NordicTrack C 1630 Pro Review

Editor's Rating: 8.4 /10
This treadmill has been discontinued.

The NordicTrack C 1630 Pro Treadmill leads its series in horsepower, cushioning and track technology. While the lower models have different degrees of incline, the C 1630 Pro goes a step further with 3% decline too! This advanced 15% incline, 3% decline combo can make the difference in terms of toning of your body and seriously boosting your metabolic rate.

Nice components round out the machine: A 3.25 HP motor keeps the track running smoothly at speeds up to 12 mph; QuadFlex™ cushioning helps protect your knees, ankles and back when you run; and large rollers help the machine endure. A big selling point is iFit technology, which lets you exercise anywhere in the world that Google Maps has charted. iFit also connects you with customized workout routines, provides virtual training with celebrity personal trainers, and lets you compete in treadmill races with your Facebook friends!

Keep in mind that iFit costs extra; expect to pay about $125/year to map your own routes and download customized workouts. We’d only recommend this treadmill to somebody who intends to use iFit. Otherwise, much of the console is unnecessary.

What We Like:

  • Incline/Decline: Say good-bye to fitness plateaus! Add challenge to workouts by exercising on a grade. The NordicTrack C 1630 Pro can be inclined up to 15% and declined by up to 3%. The other C Series treadmills do not decline. Their inclines range from 10% to 15%. This is the steepest incline you’ll find on a NordicTrack outside of the dramatic Incline Series.
  • iFit: iFit is a big reason behind NordicTrack’s popularity today. iFit uses your home’s wireless Internet to take fitness online in lots of exciting ways. For example, Google Maps technology can be used to chart exercise routes! Experience the land’s real-life ups and downs as your treadmill track rises and falls in response to map data. Another iFit feature is virtual workouts with famous fitness trainers. Jillian Michaels leads the pack with celebrity status; she trained people with NordicTracks onThe Biggest Loser.
  • Wireless monitoring: Exercise in your target heart rate zone for better, faster results. A wireless chest strap sends a continuous reading to the console. You can also use heart rate sensors on the handlebars.
  • High speed: Reach up to 12 mph! Many home treadmills top out at 10 mph.
  • Motor: The 3.25 HP motor operates smoothly and quietly. It has a lifetime warranty.
  • Audio:  Music helps endurance! The C 1630 Pro is smartphone compatible and has two 3” speakers. Listen to your favorite songs with or without headphones.
  • Track: This treadmill has a standard 60” x 20” track to accommodate runners and walkers alike. It’s textured to grip your shoes just right and give an extra boost to your workout. Beneath the track, comfortable QuadFlex™ cushioning is expertly designed to deflect shock from your body. Track longevity is supported by 2.5″ rollers. Many home treadmills have 2″ or smaller rollers.
  • Storage: Easily store this treadmill vertically! It weighs a lot, yet shock-assist technology makes it easy to fold.
  • High capacity: This unit can accommodate up to 375 pounds.
  • Warranty: The 1630 Pro is sold with a 5-year parts and electronics warranty, a 2-year labor warranty and a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. This works out to a great deal if you buy the treadmill on sale. If you pay full price though, it’s so-so.

NordicTrack C 1630 Pro Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.2-stars
Motor:3.25 HP
Incline:-3 to 15%
Running Area:20" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:375 LBS
Dimensions:81.8" L x 35" W x 57.4" H
Built-In Programs:34
What We Don’t Like:

  • Console: The console measures 8″ diagonally, making it about average-sized for 2014. Average size would be OK – but this feels like a downgrade from last year’s console, which was full-color and web-enabled with Android. You’ll get a clear readout with this year’s option but it isn’t the best way to enjoy iFit.
  • Price: The MSRP of $2,499 seems inflated given the lackluster console. The online sale price of $1,299 makes a lot more sense.
  • Assembly: This unit isn’t simple to assemble, partly because it weighs nearly 300 pounds. It might be worth paying extra for indoor delivery and set-up.

Our Verdict:

There’s a lot to like about the Nordic Track C 1630 Pro Treadmill. We especially like the incline/decline and protective cushioning. However, we’re not crazy about the console – and of course, the console is central to your workout experience.

Competition is strong from other NordicTrack series. Our favorite model is the NordicTrack Commercial 1750. This award-winning treadmill has the same 15% incline/3% decline and the unit in this treadmill review – but it also has includes a 7″ color touchscreen with web access and a 3.8 HP motor.