Treadmill Exercise, It’s For The Dogs!

Just like their human companions, dogs who live in certain climates tend to get less cardiovascular exercise during two seasons: the lethargic dog days of summer and the chilly months of winter. These seasons can take a toll on your pooch’s health and happiness. So why not treat your furry friend to a specialized dog treadmill? Sure, the idea of a dog treadmill might sound ridiculous (certainly it will plant hilarious image in your brain). However, it makes sense: treadmill exercise can lift a dog’s spirits, curb destructive boredom behaviors, and help keep canines healthy year-round. It’s also an ideal way to rehabilitate an injured pup during inclement weather, especially when a motivating treat bowl is perched at the end of the machine.

However, a dog should NEVER be left unattended on a treadmill. For one thing, the gap between a typical treadmill’s belt and its motor can be very hazardous (a dog’s tail could easily get caught amongst other issues). Also, pets are at risk of injury from treadmill power cords and console cords.

For these and other practical reasons, treadmills designed just for dogs have hit the marketplace. Here are three to check out:

  1. – JogADog claims to draw from thirty years of research and the input of veterinarians, engineers, and physical therapists. JogADog treadmills are available in four sizes to fit the full range of canine breeds. Their smallest treadmill is portable.
  2. Fit Fur Life features four treadmills designed just for dogs. Each has an adjustable incline. The brand’s top-of-the-line professional model features a powerful 3 HP motor, a fur collection tray, and a motorized incline/decline.
  3. Pet Zen treadmills (which can be found on are available in three sizes. They feature whisper-quiet motors plus LCD readouts for the benefit of curious humans.

Dog treadmills. They sound funny. They look funny. But I’ve got to admit, they’ll make a dog’s day.

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