LifeSpan TR200

Editor's Rating: 6.8/10
This model has been discontinued.

Utah-based LifeSpan Fitness divides its treadmill line into machines for light use, moderate use, and serious use. The LifeSpan TR200 treadmill review, which is ultra-compact, falls into the light use category but is surprisingly stable.

What We Like

  • Portability: LifeSpan’s TR200 folds to 11” for easy storage.
  • Sound system: LifeSpan beats other portable models by including an audio jack and headphone option.
  • Heart rate sensors: Sensors built into the handrails lead to a digital readout on the consoles.
  • Incline: Unlike some other small treadmills, the TR200 has an automatic incline control and ten incline options.
  • No assembly required: The portable TR200 arrives ready to unfold and use immediately.

What We Don’t Like

  • Programs: With just six built-in workout programs (three for speed and three for incline training), the TR200 has far fewer options than most treadmills but stands up to the competition in its own class.
  • Track length: The 48”x17” exercise area is too short for taller runners.
  • Motor: The 1.5 HP motor is relatively weak, and it has only a 5-year warranty.
  • Upper limits: The treadmill’s top speed is only 8 mph and its weight capacity is just 250 pounds.
  • Warranty: LifeSpan’s five-year motor warranty and one-year parts warranty are less impressive than what other discount brands offer.

Our Verdict

The TR200 isn’t bad for a portable treadmill. It offers more workout programs than some other compact models, and it also has a sound system to help make exercise more interesting. Still, this treadmill should only be selected if portability is a must. Other treadmills in this price range offer more stability and better features.

Best Alternative

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LifeSpan TR2000e Electric Folding

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This model has been discontinued.

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