NordicTrack C 1570 Pro (Folding)

Editor's Rating: 9.7/10
This model has been discontinued.

Upgraded for 2014, the C 1570 Pro Treadmill is the cream of NordicTrack’s C series crop. You’ll get iFit and incline/decline on a machine that’s built for the long haul. Another selling point is the adjustable cushioning. (It can be turned on or off.) An 8-inch display, 3.25 HP motor and 60-inch track help round out this treadmill’s great list of specs.

What We Like:

  • Incline/Decline: Simulate outdoor conditions with a 15% maximum incline and -3% maximum decline. This option helps you recruit different leg muscles for extra toning and faster calorie burn. When you use iFit, the treadmill can virtually take you along real-life routes that you chart with Google Maps. Practice training for a race by experiencing the ups and downs of the actual route!
  • Program Options: Enjoy the variety of 34 workout apps, all designed by a certified personal trainer. These workouts target calorie burning, incline, speed and intensity goals. For even more customized programs, use iFit. You can have a new workout every day! iFit can also chart your progress with each workout.
  • AutoBreeze: Whatever speed you run, the self-adjusting AutoBreeze fan will deliver just the right amount of cooling air.
  • Console Screen:  NordicTrack’s 8-inch backlit display is easy to read at any angle, and it’s bigger than what you’d get with another C Series treadmill. Speed, time, distance, calories and pulse are displayed as you move around a digital quarter-mile racetrack.
  • Audio Entertainment: Plug in your MP3 player! The NordicTrack C 1570 Pro Treadmill features a powerful InterMix Acoustics 3.0 sound system.
  • High-End Track: The treadmill’s smooth-running, durable track is 60” long to accommodate taller runners. The track is set on large rollers to help it last a long time. QuadFlex™ cushioning provides four special cushioning zones to minimize stress on your body. This cushioning can be deactivated by twisting a knob on the treadmill deck. In “off” mode you’ll have the sensation of running on asphalt, so it could be useful if you’re training for outdoor competition.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: Monitor your heart rate by using the included Polar wireless chest strap! This is the most accurate way for a runner to get constant heart rate data. If you prefer though, you can use the grip heart rate monitors built into the handlebars.
  • Commercial Motor: The C 1570 Pro’s 3.25 HP DurX motor is powerful yet ultra-quiet. It’s sold with a lifetime warranty.
  • Generous Warranty: You’ll get lifetime warranties on the motor and frame, a five-year warranty on parts and electronics, and two years of free labor.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Size: With a footprint of 81.8″ X 35”, the C 1570 Pro isn’t meant for small spaces. Other treadmills in the NordicTrack C Series can be folded to reveal more floor space.

Our Verdict:

The C 1570 Pro Treadmill offers a great value to runners, and especially to those who are training for outdoor competition. iFit, the incline/decline and the adjustable cushioning conspire to create a superior treadmill!

This machine has high-quality parts and is sold with a customer-friendly warranty. The normal MSRP is a little bit high, but online sale prices are excellent.

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