Treadmill Care & Maintenance: Making Your Treadmill for the Home Last

Having a treadmill at home allows you to avoid a costly gym membership. It is also more convenient because you do not have to travel to get to the treadmill, wait your turn to use it, or worry about remaining on the machine for an unreasonable amount of time. However, when you have a treadmill at home, you have to maintain it in order to keep it operating effectively. Below are several tips you can follow to keep your treadmill in the best possible shape.

Reasons for Maintenance

Cleaning and maintaining treadmills for home is not a fun job. However, even you have one of the best rated treadmills for home, it won’t function properly if you don’t take good care of it. Treadmills for home are expensive, and your workouts put a great deal of stress on the machine’s components. If you don’t spend at least a minimum amount of time taking care of it, the machine will break down and you will find yourself looking for a new one.

Cleaning Treadmills for Home

One of the most common causes of premature deck and belt wear is the accumulation of dirt and debris. For this reason, even the best treadmills for home need regular cleanings. If you have a treadmill at home, you should clean the deck and belt one time each month. You should also clean the areas on either side of the belt, as well as the deck’s exposed areas. Wipe down the other portions of the machine using a damp cloth or sponge every week, and clean the treadmill’s motor area at least three times each year. When you clean the motor, follow the instructions in your owner’s manual.

Lubricating the Treadmill

Some of the best rated treadmills for home can lubricate themselves. These treadmills come with a special wax on their components that continues to lubricate the treadmill over time. Read your owner’s manual to determine if your treadmill needs lubrication. If you lubricate the machine unnecessarily, you may ruin the wax and damage the treadmill’s components. If you find that your treadmill does require lubrication, follow the instructions detailed in the owner’s manual.

Aligning the Belt

Even the best rated treadmills for home can require belt alignment from time to time. A treadmill’s belt should run straight down the deck’s center. If the belt does not follow this path, it needs to be aligned. To align the belt, adjust the bolts on each side of the rear of the machine. Make small adjustments and check your progress. If you are having trouble aligning the belt, consult your owner’s manual.

Maintaining Belt Tension

Most good treadmills come with preadjusted belt tension. However, as you use the machine, the belt will stretch out. If your belt becomes too loose, it will begin slipping, which causes excessive wear to the deck and the belt. If the belt becomes too tight, it will cause damage to the motor and rollers. The belt’s tensions should always be just enough to keep it from slipping. To determine whether the belt is slipping, turn the treadmill on at a slow pace and stomp your foot down and forward forcefully. If the belt slips, you need to tighten the bolts. Always consult your owner’s manual before making any adjustments.

Replacing the Belt

Whether you have purchased a great treadmills for home or a lesser quality model, the belt will eventually wear out. You should check your belt for signs of wear at least once every three months. To check for wear, run your hand along the belt’s underside. If the belt feels worn and rough, you may need to replace it with a new one. If you continue to use a belt that should be replaced, the roughness of the belt will cause the deck to wear out more quickly. All decks wear out eventually and need to be replaced, but replacing your belt regularly will increase the deck’s lifespan.

Electrical System Protection

The majority of home treadmills manufactured today use electronic consoles controlled by computers. Just like a desktop computer, these consoles may be damaged by power surges. To protect your machine from damage, connect it to an AC outlet that is properly grounded. If at all possible, use a dedicated circuit for your treadmill.


  • AlanturnbullAugust 31, 2020 at 3:56 pmfrom Upton,chester
    It is not working belt needs realignment and I cant do it ,it belongs to my son can you help
    • Amanda BSeptember 2, 2020 at 4:12 pm
      What is the brand and model?

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