Echelon Stride-6 – Pros & Cons (2024)

Editor's Rating: 4.74 /5

The first thing I thought when comparing the Echelon Stride-6 with the Echelon Stride-4S was, “What a difference a screen can make.” I’m a fan of the brand Echelon from years’ past, and what I see in the 2024 lineup is a series of answers to questions asked by past customers. As I’ve written before, folks either want big television-like screens on their exercise equipment or they don’t. And so whereas the Stride-4S features a whopping 22″ high-definition screen, the Stride-6 sports a really great device-holder with which you can use your own tablet or phone. And from a cost standpoint, screens matter. The Stride-6 runs $1,699.99 compared to the Stride-4S at $2,299. What remains consistent though is the solid feel of an Echelon.

Bluetooth-enabled, this folding machine is equipped with a DC 2.5 brushless motor, and measures 64.8″ x 32.4″ x 57″ when in use, making it a little on the small side, but still designed with a full-size 20.5″ x 60″ tread deck. It reminds me a bit of the NordicTrack EXP10i, just for comparison, and customers looking for a lower-cost, high-quality treadmill might contrast the two to see how much the screen and associated workout app matter to them. Read below to see the rest of the specs and a detailed analysis of the Echelon Stride-6 to see if this treadmill might be for you.

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In Brief

The 2024 Echelon Stride-6 is a terrific entry-level, folding treadmill priced at $1,699.99. Sized at 64.8″ x 32.4″ x 57″ with a 20.5″ x 60″ deck, it’s probably better suited for walkers and joggers than hard core marathon runners given it’s 2.5 HP motor. That said, in my experience with Echelon products, you’ll be happy with the overall quality of the machine. What stands out is that it’s lacking a large screen, and instead features a high-quality tablet holder. It’s also Bluetooth, and this means you’re not locked into a particular app like you are with most models. With speeds up to 12 miles per hour and 12% incline, there’s little you can’t do with this unit.  The 10-year frame warranty and five-year guarantee on the motor aren’t exactly top of class, but I consider that to be close to industry average, and you can purchase extra warranty coverage through the company if you sign up for the Echelon fitness app’s Premier plan.

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  • Great device holder
  • Terrific 12% incline
  • Foldable
  • Handy resistance dials instead of buttons
  • Smaller 2.5 HP motor
  • Assembly could be complicated

Echelon Stride-6 – Pros & Cons (2024) - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.74-stars
Motor:2.5 HP
Incline:0 to 12%
Running Area:20.5" x 60"
Top Speed:12.0 MPH
Weight Capacity:300 LBS
Dimensions:64.8" L x 32.4" W x 57" H
Built-In Programs:0

In-Depth Review of the Echelon Stride-6

Why We Like It

The Echelon Stride-6 is what a lot of customers are seeking for general exercise purposes. In my experience reading through customer reviews, I find that folks either want big screens and interactive training videos, or they want a solid machine on which to walk or jog. If the latter category sounds like your flavor of Gatorade, then the Echelon Stride-6 is probably a good pick. Sturdy and well built, this folding treadmill will provide up to 12 miles per hour in speeds at a 12% incline, and you’ll have the option of using the Echelon fitness app, or any other app you might want to bring along. Built with a handy media shelf, you’ll have no trouble bringing your own screen and watching whatever you want. Priced at $1,699.99, I see the Stride-6 as being in good company with rival models like the NordicTrack EXP10i. Brand new for the 2024 season, we don’t have a lot of background on this model yet, but my own experience with it has been great thus far. 

You Can Bring Your Own Screen

To screen or not to screen, that seems to be the question. Treadmill manufacturers have found that customers either like big 22″ high-definition screens with video programming, or they don’t. The upsides to the neat screened models like the Echelon Stride-4S are obvious in that you get to participate in interactive training programs. The downside is the screens tend to work only with one app, that of the manufacturer. The other side of the equation is the bring-your-own-screen treadmills like the Echelon Stride-6. Bluetooth-enabled, this machine is built to hold your own tablet or phone securely in place while you watch whatever you want. And as I’d expect, this treadmill comes with a device charger so you can keep your tablet fully loaded while working out. This provides a lot more freedom to the user and, frankly it saves you money. The two biggest cost drivers in treadmills are screens and motor horsepower. So if you’re looking to keep the cost down without sacrificing quality, this is a good unit to consider.

Folding Capabilities

No doubt, there’s benefits to having a folding treadmill.  I had an Echelon Stride-5S before here and it did not fold, and that was a huge downside when we had to move it. I like folding treadmills for all the right reasons. In my experience, they’re easier to clean and maintain in terms of changing and lubricating belts. It never ceases to amaze me at how many product complaints I see from consumers who simply failed to maintain their machine. You can read up on maintenance in my article on the topic here. And obviously these folding treadmills are much easier to move around your house or gym. Once you set a big, non-folding treadmill into position, figure it’s going to be there until you sell it. You’ll usually have to disassemble it to get it out the door. If you choose the right location for your folding treadmill, you might be able to simply fold it up and roll it out the door.

Handy Speed and Resistance Controls

Whereas other treadmills typically feature push-button controls for speed and incline, you’ll see the Echelon models this year have rolling dials on the handlebars. I really like this idea as it gives you a different feel of control. Instead of pushing the speed button, you simply dial it up. These controls are right there at your fingertips and easy to use. This is a big upgrade from past Echelon models and it’s one I expect to be well received by the customers.

Great Comfort Features

The Echelon Stride-6 features a user-friendly fan as well as comfort tray for keys or other devices. You’ll also get two bottle holders for your workout drink, and the emergency Start/Stop button and safety key are right below. All in all, for an entry-level treadmill, it’s a nice bunch of little extras that make working out more enjoyable. I particularly like using a fan when working out to keep the sweat from dripping all over the belt.

The Echelon Fitness App

The great thing about this treadmill is you don’t need the Echelon fitness app, but you can still get it if you want. One of the great things about using the Echelon program is the choice in pricing. At the FitPass level, you’re paying $11.99 per month and get access to unlimited on-demand classes and thousands of on-demand video workouts. The Premier plan is either $33 per month if paid annually, or $39 if done monthly. Like most training apps, this one features exercise programs in everything from running to weightlifting, yoga, and rowing. It’s also downloadable meaning you can use it with other equipment either at home or away. The Premier option includes integration with Strava, Zwift, Apple Health, and entertainment streaming with FitOS as well as gamified workouts using Echelon Worlds. Whether you like high intensity interval training (HIIT), or long, slow walks, this app package gives you plenty of diversity. In my experience, the $11.99 FitPass is one of the best deals on the market in terms of bang-for-buck.

Video provided by Echelon

Echelon Stride-6 Dimensions

The dimensions of the Echelon Stride-6 are 64.8″ x 32.4″ x 57″ when in use. I’d recommend having ceilings at least 8′ high when placing this treadmill, and keep in mind you’ll need a doorway that’s wide enough to roll this through with the monitor and handlebars as well.

Echelon Stride-6 Weight

The Echelon Stride-6 weighs 156 lbs, or about 71 kg.

What We Like:

  • Heart Rate Sensors

    The Echelon Stride-6 features handlebar heart rate sensors, which is a really nice touch for a treadmill of this price. I also notice it’s Bluetooth-enabled so you can still bring your own monitor if you want. This comes in handy when performing High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).

  • Device Holder

    The design of this treadmill’s device holder really makes me happy. I like how large the surface area is and how securely I can place my iPad or phone. If you’re into working out to Netflix or Hulu, this might be a good choice for you.

  • Incline Abilities

    The Echelon Stride-6 inclines up to 12%, which helps increase your resting metabolic rate, ramp up cardiovascular conditioning level, and build muscle strength simultaneously. I’m a big fan of hill climbing and hiking workouts, and they’re just not the same without an incline.

  • Great User Weight Max

    I consider the maximum user weight to be an indicator of stability, and at 300 pounds, you should be in good shape. If you really need more than that, you should consider some of the treadmills designed specifically for larger users. But overall, this model should suit even big folks and those who want to train with weighted vest, which you can read about here.

  • Tread Belt

    This 60″ x 20.5″ tread belt gives you plenty of space to move and it’s sufficient for users over 6′ tall. Also, the belt’s thickness helps to minimize the amount of noise it makes while offering better overall longevity. Also, this is a 2-ply belt which is the preferred type, as opposed to a cheaper 1-ply belt. A regularly lubricated 2-ply belt could last you 10 years depending on use.

What We Don’t Like:

  • Smaller Motor

    It’s not that a 2.5 HP motor is insufficient for most users, but if you’re looking to train for marathons, this might be a little light.

  • Complicated Warranty Program

    The machine itself comes with a pretty average 10-year warranty for the frame with five years on the motor. That said, you’ll notice Echelon has a number of upgraded warranty specials that come with app membership. Be sure to check into these before purchasing.

  • Paid Assembly

    The delivers will assemble in-home for an additional $299.99. I’ve assembled a lot of treadmills over the years, and if you’re not going to have the pro’s do it, I’d strongly advise having several friends around to help. It’s not rocket science, but the parts are large and unwieldly.

This Treadmill Could Be For You If:

  • You want a well-built entry-level treadmill under $2,000
  • You want to bring your screen to the workout.
  • You want the benefits of built-in heart rate sensors.
  • You want a folding treadmill.

My Final Verdict:

At its $1,699.99 sale price, the Echelon Stride-6 is a bargain. There are other entry-level treadmills that come in under that price, but I’d say pound-for-pound this is a good machine. I’ve never had a mechanical problem with an Echelon. Another great bargain treadmill to compare this one with is the Sole F80, which we’ve also reviewed. The Stride-6 costs a little less but the Sole F80 has built-in workout programs and a bigger motor. That said, it’s also a larger machine and if space is a consideration, the Stride-6 can fit more easily into smaller rooms. Since this is the first year for the Stride-6 to be out, we’ll see how the sales numbers stack up, but in the meantime, I’m very optimistic for its success.

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Echelon Stride-6 FAQs

How heavy can I be and use the Echelon Stride-6?

This treadmill has a weight capacity of 300 pounds.

Where can I buy the Echelon Stride-6?

It’s often best to buy your treadmill directly from the manufacturer, but it's also available at Amazon, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Costco.

Is the Echelon Stride-6 difficult to disassemble?

Disassembly isn't terribly complicated, but it helps to have help. Keep a copy of the owner's manual to help you when the time comes, or you can always download one from online.