How to Train for a Marathon Using your Treadmill

Race training can be a grueling process that takes a major toll on the body, but using a treadmill as part of your training regime can be quite beneficial in many ways.

How To Train for a Marathon Using Your Treadmill

Runners take a beating pounding out mile after mile on unforgiving surfaces like asphalt, but a treadmill can offers some reprieve and even help to prevent injury. Almost all treadmills are equipped with some sort of shock absorption system. Because the track on a treadmill does absorb some of the shock, it can help to reduce the impact of the many miles you’ll be putting on throughout the months of training. This feature helps to prevent injury and support the joints while also building up endurance and muscle mass. Another benefit to the shock absorption system of a treadmill would be if you do injure yourself while training, you don’t necessarily have to stop running altogether. Treadmills can be more forgiving and helpful if nursing an injury like a sprained ankle, sore low back, or other injury or fatigue as a result of race training. Plus, it’s a good idea to do some of your training on a treadmill because you won’t always be able to go outside to run. But it’s always the right temperature and dry inside on your treadmill.

One necessary part of marathon training is long, long runs. If your iPod isn’t doing the trick at keeping boredom at bay or helping you to stay motivated to keep going, try distraction! Many treadmills will offer entertainment options like web-enabled touch-screens and HDTVs so it’s easy to put on your favorite movie or television show to help you keep going. You can even browse the web or social media sites with many models.

Treadmills also ensure that you can accurately mimic the route where you’re going to be running your race. Depending on where you live, it’s not always possible to find hills or downhill roads or other varying terrain, but a treadmill allows you to simulate any terrain you’d like. Using the incline feature on the treadmill, you can create steep hills or rolling hills that may be a part of your race day route. And even if you don’t know the exact terrain of the race, you can still use one of the built-in workout programs many treadmills offer to help you mix things up so you’re ready for whatever terrain you face. Some treadmills will even offer 5K and other fitness tests and training programs that make a great addition to any marathon race training schedule. Check out our best buy award-winning treadmills to help you find the treadmill that matches up with your training needs that might include innovative entertainment options, a wide variety of workout programs, or an advanced shock absorption system.

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