Cyber Monday Treadmill Deals 2023 – Big Sales on NordicTrack, Sole

November 27th is Cyber Monday 2023, the sister to the Black Friday retail shopping extravaganza of sales; imagine the same deep discounts but even more online goodness.  It’s been a strange year in the fitness space, with many brands struggling to keep up with the demand for equipment. That in mind, we’re expecting big sales across the board as manufacturers clear the way for the 2024 lineup. Our one word of advice; due to the ongoing shortage of product, if you see a deal on a treadmill that suits your needs you’re best to pull the trigger relatively quickly. Good deals won’t last, and the last thing you want is to wind up with your new treadmill being backordered for months on end.

The beauty of taking this shopping online is that we don’t have to deal with the crowds. On top of that, shipping is generally free – even on big-ticket items and that also means the latest treadmills! We’ve seen some great online deals in previous years, and it seems that Cyber Monday 2023 is shaping up the same way.

Our Best Cyber Monday Deals

Best Brand DealsTop Model Deals
Bowflex Treadmill Deals

Up to $400 OFF

Bowflex BXT8J

 Buy on BowFlex

Top NordicTrack Treadmill Deals

Up to 40% OFF

NordicTrack Commercial 1750 Treadmill - side hero shot

Commercial 1750

 Buy on NordicTrack

Pro Form Treadmill Deals

Up to 50% OFF

A side view angle of the ProForm Smart Pro 2000 treadmill

ProForm 2000

 Buy on ProForm

Best Sole Treadmill Deals

Up to 50% OFF

Side angle view of the Sole F80 Treadmill

Sole F80

Buy on Sole

Horizon Treadmill Sales

Up to 55% OFF

Horizon 7.8 AT

Buy on Horizon

Best Sole Treadmill Deals

Up to 50% OFF

Sole F63 treadmill front view

Sole F63

Buy on Sole

Horizon Treadmill Sales


Horizon T101 Best Walking Treadmill on a Budget

Horizon T101

Buy on Horizon

Get ready to shop and save hundreds of dollars. First do your research and start with our Cyber Monday sales tips below.  Third, request a sales alert update for the day by submitting your email address. The minute a sale is added or discounts get deeper we will alert subscribers.

Factory-Direct Treadmill Sales Are Best (Usually)

Shopping direct from the manufacturer means you will likely get the best prices, as there is no middleman adding to the expenses. Choose a treadmill brand’s website, for instance, Bowflex, Life Fitness and Nordictrack.

Check out our treadmill finder guide, to get suggestions on what suits you, type, and price range. The results include direct links to manufacturers.

How to Compare Cyber Monday Treadmill Sales

When choosing a treadmill, make sure to look at the complete offer before purchasing. A low sale price shouldn’t be your only deciding factor; check out the treadmill delivery terms, warranties and satisfaction guarantees.  We’ve gathered a few tips below to help with your pros and cons.

About Cyber Monday Treadmill Delivery

Many brands deliver/ship their treadmills for free, year-round. Well-known brands such as BowflexProForm, and Sole Fitness can afford to do so because they have the volume that allows them to get special bulk rates on shipping to the continental US. However, that means places like AK, HI and PR don’t enjoy that privilege.

On the other hand, resellers (retailers, smaller shops) who don’t necessarily focus on big-ticket items may charge customers for shipping. As well, those who offer free delivery may only deliver to a regional pick-up location, which means you will have to figure out how to get the treadmill to your home from there.

About Treadmill Warranties

Always review the warranty – a warranty can tell you a lot about a company and if it stands behind its product. Regardless of how low the price of a machine is, its best to know where you stand in case of any issues. The range of warranty terms is wide and differs from brand to brand. BowflexProform, and Nordictrack, who carry a wide variety of selections, offer warranties from one to six years while Sole Fitness offers free in-home labor and three years of parts. Lower priced treadmills that are even further reduced on Cyber Monday may be a steal but make sure you can live with the limited warranty.

About Satisfaction Guarantees

Well-known and quality brand manufacturers promote satisfaction guarantees while resellers may state final sale. It is up to you the informed consumer to choose what is best for you. Most manufactures give a 30-day trial period that begins once your treadmill is delivered. Bowflex, on the other hand, has a more lenient policy allowing for a six-week money back guarantee.

Links to Cyber Monday Treadmill Sales

So do your research ahead of time, check out  our top rated options, look online and in store if you need hands on touch and feel. Make a list of your favorites; beginning with your number one choice. On Cyber Monday before you do anything, review our list of sales and the direct links to the best treadmill deals.

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  • C ANovember 16, 2019 at 10:34 amfrom NY
    ProForm Pro 2000 link goes to their standard $39/month subscription plan. No $1000 discount available. Please investigate and correct.

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