Treadmill Deals: Save Big with Memorial Day Discounts

Treadmills Editorial Team | Last Updated - Feb 23, 2021

memorial-day-treadmill-sales-dealsMemorial Day Weekend is a prime time for sales and deals of all sorts, and treadmills are no exception. As temperatures climb, treadmill sales naturally fall, leaving retailers and brands no choice but to sweeten their offers. On certain key sale days (like Memorial Day Weekend) shoppers can save big on the newest treadmill models from NordicTrack, ProForm, Sole and other leading brands. Typically brands avoid the hassle of coupon codes, instead splashing these promotions across key pages on their online sales platforms. These treadmill deals are big, sometimes reflecting more than $1,000 in savings.

Top Memorial Day Sales:

nordictrack-logo>> See NordicTrack’s Memorial Day Treadmill Sales



>> See the Bowflex Memorial Day Treadmill Sales



>> See Sole’s Memorial Day Treadmill Sales


proform-logo >> See ProForm’s Memorial Day Treadmill Sales


Horizon Fitness logo >> See Horizon’s Memorial Day Treadmill Sales

Word to the wise; not every advertised “discount” is as much of a bargain as it would first seem. Sadly, brands will occasionally raise prices shortly before the holiday just to make Memorial Day discounts appear more substantial than it really is. Not to worry, we can help. Alongside other useful information, our comprehensive treadmill reviews typically list the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, so you can’t get duped by this slightly back-handed sales tactic.

What can you expect to find on our site? Below are overviews of six types of treadmills: treadmills for walkers, treadmills for runners, folding treadmills, desk treadmills, cheap treadmills and luxury treadmills. For all treadmill reviews please head on over to our homepage.

Folding Treadmill Deals

Folding treadmills are ideal for homes with smaller workout areas. Years ago most folding treadmills were poor performers compared with non-folding alternatives, but nowadays many are just as solid as traditional home treadmills. Folding treadmills are available in all price classes and with long enough tracks for running. Generally a folding treadmill costs slightly more than others, all things being equal, but Memorial Day discounts could make some of the best folding treadmills fit your budget.

Treadmill Deals for Walkers

Walkers can get the lowest treadmill prices overall. Unlike runners, walkers generally don’t need to invest in powerful motors or pay for extra track length. Our favorite treadmills for walkers have power inclines that help trainees dramatically increase calorie burn. Look for Memorial Day discounts on treadmills with 55″ tracks and up to 20% incline.

Treadmill Deals for Serious Runners

Treadmills for serious runners have even higher top speeds than regular treadmills, which can reach 10 or 12 mph. When comparing the Memorial Day treadmill sale offers, consider each contender’s top speed along with cushioning and horsepower. Most runners are also interested in power ramps; the best treadmills for runners have automated inclines and some have automated declines too.

Desk Treadmill Deals

Desk treadmills are treadmills with attached work surfaces. Their motors operate especially quietly to be office-friendly and can run at low speeds for hours at a time. Typically these treadmills are used at about 2 mph to burn hundreds of calories per day. Some desk treadmills also serve as traditional treadmills that can be used at higher speeds. Some have limited workout programming, since many users are only focused on work, but others have the same engaging workout programming that’s found on traditional treadmills. Shopping the Memorial Day treadmill deals you’ll see that popular desk treadmills have special features such as adjustable height, power strips for work equipment, and Bluetooth connections for downloading workout routines.

Cheap Treadmills

Plenty of cheap treadmills are on offer for Memorial Day. Low prices are attention-getting, but they aren’t always good deals. Make sure that the warranty is a good fit for the product’s quality and sale price. For help you can see our free in-depth treadmill reviews. Also see our selection of the year’s best treadmills under $1,000.

Luxury Treadmill Discounts

Holidays are a good time to shop for high-end treadmills; Memorial Day discounts on top models can be thousands of dollars. Luxury treadmills are very low maintenance, have especially comfortable decks and are equipped with preset workouts. Many feature full-color touch screens and some are available with wireless connections, high definition TV, on-demand exercise programming and other perks.

Early Bird Savings

Memorial Day sales sometimes start early online. If you’re ready to buy, check the manufacturer’s sites as early as mid-May for Memorial Day treadmill deals. For help judging whether a sale is a true bargain, see our in-depth brand reviews and our best treadmill picks.

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