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Brand Rating: 8/10

True Fitness is known for producing hassle-free ergonomic fitness equipment. The company launched in 1981 and grew into a leading international supplier of treadmills, exercise bikes, and other cardio trainers for both residential and commercial use. It maintains a headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri and has distributors in more than 70 countries.

True Fitness home treadmills are priced from about $2,000 to $6,000. Each has the feel of a club-quality cardio trainer, but there are still advantages to choosing the high-end models like extra-long warranties, large data monitors, and advanced cushioning.

The most popular moderately-priced True treadmills are the PS100 and PS300. The most popular high-end True home treadmill is the ES900.

True Home Treadmills

True Fitness makes four series of home treadmills. From the most affordable to the most exclusive, the series are called M, PS, Z and ES. Even True’s lowest standards are higher than those of many other brands. The lowest-priced treadmill (the True M30) has a welded steel frame, a long track with automated incline, heart rate control, and five years of parts protection. Impressive specs for a budget-friendly machine to be sure. Still, stepping up to the PS collection remains most popular choice amongst True’s customers.

Below are summaries of each collection. We begin with the PS and ES lineups, which feature standard-sized treadmills. Next up are the M and Z lineups, which feature compact treadmills for runners and walkers.

True Fitness PS Series

True home treadmills in the PS collection are priced from $2,899 to $4,799 and carry up to 10-year parts warranties. The four impressive choices are the PS100, PS300, PS800 and PS825. Each has a 60-inch track and a maximum 15% power incline. The models vary in terms of horsepower, cushioning, and other specs.

Of all the True home treadmills, the PS100 and PS300 are the best sellers. Each is built from commercial-quality parts and carries a solid warranty for home use. With 3.0 HP motors and long tracks, these machines are more than adequate for most walkers and runners. The True PS300 is distinguished by a orthopedic belt.

For those who require heavy training, the top two models in this series offer the wisest investment. The True PS800 and PS825 each feature an orthopedic belt powered by a 4.0 HP motor. Additionally, the PS825 is available with a choice of two smartphone-compatible consoles. One even has a high-definition video display.

True Fitness ES Series

“ES” is True Fitness’ elite class of cardio trainers. The class is comprised of a single treadmill, the ES900, which is sold at a base price of $5,999 with a choice of four consoles. Highlights of this luxury treadmill are automated incline and decline (-3% to 15%), a quiet 4.0 HP drive, and the option to use Bluetooth or a USB port to transfer workout data.

Each console has a minimum of 22 preset workouts and can save additional routines designed by users. All of the consoles are smartphone-compatible as well. The top True Fitness treadmill console has a 16” touchscreen. Customer protections include a ten-year parts warranty, a three-year electronics warranty, and free labor for repairs during the first two years of ownership.

True Fitness M Series

True’s “M” stands for motivation. The two treadmills in the M Series are the M30 and M50. They cost $1,999 and $2,229, respectively. These are the most affordable home treadmills from True Fitness. Both are relatively compact treadmills (74″ long) yet have 58″ long workout surfaces. Each is backed by a five-year parts warranty and other buyer protections

These two compact treadmills are very similar to each other except for the True M50’s orthopedic cushioning. Both the M30 and M50 have 3.0 HP motors, 15% inclines, and speed ranges of 0.5 to 12 mph. Each also offers HRC Cruise Control. HRC Cruise Control uses wireless heart rate data to control the treadmill’s speed and incline, helping users exercise within a specified heart rate zone. The M Series console provides 12 preset workouts and two customizable routines.

True Fitness Z Series

The True Fitness Z Series has two home treadmills: the True Z5.0 and Z5.4. They’re priced at $3,799 and $4,599, respectively. These luxury treadmills are compact like those in the cheaper M Series, but are more robust and carry 10-year parts warranties instead of five-year parts warranties.

Each treadmill in the Z Series has a 60” track with a maximum 12% power incline. Compared with the Z5.0, the Z5.4 has more advanced cushioning. The Z Series console features a 7″ LCD for 10 preloaded workout programs and two user-designed programs.


What We Like:

  • Program Options: True Fitness treadmills arrive with diverse selections of workout programs that support goals for calorie burn, performance, heart rate, and more. The True ES900 can also display Virtual Active programming, which virtually immerses the user in scenic landscapes with high definition video. True Fitness treadmill consoles can save custom-made workouts too.
  • Console Screens:  True Fitness treadmill screens range from a 7″ LCD to the 16” Transcend with high-definition video.
  • Console Extras: Some extras on True treadmill consoles include workout fans, smartphone-compatible speakers, and water bottle holders.
  • Heart Rate Tools: Handgrip heart rate sensors and wireless receivers are included on all the models. A special feature on all True Fitness home treadmills is HRC Cruise Control, which controls the treadmill’s challenge level to help the user maintain exercise within a given heart rate zone.
  • Track and Deck Choices: Tracks on all True treadmills are either 58″ or 60″ long. Cushioning is high quality across all the models, with the M30 offering variable cushioning and higher models supporting advanced orthopedic decks.
  • Power Incline and Decline: All True Fitness treadmills have motorized inclines with maximum settings of either 12% or 15%. Additionally the ES900 has a -3% decline.
  • Strong Motors: All the machines have quiet 3.0 or 4.0 HP motors.
  • High Capacity: True Fitness treadmills feature steel frames and aluminum motor housings. They have user weight capacities of 300 to 400 pounds.
  • Warranties: A typical True Fitness home treadmill warranty package includes lifetime coverage for the frame and 30 years for the motor. Parts protection is either five, seven, or ten years. Labor is covered for one or two years.
  • Practical For Home Use: Transport wheels are included on all home treadmills. Treadmills in the M and Z collections are especially compact.

What We Don’t Like:

  • High Prices: True Fitness treadmills deliver good value, but not everyone is willing or able to pay for a high quality treadmill that’s paired with a long standard warranty. It’s certainly possible to spend less and still get a machine with great long-term performance. If that’s of interest, see our Best Buys.

Our Verdict:

True Fitness manufactures ergonomic home treadmills that are built to last. The many options include compact treadmills and traditional treadmills for most shoppers with $1,999-and-up budgets. Make no mistake, these are expensive machines. Even True Fitness’ cheapest models aren’t exactly discount shopping items. However, the quality and consistency of these treadmills is undeniable. The high price tags are certainly justified, but these machines still aren’t attainable for all shoppers.


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