Reebok Treadmill Reviews

Brand Rating: 6/10

Reebok has a long and successful corporate history, but only recently has Reebok Fitness become a serious contender in the fitness machine industry. Reebok – a company named for a type of gazelle — has been making shoes since the 1890s. Success with shoes led to a wide range of apparel and, not so long ago, home exercise equipment.

Our previous review of the Reebok treadmill brand was pretty negative. The options just weren’t powerful enough and reliable enough for the money. But for 2014 Reebok Fitness has stepped up. The Reebok 1410 Treadmill and 1910 Treadmill in particular look like great buys when on sale – and sales are common.

What We Like

  • Special features: New Reebok treadmills have full color touch-screens with Android browsers. iFit is either optional or enabled. You’ll also get a fan, a water bottle holder, speakers for your MP3 player, and other extras to help your home gym feel luxurious.
  • Cushioning: The new Reebok treadmills feature a bouncy, grippy ZigZag cushioning. It makes sense that Reebok knows something about grip and running, and these tracks seem to help trainees make the most of their energy.
  • Motors: Newer Reebok home treadmills feature commercial-grade motors. The 1910, for example, has 4.25 HP. That’s enough to keep a tread-belt running smoothly at high speeds and during interval training.
  • Space-saving options: Reebok treadmills have a SpaceSaver design. Using shock assist technology, you can easily fold the treadmill vertically to free up some floor space.
  • Stability: Reebok home treadmills are remarkably sturdy despite their foldability. They can accommodate taller runners and some are rated for up to 400 pounds
  • Tracks: Reebok’s newer treadmills for 2014 have 58″ and 60″ walking surfaces. The cheaper models’ tracks are set on relatively small rollers, which isn’t so great for track life, but the 1410 and 1910 will have more longevity.
  • Warranties: Reebok Fitness offers much better warranties than they did before. On the better models up to six years of parts protection is included with purchase. Frames and motors get lifetime protection, and a year or two of labor is included.
  • Workout programs: Reebok treadmills for 2014 feature up to 40 built-in workout programs to help keep exercise interesting. Goals range from calorie burn to heart rate control. Some treadmills also have two high-definition video workouts. If you include iFit, then you can download a new and customized workout every day.

What We Don’t Like

  • Price: MSRPs aren’t always attractive. As with most other treadmill brands, you should wait for a sale to get good value. Sometimes treadmills cost half at holiday time.
  • Older Reebok treadmills: Customers are advised against purchasing late-model Reebok treadmills. Many of these were sold with only 90-day warranties. Compared with even the cheapest Reebok treadmills for 2014, they’re antiques!

Our Verdict

Reebok Fitness has made great strides since our last round of treadmill brand reviews. We’re most excited about the 1410 and 1910, which have touch-screens, Internet, ZigZag cushioning and heart rate control workouts. The lower models aren’t so enticing though – and we’re not ready to vouch that they have great basics either.


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