Nautilus Treadmill Reviews

Brand Rating: 8.0/10

Nautilus is among the world’s largest producers of fitness equipment. The company has invested plenty of money in research and product development, and this shows in their high-end treadmills. Nautilus’s home treadmill offerings include the Sport Series and the Pro Series, each of which has three models.

What We Like

  • Stability: Nautilus home treadmills are strong and sturdy. In fact, they’re pretty close to club-quality fitness equipment; the top Pro Series Treadmill has about 90% overlap with Nautilus’s commercial equipment. Some Nautilus treadmills can hold users weighing up to 400 pounds.
  • Motors: All Nautilus treadmills come with the option of a 3.0 HP motor.
  • Tracks: Nautilus tracks are roomy: the top model has a 60″ x 22″ treadbelt. They’re also well-cushioned. Customers report that Nautilus’s patented REACT cushioning system is among the best treadmill shock absorption systems available.
  • Consoles: Nautilus customers can choose from three well-designed consoles. The LC console option has an especially nice selection of workout programs.
  • Warranties: Each Nautilus treadmill has a lifetime frame warranty and a 10 year warranty for the motor and other parts. Labor is covered for the first year.

What We Don’t Like

  • Price: Nautilus machines are quite an investment. The Sport Series machines start at about $2250 and the Pro Series starts at $3799.
  • Large footprint: Nautilus machines are best for homes with plenty of workout space. Customers sacrifice floor space in exchange for an extra-sturdy and roomy running surface.
  • Company finances: Nautilus, Inc. reported large net losses in 2009. Prudent customers might want to investigate the company’s stability before making a large purchase.

Our Verdict

A Nautilus treadmill may be a great investment for someone who can truly afford it and has a large workout room. All Nautilus treadmills are made with high-quality parts and come with great warranties. However, customers might want to make sure that Nautilus, Inc. is stable before investing in one of their machines.

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