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Amanda Brooks
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Sole F80 Review

Editor's Rating: 9.8 /10

This Treadmill Could Be For You If:

  • You want an easily foldable treadmill.
  • You need a motor that supports long distance running, interval training, and hill training.
  • You’re a heavier individual who will demand more from their machine’s motor.
  • You like to track your workout stats with fitness apps.
  • You want commercial-grade treadmill components and modern extras.

See our video review of the Sole F80


The updated Sole F80 folding treadmill is now roomier and more powerful than before, also bringing a whole host of new features and upgraded specs. Some of its star features include an enhanced 9-inch display and a built-in tablet holder for convenient multitasking, entertainment, and workout data syncing to your fitness apps. The F80’s impressive specs include a super-sized 22- x 60-inch running surface, a commercial 3.5 HP motor and a power incline with maximum 15% grade, earning the model a top spot in our list of best treadmills. Sole gave the F80 a reversible deck when it upgraded the model, which not only doubles the life of the deck but also quietens the sound of each step and reduces impact by up to 40% compared with outdoor training.

Like all Sole treadmills in this model year, the new F80 makes training more efficient and effective by offering 10 preset programs including user-designed workouts. You can choose to view your workout programs on the 9-inch LCD screen, one of the largest in the series, or on your smartphone or tablet. 

Like to track stats with fitness apps? Sole treadmills offer Bluetooth connectivity to use with the Sole Fitness mobile app, which is compatible with most iOS and Android devices. Using the app, you can dock a mobile device over the regular treadmill screen and watch a movie, read the news or catch up on your ebook all while recording your exercise data in the background. To keep all your exercise data in one place, the Sole Fitness app can sync with FitBit, Apple Health and other fitness apps. Other extras include Bluetooth speakers and a USB charging port for your devices.

When it comes to saving space, the F80 has got you covered. The treadmill can be easily folded and stored after workouts so you can reclaim your floor space, and also securely locks into position to protect your children and pets’ safety. When you want to fold up your treadmill, just toggle a switch and the deck will slowly fold upwards.

What We Like:

  • Top Quality Parts: The F80 is built to last, with commercial-grade parts which help ensure the machine runs for many years and provides a comfortable ride. Its excellent shock absorption adds extra comfort, allowing you to enjoy running or walking on your machine daily.
  • Folding Capabilities: Another clear benefit of this treadmill is the fact that it can be easily folded to save space. If you are building a small home gym, you can feel confident that the F80 will meet your compact space requirements. It’s a really easy machine to fold up too; just flip the switch and watch it fold up automatically.
  • High-Power Motor: The F80’s 3.5 HP motor is ideal for those who enjoy longer runs as well as heavier individuals who demand more from their machine. This treadmill will easily support any grueling workout, from long distance running to interval training and hill training.
  • Smooth Track Design: The F80 treadmill provides a roomy deck at 22 by 60 inches, making it comfortable for larger users and for those who feel they need more space when running. What’s more, it offers a durable two-ply belt and 2.5 inch rollers which help to keep the whole machine quiet and limit wear and tear.
  • Joint Impact Benefits: Its top-of-the-line cushioning system is designed to take the stress off your joints so that you can run pain free. Its Cushion Flex Whisper Deck minimizes joint impact up to 40% compared to road running, allowing you to keep your workout routine consistent and also helps to minimize training injuries. 
  • Reversible Deck: The F80’s reversible desk helps to promote the longevity of your machine, allowing you to simply flip over the deck when one side wears out and use the other side instead.
  • Preset Workouts: Kick boredom to the curb with one of Sole’s many preset workout programs. The F80 offers 10 built-in workout programs to help you reach your fitness goals, whether that’s fat loss, improved cardio, strength building or athletic improvements. To help you keep track of your stats, the F80 can store up to two different user profiles in the console so you can easily switch workouts back and forth with your partner or roommate and still have all your info stored in the machine.
  • Convenient Display: With a 9-inch LCD screen, you won’t have trouble keeping tabs on your workout session. More of a fitness apps fanatic? The F80 offers a secure tablet holder so you can run data tracking in the background while you enjoy other apps for TV, reading, streaming music or whatever else motivates you.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: It offers integrated pulse monitors on the handrails and the option of using a wireless chest strap which is included with the purchase.
  • Safety Features: The F80 is built with safety in mind, and includes a large stop switch, the capability to start from only 0.5 mph, and a low-profile running hood.
  • Added Extras: The F80’s Bluetooth compatibility allows users to transfer their exercise data from their treadmill to their smart device. You can choose to track progress on the Sole app for free, or have your workout data transferred to a fitness app of your choice such as Fitbit, Record, Mapmyrun or Apple Health. The F80 also offers built-in cooling fans to keep you comfortable during your workout, an accessory tray, an integrated tablet holder, Bluetooth speakers, and a USB charging port.
  • Warranty Details: The F80 offers a great warranty package for this level of machine, giving you lifetime coverage on the frame, motor, and deck; 5 years on electronics and parts; and 2 years on labor.

Sole F80 Treadmill - Key Specs:

Star Rating:4.9-stars
Motor:3.5 HP
Incline:0 to 15%
Running Area:22" x 60"
Top Speed:12 MPH
Weight Capacity:375 LBS
Dimensions:82" L x 37" W x 66" H
Built-In Programs:10
What We Don’t Like:

  • Limited Workout Variety: The F80 only offers 10 built-in workout programs. Although there’s a good variety, some shoppers might prefer treadmills with the option to download new workouts.
  • Short Side Rails: Although handrails are provided for stability, they aren’t as long as some runners would like.
  • Poor Customer Service: There’s no chat option, and email response is very slow if you receive a response at all. 

Our Verdict:

At its $1,599 sale price, the Sole F80 is a bestseller and buyers won’t be disappointed with their purchase. It’s a sensible mid-range option between Sole’s entry-level F63 treadmill and their high-end F85 model. Overall, this cardio trainer delivers excellent value with its club-quality components and upgraded, modern features. 

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New for 2021 

  • Mobile Data Transfer Capability: Using the Sole Fitness app, you can now transfer your workout data from your treadmill to your mobile device, allowing you to integrate the Sole F80 with your favorite fitness tracking apps like FitBit and My Fitness Pal.
  • Roomier Surface Area: To accommodate taller runners and/or faster runs, the Sole F80 running surface has increased to 22″ x 60″.


See Our Video Review of the Sole F80 Treadmill (2015 model)

Recent Updates

  • July 13, 2021: Added some FAQs to the page.

Sole F80 FAQs

How much does the Sole F80 weigh?

The Sole F80 weighs 278 lb. and its maximum user weight capacity is 375 lb.

Where should I buy the Sole F80?

It’s often best to buy your treadmill directly from the manufacturer. Buying your F80 treadmill directly from Sole takes into consideration the brand’s online discounts, free shipping, consumer protections and 30-day trial period.

Does the Sole F80 have Bluetooth?

Yes, the Sole F80 is Bluetooth enabled. This allows you to transfer your workout data from your treadmill to your smart device and other fitness apps.

What is the difference between the Sole F80 and F85?

The Sole F85 has a more powerful motor than the F80, offering a 4.0 HP drive as opposed to the F80’s 3.5 HP. This allows the F85 to support heavier users more easily (its weight capacity is 400 lb. rather than 375 lb.). It also bumps up the roller size to 2.75” and the display to a 10.1" TFT LCD as opposed to the F80’s 2.5” roller length and 9.0" LCD.

Is the Sole F80 difficult to disassemble?

Disassembly is easy. The owner's manual walks you through the process using the tools provided in the assembly hardware kit. Since it disassembles down to the deck and console, you're able to move the unit through most doors and walkways without no issues. However, it can be a little tricky to get it through narrow stairways and hallways.