ProForm 10.0 TT Review

Editor's Rating: 8.3/10
Update: This model has been discontinued. To find a suitable replacement, check out our treadmill finder here.

Want lots of running room on a small budget? The foldable ProForm 10.0 TT has a 60″ track, a 12% power incline, almost two dozen preset workouts, and the option to add iFit ( which includes unlimited personalized training, Google Maps workouts, data charting, and other benefits). This treadmill’s online sale price ($799) includes delivery, a two year parts warranty, and one year of labor.

What We Like:

  • SpaceSaver Design: The 10.0 TT has a long track for running, but doesn’t require much floor space. Its SpaceSaver design lets you push the deck upward for vertical storage in between exercise sessions. Super strength isn’t required to fold this machine either! A hydraulic shock gets the job done. When unfolded the treadmill is a reasonable size too, measuring about 5 feet long and three feet wide.
  • Preset Workout Programs: Twenty-two workout programs are built into the console. These programs were designed by a certified personal trainer to focus on calorie burn, incline training, intense performance, and speed. Each program has a set duration and can control the treadmill’s speed and incline.
  • iFit Compatible: The 10.0 TT treadmill is compatible with iFit. With an iFit membership, you can access daily workout downloads, use a library of high definition video workouts, and train along Google Maps routes with streaming street views. Some other iFit benefits include online races and automated tracking of your fitness data.
  • Power Incline: A 12% automated incline helps you torch calories quickly and isolate different muscle groups as you walk or run. Just push a button to make incline adjustments at any time or let a workout program take control.
  • Track Length: The tread track length is ideal for runners. Measuring 60″ x 20″. It’s long enough to accommodate running strides and wide enough for comfort.
  • Cushioning: ProShox deck cushioning on the 10.0 TT significantly reduces stress your body. It’s up to 28% gentler on your joints compared to outdoor running surfaces. With ProForm treadmill training you can run for longer periods of time and feel less fatigued after workouts.
  • Heart Rate Monitor: Contact heart rate sensors are built into the handlebars. Keep in mind that these touch sensors aren’t medically accurate and should only be used as a guide.
  • Smartphone Compatible: Listen to your favorite tunes or podcasts to make workouts fly by. The 10.0 TT has a smartphone port so you can ditch your earbuds. Play your MP3s through the treadmill console’s 2″ speakers by Intermix Acoustics.
  • Motor: This treadmill’s 2.75 CHP motor has a lifetime warranty and can support speeds up to 12 mph.
  • CoolAire Fan: A two-speed fan helps you stay cool during workouts.
  • Warranty: The warranty package provides lifetime coverage on the motor and frame, two years on parts and one year of labor. Not bad for a $799 treadmill.

ProForm 10.0 TT Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.15-stars
Motor:2.75 HP
Running Area:20" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:325 LBS
Dimensions:59.25" L x 36.63" W x 79.62" H
Built-In Programs:22 workout apps
What We Don’t Like:

  • Lower Quality Parts: This treadmill will serve you well for awhile but isn’t built for the long haul. For example, ProForm trimmed the construction cost by using a one-ply belt that requires occasional lubrication and could require replacement within a few years. In contrast, more expensive treadmills have two-ply or multi-ply belts that last longer and require no maintenance. The track rollers are also small. Larger rollers found on more expensive treadmills have a quieter operation and put less stress on the motor.
  • iFit Monitor Sold Separately: This treadmill is most satisfying when used with iFit. Using iFit requires the separate purchase of a monitor for $99. A better option is to buy the ProForm Performance 600i, which also costs $799 during online sales. It has the same specs as the 10.0 TT but doesn’t require a special monitor for iFit. Instead, it has a Bluetooth connection that lets your tablet computer or smartphone work as the iFit console.

See ProForm’s Promotional Video of the 10.0 TT

Our Verdict:

The ProForm 10.0 TT treadmill is a good value at $799 but isn’t necessarily ProForm’s best option. If you own a tablet computer to use with iFit, then the ProForm Performance 600i is a better deal. Both treadmills have long tracks, offer a boost with 12% power ramps, and have 22 preset workouts. These don’t have the feel of health club cardio trainers but are fine starter treadmills for the price.

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