4th of July Treadmill Sales

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4th of july sales

Treadmill shoppers, it’s time to pay attention. Fitness retailers typically start to struggle when summer arrives and exercise shifts to outdoors, so they turn to 4th of July treadmill sales to help boost those sales numbers! In some cases treadmill sales take as much as half off the MSRP, and more often than not free shipping is included. These 4th of July sales usually kick off towards the end of June, and stretch a little ways past the holiday. Shopping before the actual holiday, you’ll find many of the same bargains you’d see on July 4th itself. Read on for more 4th of July treadmill sales shopping tips, to help get prepared for this year’s round of deals. You can follow our links to get 4th of July treadmill discounts online, with no coupon codes required.

Treadmill Shopping Sales Tips

Here we’ll provide treadmill sales shopping tips by answering five of the most common questions in the category.

1) Is it better to buy a treadmill online, or from a store?

Buying a treadmill directly from the manufacturer (online) is usually best. Careful shoppers research various 4th of July sales for a given treadmill, but historically speaking the overall cost is lowest when you buy directly from the manufacturer. That’s assuming the manufacturer provides free shipping, and better customer protections than what a third party can offer. On rare occasions you can find deals via online retailers for very cheap treadmills, though it’s best to buy from a major retailer known for backing up its products. Links in our treadmill reviews typically lead to the manufacturer’s website but sometimes lead to other online vendors. Realistically there can be rare occurrences where a brick and mortar store will offer massive discounts, but that will typically be on old stock of previous generation treadmills that have been sitting in the store too long. Odds are, you’ll still be paying an additional shipping/delivery fee on those units too.

2) What size treadmill motor is best for me?

Browsing the 4th of July treadmill sales, you’ll see that the standard motor output on moderately priced units is usually around 3.0 CHP (continuous-duty horsepower). You can get away with a smaller treadmill motor if you’ll mainly use the machine for walking and jogging, or even if you’re a petite runner (around the 100lb range). Additional horsepower is recommended though if the treadmill will get heavier use; spending a bit more for 4.0 CHP could deliver good value to shoppers who carry more weight, or are especially serious runners. At the other end of the spectrum, a treadmill desk could have just 2.5 CHP and serve its purpose beautifully.

3) What’s a good size for a treadmill track?

Just about every unit that’s found in this year’s 4th of July treadmill sales has a 55″ or 60″ track. Treadmills with 55″ tracks are sometimes considered walkers’ treadmills, although if they have enough horsepower and good cushioning they can be fine treadmills for not-so-tall runners too. Treadmills with longer tracks are preferable for taller runners.

The standard width for treadmill belts this year is 20″. Extra-wide belts measure 22″. An extra-wide belt accommodates the trainee who appreciates having extra elbow room as well as a spacious foot path.

4) What else should I know about treadmill tracks?

Track rollers play a big role in the longevity of a treadmill. The larger the rollers, the less strain is put on the track and the motor. Larger rollers also contribute to overall quieter operation.

Track thickness or belt thickness is also important. Very cheap treadmills tend to have belts made of one-ply fabric that’s prone to tearing within a few thousand miles. The best treadmills have thicker belts and can handle at least 15,000 miles of training before replacement is needed. Additionally the best treadmill belts are virtually maintenance free. Unlike cheaper tread belts, they’re infused with silicone or otherwise made to run smoothly without frequent waxing.

Cardio trainers with high-end tracks normally fall into a high price class, but they have discounts of $1,000 or more for Independence Day treadmill sales.

5) What’s a good home treadmill warranty?

Most treadmill warranties have several parts. First, a good home treadmill warranty includes a lifetime guarantee for the frame. Treadmill frames are generally made from steel, even for cheap units, and one brand advertises their frames as bulletproof. Similarly home treadmill motors are typically under lifetime warranty. Exceptions apply for the cheapest treadmills, which often have 25-year motor warranties.

Treadmill parts warranties vary widely. Some of the cheapest 4th of July treadmill offers include just one-year warranties. Other treadmill sale prices include free parts replacement for five years.

Treadmill Deals

Certain treadmills are smart buys year-round. Check out our favorite treadmills in your price range to see how they compare with treadmills in Independence Day ads. Get ready to make a wise buy with our free in-depth reviews and treadmill sale links.

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