Landice ElliptiMill Reviews

What is an ElliptiMill? Introduced by Landice in 2008, it’s a clever cross between a treadmill and an elliptical trainer. An ElliptiMill lets people move naturally as with a traditional treadmill, but it uses a virtually no-impact elliptical design to better protect trainees’ joints. Plus, unlike a standard home treadmill, an ElliptiMill includes movable handlebars to support a total-body workout. Residential and commercial models of this high-end fitness machine are available.

What We Like

  • Console options – The ElliptiMill is sold with four console options. These include different levels of features such as workout programs, fitness tests, and heart rate monitoring. The consoles are named the Pro Trainer, the Pro Sports Trainer, the Cardio Trainer, and the Executive Trainer.
  • Luxury Console – The Executive Trainer is Landice’s luxury console. It includes: simulated running through natural terrain with full-color video; an interactive graphic race mode; built-in fitness tests, standard workouts, and heart rate control workouts; wireless and contact pulse monitoring; and more. At the other end of the spectrum is the Pro Trainer, Landice’s simplest console. It has a two-color display and includes five built-in programs, two user-defined programs, and 20 effort levels. On the newer ElliptiMills, the Pro Trainer console automatically includes contact and wireless heart rate monitoring. Contact heart rate monitoring isn’t standard on the older models.
  • Flexible fit – The Landice ElliptiMill supports stride lengths of 17” to 23” to suit trainees of all different heights. Health club managers can elect to lock the variable stride on the commercial E9 version.
  • Upper body exercise – Upper-body workout handles help tone the arms, back, shoulders, and abdomen.
  • Cushioning – With orthopedic gel inserts, ElliptiMill pedals help make exercise gentle on bones and joints.
  • Extras – An MP3-player dock, a bottle holder, and an integrated workout fan help make ElliptiMills luxury fitness machines.
  • Strong warranties – Residential ElliptiMills such as the E7 are sold with a lifetime warranty plus a year of labor.

What We Don’t Like

  • The price — Landice ElliptiMills offer great value, but they’re too expensive for many treadmill customers – especially when topped with the Executive Trainer console.
  • The size – ElliptiMills have footprints of about 36” x 84”. Other treadmills and ellipticals on the market are more compact.
  • The weight — At around 500 pounds, an ElliptiMill is hardly a portable treadmill.

Our Verdict

The Landice ElliptiMIll is a highly recommended alternative to traditional treadmill trainers. The machine is fun to use, is easier on the body than a traditional treadmill, and is sized for just about anyone. Furthermore, its 20 challenge levels and varied programming make it useful to deconditioned trainees and seasoned athletes alike. Generous residential and commercial warranties help make ElliptiMills five-star fitness machines.


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