Star Trac E-TRx Review

Editor's Rating: 8.3/10

The E-TRx Treadmill is the basic model in Star Trac’s E Series. It’s wired for the E Series Entertainment PVS (Personal Viewing System), has an extra-wide track, and can tilt up to 20%.

This machine can train everyone from beginners to elite athletes. Speed ranges from .5 to 15 mph. The track is especially roomy and can accommodate a user weighing up to 500 pounds. Plus, twelve programs that go beyond the usual “Rolling Hills” are included, giving users some truly engaging challenges! These features are described in more detail below.

How does the E-TRx compare with other Star Trac treadmills in this series? The more expensive E Series treadmills provide more entertainment, many more workouts and workout support. For example, upgrading to the E-TRxi adds a 15″ screen with Intel Inside, and the E-TRxe has a 15″ TV touchscreen with access to the Star Trac Coach, a system that can deliver more than 1,000,000 workout combinations!

What We Like:

  • Motor: Boasting a 5HP motor, this machine is powerful enough to support marathon running and dynamic interval training without skipping a beat. It can accommodate users weighing up to 500 pounds.
  • Speed: Users can hit a top speed of 15 mph! This is the speediest treadmill we’ve seen, except for others in the Star Trac E Series, after hundreds of treadmill reviews.
  • 15” Screen: People spend more time at the gym when there’s custom entertainment. The E-TRx is pre-wired for a 15″ touchscreen television. This optional feature is also available on other Star Trac treadmills in the E Series and S Series.
  • Maintenance-free: E Series treadmill tracks don’t require waxing to keep running smoothly. The entire E-TRx treadmill is virtually maintenance free and can be left to operate in an unsupervised facility. It also has features that promote longevity, such as a reversible deck and 3” rollers for the tracks.
  • Stability: The E-TRx will stay put under intense workouts. It weighs 471 pounds and has a 500-pound capacity. For comparison, the typical user weight capacity of a high-end treadmill is 400 pounds.
  • Track: Extra roomy and impact-absorbent, the E Series track is a hit. At 60″ long, it can accommodate the strides of all but the tallest runners. It’s also 21.5″ wide whereas most treadmill tracks are 20″ wide. Cushioning comes from triple-cell Neoprene.
  • Workout programs: Twelve workouts and fitness tests have been programmed into the console. Some examples are Constant Heart Control, Dynamic Heart Control, ARMY Protocol and NAVY Protocol.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Entertainment: The Star Trac E-TRx is entertainment-ready. Of course, this is only useful to users if club owners take advantage of the wiring for the 15″ high-def PVS Entertainment system. Another option is a USB port.
  • Size: Besides weighing an unwieldy 471 pounds, the E-TRx demands lots of space. It’s 85″ long and nearly three feet wide.
  • Stepon height: The 10″ step-on will be uncomfortable for some trainees. The S Series treadmills are a bit lower (7″).
  • Price: Star Trac treadmills are designed for heavy club use, so sticker prices are pretty high compared with most treadmills reviewed on our website. The company also sells refurbished treadmills for less.
  • Warranties: Commercial and light commercial warranties are included with purchase. The warranties aren’t awful but they aren’t especially generous either. Warranties for the Star Trac E-TRx are: Motor & motor control board – Five years parts and labor; Other parts – Two years parts, one year labor (or three years on parts for a light commercial facility); Wear items – One year parts and labor; Headphone jack and USB port – 90 days on parts, no labor.

Our Verdict:

Star Trac is a leader in the commercial treadmill industry. These machines aren’t light investments, but they are crowd pleasers! We’d definitely recommend that facility owners look into new or refurbished options. Also be open to other commercial brands such as Landice.

For residential gyms, the E-TRx would be a bit extravagant. Very few households need its 5 horsepower and a 500-pound capacity. The Star Trac S-TRx is more reasonable, but there’s a whole lot of enticing competition at that price point. For our top home treadmill reviews, see our Best Treadmill Picks.

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