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Amanda Brooks
Running Guru

ProForm Carbon T7 Review

Courtney Paynter | Last Updated - Jul 29, 2020
Editor's Rating: 8.6 /10


Interactive training has become an integral part of the at-home fitness space. From training with world-class personal trainers to exploring running trails across the globe, there’s no doubt that it makes working out from home more fun. It’s the only thing you have to pay for with the ProForm Carbon T7: you get the actual treadmill for free. If you pay for 3 years of iFit for $39 per month (totalling $1,403)—something which you would most likely want to do with a ProForm treadmill anyway—you’ll get the T7 treadmill for free.

This deal makes it a budget-friendly treadmill designed for interactive training. What’s more, it will work in almost any home gym space. As well as being compact (at 35.24” wide by 74.62” deep by 64.39” tall), the folding SpaceSaver design means you can pack it away after use. And comfort isn’t comprised for this either. It features ProForm’s ProShox Cushioning, offering you fantastic cushioning throughout the whole running area to protect your joints from impact.

Its 2.75 CHP motor supports an incline grade up to 12% and top speed of 12 mph. This motor power makes it best suited for walkers and joggers, not serious runners. It’s also worth noting that the running area itself is fairly compact at 20” x 55”, and the treadmill features smaller 1.9″ balanced, non-flex rollers. This is a sacrifice you have to make for the compact design.

As the Carbon T7 was designed for interactive training with iFit, it features a 7” Smart HD touchscreen. Paying for your 3-year iFit membership will give you access to a basically unlimited library of workout classes and Google Maps trails across the world. The iFit trainers can automatically control the speed and incline of your T7 treadmill during workouts, allowing for a truly immersive fitness experience.

What We Like:

  • Free Treadmill: You get this treadmill for free when you pay for a monthly iFit membership for 3 years. This is a really good deal considering you would probably be paying for this anyway.
  • iFit: iFit training is like having your own personal trainer in your living room. The iFit trainers can automatically adjust your incline and speed during workouts. This is a unique interactive training feature that’s great for staying motivated and making progress.
  • Folding Design: The SpaceSaver design makes it incredibly easy to fold and store this treadmill.
  • Compact: At just 35.24” by 74.62” by 64.39”, the Carbon T7 is a solid choice for small spaces.
  • Screen: The T7 has a built-in 7” Smart HD touchscreen, so you don’t need to bring your own tablet for iFit training.
  • Audio: The Carbon T7 is equipped with a set of 2-inch speakers and an audio auxiliary port so you can plug in your smartphone and listen to your favorite workout playlists.
  • Quiet Motor: Although the 2.75 CHP motor isn’t that powerful, it’s long-lasting and quiet when in use. It’s a sacrifice you have to make for the compact, folding design.
  • Warranty: The Carbon T7 comes with a good enough warranty considering the machine is free. This includes a 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1 year of labor coverage.

ProForm Carbon T7 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.30-stars
Motor:2.75 HP
Incline:0 – 12%
Running Area:20” x 55”
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:74.62" L x 35.24" W x 64.39" H
Built-In Programs:0
What We Don’t Like:

  • No Programs: While interactive training is the main focus of the T7, we would have still liked to see a handful of built-in workout programs. This would mean there would be some at the ready for if you decide not to continue your iFit membership after the 3 years of payments are up (and you the own the machine).
  • Weak Motor: Although there is a good enough incline and top speed on the T7, the 2.75 CHP motor won’t be powerful enough for advanced runners.
  • Running Area: The Carbon T7 is a compact model. This means you have to make some sacrifices. In this case, the running area is fairly small at just 20″ wide and 55″ long. This may be too short or uncomfortable for taller users.
  • Labor Warranty: Although manufacturers offering one year of labor coverage is becoming more common (and the T7 machine itself is free), this labor warranty is still pretty short for our liking.

Our Verdict:

The ProForm Carbon T7 is a solid treadmill from a reputable brand. It’s the perfect match for those who want to walk and jog with iFit. If you fall into this category, you would be paying for the iFit membership anyway, so getting the machine for free is a really good deal. It isn’t the most powerful or heavy-duty model on the market, but it’s durable and reliable enough for training at home, especially if interactive training is your top priority.

The T7’s compact, folding design makes it a perfect match for most home gym spaces, and its cushioning system allows you to protect your joints while working out. If you’re on a budget and looking for a reliable treadmill that allows for immersive interactive training, the ProForm Carbon T7 could be your perfect workout partner.