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Treadmills Editorial Team | Last Updated - Sep 29, 2020

Treadmill shopping is a fairly serious undertaking, and not a decision to be taken lightly. Aside from providing you with a wide range of reviews, comparisons and other guides, we also want to make sure that you’re getting the right deal on your new treadmill when you’re ready to pull the trigger. Treadmills are expensive, there’s no two ways about it, and you’re always better off finding a good discount on the machine you really want, rather than compromising by paying full price for a treadmill that’s older or has fewer features than the unit you were hoping to acquire.

Thankfully all of our favorite brands like offering discounts at various points throughout the year, and those discounts can take on a number of different forms.  You’ll see what kind of diversity we’re talking about in the list below, featuring some of the latest treadmill coupons and discounts that are currently available, but for now, here’s a breakdown of what you can expect.


Cash Discounts

Captain obvious, right? Now, we aren’t talking about old school mail-in rebates here, but rather simple price reductions on machines, and in reality this happens quite a bit. Much like mattresses or furniture, the full retail price of a treadmill is rarely the price they’re actually selling for, with a few exceptions. When a new model launches, you’ve probably got a good few months before brands start throwing around discounts on the machine. Instead, you’ll see brands starting to add discounts to other models that have been around longer, in order to entice buyers to pick those ones up for a deal. Generally, the longer the model has been in production, the deeper the discount. As it stands, you’ll see this from most brands around major shopping holidays—Black Friday, Labor Day, etc—but also intermittently throughout the year.


Free Shipping and Assembly

Free shipping is hands-down the most common means of discounting, and unlike many other product categories it’s one that can lead to pretty reasonable savings. Shipping a big heavy treadmill isn’t cheap, so depending on where you live, adding free shipping to the mix can save you a good $200-$300 depending on the brand and unit in question. Assembly is also not a cheap service, and while some have no issue assembling a treadmill themselves (you want to do this with another set of hands, not solo), it’s miles easier and more convenient to have a pro take care of this for you. These offers come and go like the wind, but they’re quite common overall.


Promo Codes

Though far less common, we occasionally get promo codes from brands that add further discounting to their current offers. Bowflex and others are usually good for this kind of thing, but if and when it will happen is anyone’s guess. Unlike cash discounts, these are more likely to be spotted in off-peak times—often in the summer. We keep a close eye on these promos, and when possible they will appear at the top of our individual treadmill reviews.



This is a relatively new technique, and one we’ve mostly just been seeing from ProForm. As a means of encouraging subscriptions to their streaming iFit training, a bundle sale will basically mean that you’re signing up for 3 years worth of iFit subscription and getting the treadmill itself for free. It’s a clever way to do it, and from a cost standpoint it makes these treadmill bundles a really great value. For now this seems to be a fairly consistent offering from the brand, but you’ll have to keep an eye out to see if it’s still on offer.


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