ProForm 11.0 TT Review

Editor's Rating: 8.8/10

The 11.0 TT Treadmill by ProForm, a brand owned by fitness equipment giant Icon Fitness, is an inexpensive model designed for light running and walking. It’s a model that is commonly sold by retailers like Academy Sports, and sells for just under $,1000.

As with many other inexpensive models by ProForm, the 11.0 TT features a folding frame designed with the patented SpaceSaver design with Easy Lift Assist. The frame is also equipped with the shock-absorption system, ProShox Cushioning. The running area is a spacious 20″ wide and 60″ long, and the deck runs on precision-machined rollers.

The drive system is equipped with a commercial-grade 3.0 HP Mach Z motor. The incline goes from 0 to 15%, and the speed options run from 0 to 12 mph. The weight capacity tops out at 350 pounds, max user weight.

The console on the 11.0 TT provides users with a large 7” back lit display that tracks your basics like speed, distance, time, and calories burned. To make fast changes to the speed or incline, there are Quick Speed and Quick Incline controls. For workout variety, there are 32 built-in workout programs, designed by certified personal trainers, as well as iFit compatibility. The iFit wireless module is not included, but if you purchase the module, you can get one year of a free subscription. To listen to your favorite music, there is an Intermix Acoustics Sound System that features smartphone compatibility. There is also a built-in CoolAire two-speed cooling fan, two oversized water bottle holders and an EKG grip pulse heart rate monitor.

ProForm offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, 3 years on parts and 1 year on labor.

What We Like:

  • iFit Compatibility: If you have a subscription to the iFit program, you can enjoy this feature. iFit is a program that allows you access to thousands of professionally designed workouts and unique routes powered by Google Maps.
  • Program Variety: 32 workout programs makes for excellent variety so it’s really easy to work on individual fitness goals. It’s also easy to mix things up and beat boredom that can come with just walking on your treadmill every day. These programs offer weight loss, fat burning, and many more.
  • Incline: Many treadmills at this price point will offer incline ranges that top out between 10 and 12 mph, but this model goes above and beyond with a 15% incline. The console also has Quick Incline keys.
  • Folding Design: As with other inexpensive, lightweight and compact models by ProForm, this treadmill is equipped with a folding frame that uses the patented SpaceSaver design with Easy Lift Assist.
  • Price: For under $1000, this treadmill impresses with its price point.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Assembly: Many treadmills will require some sort of assembly, but the assembly for this model can take hours, as many people report. The cumbersome and time consuming assembly is definitely something we do not like.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm 11.0 TT is really a pretty decent model that is quite adaptable and ideal for in-home use. It’s affordable, folds away, and has great program variety and advanced fitness tracking capabilities. This model can be used for running or walking, but it’s not really the model we’d choose if you are a runner as it is missing some performance features that other treadmills will offer, like a decline option or a more cushioned/supportive deck. If you want a model that would be better for a runner, check out one of our best buy treadmills perfect for runners.

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