Weslo Cadence 60 CT Review

Editor's Rating: 2.9/10

The Weslo Cadence 60 CT Treadmill is an entry-level fitness machine priced at $299. This lightweight unit is designed for walking only; it has a very small track and a top speed of 10 mph. The track can be adjusted electronically for incline training.

The console for the Candence 60 CT has three blue-tinted LCD windows that show speed, elapsed time, distance and calories burned. Two workouts and a pair of hand 2 lb. weights are included to help maximize workout time. Both of the preset workouts are for crosstraining. They control the speed and incline of the treadmill while intermittently prompting the trainee to complete strength-training exercises.

This purchase is protected with a one-year warranty on parts. Labor is free during the first year of ownership.

What We Like:

  • Price: The low price is perhaps the most attractive feature of this model. Priced at $299, this is one of the cheapest treadmills on the market.
  • Automated Incline: Previously Weslo has sold home treadmills with manual inclines. With the automated incline on the Cadence 60 CT, preset programs can adjust the tilt in the midst of a workout.
  • CrossTraining Workouts: The two built-in workouts are helpful to beginners. These workout programs control the speed and incline of the Cadence 60 T, and they intermittently pause to prompt crosstraining exercises with the included hand weights.
  • Compact Design: The Cadence 60 CT is lightweight and compact. Its footprint measures just under 62″ x 27″.
  • Warranty: The warranty is short but it suits the treadmill’s price. Parts are protected for one year and labor is free during the first year of ownership.

Weslo Cadence 60 CT Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:1.45-stars
Motor:2.25 HP
Incline:Multi-Position Incline
Running Area:14" x 45"
Top Speed:10 MPH
Weight Capacity:250 LBS
Dimensions:62" L x 26.5" W x 57" H
Built-In Programs:2 CrossTraining Workouts
What We Don’t Like:

  • Tiny Track: The workout area is just 14″ wide and 45″ long. This is very small for a treadmill track. For comparison, a standard treadmill track for walkers is 20″ wide and at least 55″ long. In customer reviews owners of the Cadence 60 CT have complained that although they aren’t tall, they need more room than this treadmill provides.
  • Small Hand Weights: The hand weights provided for cross training weigh just two pounds each. Since you can purchase weights like these for about $4 each, these are hardly an incentive to buy the Weslo Cadence.
  • Wobbles: Officially this machine can support up to 250 pounds. However, customers weighing less than the maximum have complained that the treadmill has a slight wobble.
  • Noise: At higher speeds the noise from this treadmill has been likened to that of a small airplane.
  • No Heart Rate Sensor: Most treadmills have heart rate sensors. Heart rate monitors help maximize the effectiveness of a workout, plus they help a person track their cardiovascular improvement over many workout sessions.
  • No Extras: Most other treadmills have nonessential but much-appreciated features such as water bottle holders, cooling fans, smartphone ports and speakers.
  • Cheap Quality: This treadmill is built with lower quality parts. Sometimes it is delivered with faulty or cracked components. One specific important drawback is how the track runs; it tends to become loose and does not feel safe to use.

Our Verdict:

We’d like to appreciate this low-cost treadmill, but it is poorly made and has few features that would encourage regular use. Obviously the low price of $299 isn’t a good deal if the machine will be set aside. It would be difficult for any manufacturer to produce a good quality treadmill at this price point.

What’s a good alternative to the Weslo Cadence 60 CT? ProForm is a better low-cost brand. The cheapest ProForm treadmill is the Performance 400c, which often sells for $599. It has a 55″ x 20″ track, much better cushioning than the Cadence 60 CT, a maximum 10% incline, 18 workout apps and an smartphone port. Also, ProForm’s quality control is a big step up from Weslo’s.


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