Precor TRM 425 Review

Editor's Rating: 8.4 /10

Precor, a leader in commercial quality residential fitness equipment, features their customized Precision™ Series line of residential treadmills, intuitively designed with fitness club performance features and personalized technology.

As part of this series, the TRM 425 is designed with special stride support system that is exclusive to Precor treadmills. Called Integrated Foot Plant Technology™, this stride support technology reduces stress on the joints by automatically adjusting the belt speed to match the movement of your feet and length of your gait, whether you are running or walking. Paired with the Ground Effects™ shock absorption technology, the TRM 425 offers both comfort and stability by providing the perfect amount of cushioning along the front of the deck while keeping the rear of the deck rigid and stable for easy push off and firmness overall. Meanwhile, the treadmill is designed with a maintenance-free, dry silicone lubrication system which helps ensure longevity.

When it comes to the console, this model does not disappoint; from the password protected console to the advanced SmartRate® Zone heart rate monitoring program. Users can easily personalize multiple aspects of this treadmill to get workout results tailored specifically to their needs, making it easy to set, monitor, and meet precise fitness goals.

Part of a great series, runners looking for more workout variety and deeper decline might check out the Precor TRM 835, reviewed here. Meanwhile, the brand’s entry-level treadmill, the Precor TRM 243, offers a lower-priced alternative many of the same features, and the Precor TRM 211 can be found online at $2,399.

What We Like:

  • Ergonomic Design: The frame on the TRM 425 is ergonomically sound with premium full length handlebars, an oversized centered console with large dome style keys, and special stride support to accommodate your personal stride. The console area also includes two oversized water bottle holders, a large accessories tray and a tablet reading rack that are easily accessible and in reach while running or walking.
  • Motor: Featuring a continuous duty 3.0 HP motor, the highest performing motor on the market, means that the horsepower is maintained throughout the workout for a steady, durable motor that will endure workout after workout.
  • Console: The brand new 5 inch high contrast LCD screen with acrylic overlay is both attractive and easy to use. The display screen is divided into zones to keep personal workout data, workout metrics, and program details separate and organized.
  • Heart rate Monitoring: This model comes with both touch and wireless heart rate monitoring capabilities, and the chest strap transmitter, which works with any Polar compatible transmitter, is included. Users can access the SmartRate™ Zone heart rate monitoring program on the console to determine what zone they are working in, and how this matches with their workout goals: weight loss, fat burning, etc.
  • Incline/Decline: The TRM 445 is equipped with a -2% decline and 15% incline; ideal for simulating various terrains for top interval training on both downhill and uphill terrain of grades up to 15%. Few treadmills offer both incredibly steep incline options and a decline option, so this is a particularly attractive feature of this model.
  • Deck: A reversible deck makes for an extended life of the belt and no necessary maintenance. This deck also features a wider than average running area at 22 versus the average 20 inches. A wider running area offers additional safety and a more spacious feel.
  • Warranty: Precor offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and a remarkable 10 years warranty on parts.

Precor TRM 425 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.2-stars
Motor:3.0 HP
Incline:-2 to 15%
Running Area:22" x 56"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:350 LBS
Dimensions:79" L x 34" W x 59.5" H
Built-In Programs:9
What We Don’t Like:

  • Workout Programs: For almost $5,000, you would expect a treadmill at this price point to offer more than 9 preset workout programs. Programs include basic interval options, as well as hill climbs, basic HR, and cross country. And, unlike other more inexpensive models, the TRM 425 is not compatible with the Preva® mobile workout tracking app.
  • Frame: The powder-coated steel frame is attractive, but not built with a solid steel design.
  • No Fan: Most consoles have a built-in fan to keep you cool while working out, but the TRM 425 lacks this basic feature.
  • Price: For $4,999, this treadmill could offer more entertainment options and additional personalization features like other models at similar price points offered by Precor.

Our Verdict:

The Precor TRM 425 offers the best of both worlds: a well-built machine with a highly intuitive console. This treadmill does lack when it comes to the sound system and entertainment features, but you can’t beat Precor when it comes to quality treadmills with impressive warranties. As a whole, the TRM 425 offers some neat features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Precor TRM 425 treadmill change speed automatically during workouts?

The treadmill does have a feature which allows it to automatically adjust speeds according to user performance during workouts.

Is the Precor TRM 425 treadmill easy to assemble?

Yes, the machine comes ready to put together. Having some friends around is always helpful, but figure less than an hour for assembly.