5, 2021 at 1:49 pmfrom Otjiwarongo
    I want the cheapest treadmill
    • Amanda BFebruary 19, 2021 at 3:45 pm
      Hi Josef, see our round up of affordable treadmills here:

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