LiveStrong LS15.0T (Folding)

Editor's Rating: 8.5/10
This model has been discontinued.

Designed for the 2013 model year, the LS15.0T is now one of Livestrong’s premiere treadmills. Its features are a sign of the times: This treadmill is powerful yet energy-conscious, has a high definition touchscreen, and provides personal training feedback that’s more customized than ever. Customers also get Lifestrong’s traditional high-end basics including a powerful motor and a just about rock-solid folding frame. The little extras are there too – a bottle holder, an exercise fan, and storage for a tablet. This product is just right for high-intensity training.

In our review, the Livestrong LS 15.0T is an excellent value if you buy during a promotional period. The MSRP places this new treadmill in the middle to higher price range, but an online sale makes it affordable for most treadmill shoppers.

What We Like:

  • Screen & programs: Enjoy a bit of club-style luxury. You’ll use a 10” HD touchscreen to access manual mode or any of ten quick-start workouts. These address various fitness goals. For example, there’s a speed interval program, a rolling hills simulator and a target heart rate program. You can conveniently track your progress toward short-term and long-term fitness goals with the Livetrack Fitness Journal, a digital system that’s also built into the console.
  • Wireless pulse monitoring: A wireless Polar heart rate monitor is included! Polar wireless products are 99.9% accurate. Take advantage of the opportunity to always exercise within your target heart rate range. Your exercise sessions will become more efficient than ever.
  • Entertainment: The 15.0T includes an iPod-compatible port and Sonic Surround speakers.
  • Track: Long running strides are supported with a roomy 60” x 20” deck and a patented MaxComfort System. MaxComfort consists of differential cushioning. In other words, the track is firmer at the point of push-off and is more cushioned where you land. It’s an ideal blend of support and shock absorption.
  • Incline: You’ll be amazed at how dramatically calorie burn and muscle toning increase when you activate the incline! To replicate the effect of outdoor track training and wind on your body, you can set the incline to 1% or 2% — and to seriously stimulate muscle fibres that don’t get regular use, you can tilt the track up to 15%.
  • Heavy-duty motor: The LiveStrong 15.0T’s 3.0 CHP motor is comparable to 3.5 HP motors from other brands. It’s backed by a lifetime warranty and can smoothly power you through workouts at speeds up to 12 mph.
  • Extras: You’ll get an adjustable fan, a water bottle holder and a tray for accessories.
  • Folding frame: Save floor space when your treadmill’s not in use. The LiveStrong 15.0T is easily folded.
  • Warranty package: LiveStrong shows confidence in the new 15.0T by including a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame, a five-year warranty on other parts, and free labor during the first two years of ownership. Extending the warranty by two years costs just $120.

What We Don’t Like:

Price games can be a hassle. As mentioned at the beginning of this treadmill review, there’s a big difference between this product’s MSRP and the deals you can find online. We suggest that unless you’re rolling in cash, try to find this treadmill for around $1500. At that price it’s an especially great value.

Our Verdict:

We give the LiveStrong 15.0T treadmill a thumb’s up review for retaining the line’s well-liked frame and motor, topping it off with a 10” touchscreen, and still providing a generous standard warranty. If you purchase this treadmill, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you chose a high quality, effective product that’s backed by consumer protections. In the end, we give this treadmill 4.5 stars!

LiveStrong LS15-0T Treadmill

LiveStrong LS15-0 Treadmill Console

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