NordicTrack Black Friday and Cyber Monday Treadmill Deals 2019



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NordicTrack Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

NordicTrack C1750 (2019 model)
Reg. Price: $2,299
Sale Price: $1,693 
Click to SAVE $606

NordicTrack C2450
Reg. Price: $2,299
Sale Price: $1,887
Click to SAVE $1112

NordicTrack C2950
Reg. Price: $3,599
Sale Price: $2,847
Click to SAVE $752

NordicTrack x22i
Reg. Price: $3,999
Sale Price: $2,793 
Click to SAVE $1206

The day after a hearty Thanksgiving with family and friends marks the official beginning of the shopping season, the highlights being Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In the world of fitness equipment, NordicTrack’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday treadmill deals are ones to watch with discounts of 40 to 50 percent off.

Check out NordicTrack’s four treadmill collections for 2018.

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NordicTrack Incline Trainer Treadmills

Burn calories and sculpt those legs with NordicTrack Incline Trainers. The touch of a button makes it easy to increase steepness and resistance of the slope. Treadmill incline training offers great benefits:

  1. Great conditioning option
  2. Increase the calorie burn
  3. Sculpt your lower body

NordicTrack Incline Trainers have generous slopes, up to 40% incline (for comparison, most treadmills top out a 20%). All models come with the interactive touchscreen that streams studio workouts with motivating personal trainers  which makes for more effective and fun workouts. A 1-year iFit membership is also included.

It’s the norm for super effective trainers to cost more than standard treadmills, but this year’s NordicTrack Black Friday and Cyber Monday treadmill sales may change things up a little.

Commercial NordicTrack Treadmills

The Commercial Series of NordicTrack are actually for home gyms, but they are durable and share the same club-quality steel frames. The series consists of three treadmills and are the highest quality home gym treadmills for walkers and runners. They are manufactured  with the commercial quality motor (DurX™ Commercial Plus Motor), spacious tread belts and smart touch screens to access your interactive workouts with personal trainers or locations around the world.

The Commercial 2950 (4.25 CHP) lead the series at the price point of $2999, the Commercial 2450 (4.0 CHP) at $1999 and the Commercial 1750 (3.6 CHP) at $1487.

The prices are sure to be discounted – keep an eye out for  NordicTrack’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday treadmill promotions.

C Series NordicTrack Treadmills

NordicTrack C Series are the most economical of the collections; the C1650 ($1399)  and the C990 ($1099). These are great for walking and you may get a good deal on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, but it would be a better move to go for the higher series  built for running, based on the possible small price difference with the discount.

NordicTrack Desk Treadmills

Working out and working – 2-in-1; you can’t beat that. You can’t move very fast, but even a slower, less energetic movement is important – sitting for seven hours straight at your desk is unhealthy, as they are now finding out in recent research. If you work from home Nordic Treadmill Desks are good options; they offer two in their collection, The Treadmill Desk Platinum ($1799) and Treadmill Desk ($1499). Get it for your home office, you may even be able to write it off as a work expense regardless of  how inexpensive with NordicTrack’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.


  • DallasNovember 15, 2019 at 8:20 pm
    With the x22i mow having a 4.0 motor and the c11i having a 3.75 motor... do you think that extra .25 motor matters?
    • Amanda BDecember 4, 2019 at 4:11 pm
      Hi Dallas, the .25 difference won't make too much of an impact. In general, we recommend a motor with 3.0 HP or higher for runners. The main difference between these 2 treadmills is the size of the screen with the x22i having a 22" screen and the x11i having a 10" screen.
  • Charitee PinnaceNovember 20, 2019 at 1:31 amfrom Delaware
    Is this really for 2019?!

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