Best Treadmills Under $2,000

Best Treadmills Under $2,000

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Best Overall – Sole F85
Best Sprint Trainer – Horizon 7.8 AT
Best Cushioning – NordicTrack EXP14i
Best Budget– Bowflex T10
Best Interactive Experience – Proform Pro 9000
Best Desk Treadmill – Lifespan TR5000-DT7
Best Incline Training on a Budget – NordicTrack EXP14i


We all have different training preferences and workout goals, but everyone can enjoy and benefit from treadmills in the $1,500 to $2,000 price category. The best treadmills under $2,000 cover all the bases with modern consoles, great program variety and high-performance components. Shown below are versatile favorites with power inclines, immersive ’round-the-world video workouts and other features for dynamic training.

These high quality home treadmills entice with 4.0 CHP motors, spacious workout surfaces, immersive video workouts and other high quality features. With a web price of $1,500 to $1,999, each cardio trainer on this list is a top value in its price class.

Prefer to do a bit more research before you shop? Scroll down to learn exactly what to look for when shopping for a new home treadmill.

How Treadmills Were Selected for This List

Each treadmill selected in this list was heavily researched. When possible, we hand-test or even travel to the manufacturer’s headquarters to check out entire lineups of products side-by-side. I’ve competed in everything from sprints to marathons, and I’ve learned over the years (sometimes the hard way) what features you need for various types of training. As I weighed the many options during the compilation of this roundup, I was paid close attention to the little details that make all the difference.

In this roundup, I’ve considered premium features including motor size, incline/decline, speed, special programming options, warranty, and integrated technology. Each product is assessed without bias as some treadmills are simply better for certain types of training than others.

1. Best Overall Home Treadmill – Sole F85

Best Overall Treadmill Under $2,000 Sole F85
Where to buy Sole F85
Where to buy Sole F85

Sole’s F85 model is well-rounded and offers all the key features most people are looking for. Although it’s slightly over $2,000, sale prices often put it within the price range, and there are many reasons it’s worth the extra $99 at it’s regular pricing.

Starting with its high-quality parts, it has got a lot going for it. The most commonly damaged part on a treadmill is the roller. This is the large, cylindrical piece the belt wraps around, and they typically range in size from 1.6” to 2.5”. The bigger, the better, as a larger size allows it to grip the belt more effectively. Sole’s rollers are 2.75”, which is excellent.

Other excellent quality features include a 400 lb. weight capacity and lifetime warranty on the frame and motor. It’s a solid piece of equipment capable of supporting frequent use and larger runners. The 4.0 HP motor is quiet yet powerful, and, combined with the spacious 22″x60″ running deck, it’s able to accommodate long strides, fast sprints, and tall users.

It’s really no surprise the F85 is Sole’s top-seller. The solid construction is matched with plenty of entertainment options using the 10.1” touchscreen display. When you’re not using one of the standard programs built-in or one of the 12 customized workouts, you can enjoy the seven preset apps including YouTube and Netflex. The screen mirroring feature allows you to expand your fitness regimen since you can unlock endless workout options.

Most treadmills top out at a speed of 10-12 mph, and the F85 meets the mark with a 0-12 mph speed range. It also allows incline up to 15%, which is on the higher end for this price range. It makes our top pick overall due to Sole’s versatile approach at offering a high-quality treadmill with all the primary features most runners expect.

See our in-depth review of the Sole F85.


  • Generous warranty
  • Solid construction
  • CushionFlex Whisper Deck technology
  • Customer service not responsive
  • Large footprint
  • Short siderails

Key Specs

Motor4.0 HP
Incline0 — 15%
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity400 LBS
Dimensions82″ L x 37″ W x 66″ H
Screen10.1″ Touchscreen
WarrantyLifetime Frame & Motor, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labor

2. Best Sprint Trainer – Horizon 7.8 AT

Horizon 7.8 AT Best Treadmill Under $2,000 for Sprint Training
Where to buy Horizon 7.8 AT
Where to buy Horizon 7.8 AT

While you don’t have to use the Horizon 7.8 AT treadmill specifically for sprints, if you’re a fan of training options like high intensity interval training, this model has a unique feature that allows you to very effectively tap into the proven benefits of this type of cardio. If you’ve ever used a treadmill with lag time as you switch from a high-to-low speed, you either have to time your sprints shorter or jump your legs off the running track as the belt slows, which ultimately disrupts your training.

Through a combination of Horizon’s proprietary Quick Dial controls and Rapid Sync technology, these transitions are nearly instantaneous. Using your hand to easily and quickly swipe the small blue dials found on the handles by the console, it just takes seconds to toggle between high and low speeds. Since sprints are only intended to last short periods, this makes training highly effective. Best of all, Horizon’s Rapid Sync technology is designed specifically to prevent lag time as the motor is able to respond faster than most treadmills as you change your speed and incline.

I got the opportunity to do a hands-on review of the Horizon 7.8 AT and can attest to the effectiveness of Horizon’s clever solution to lag time. I used it to train for a 5K and found the QuickDial controls to be very effective in my goal of improving aerobic capacity. While it doesn’t have a fancy touchscreen, you can bring your own tablet or smart device to your workout. Horizon offers a unique tool to expand training options. They scoured thousands of fitness apps available and narrowed them down a to menu of those they deemed most appropriate for use with their products. Their FitU guide is unique and helps you target the best apps suited for your training style.

Check out my hands-on review of the Horizon 7.8 AT.

  • Rapid Sync technology and QuickDial controls for effective sprints
  • Large running track
  • Scientifically-proven Sprint 8 training program built-in
  • No touchscreen
  • Limited built-in programming

Key Specs

Motor4.0 HP
Incline0 — 15%
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity375 LBS
Dimensions76″ L x 37″ W x 64″ H
Screen9.3″ High Contrast Color TFT Screen
WarrantyLifetime Frame, Motor, Deck; 3 Years Electronics & Parts; 1 Years Labor

3. Best Cushioning Treadmill- NordicTrack EXP14i

NordicTrack EXP 14i Best Cushioning Treadmill Under $2,000
Where to buy NordicTrack EXP14i
Where to buy NordicTrack EXP14i

Running combined with strength training of the quads, hamstrings, glutes, and calves can help prevent issues like arthritis. However, runners or walkers with concerns about their joints or who suffer with pain in the knees when exercising should consider softer running surfaces. That’s why most treadmills incorporate some type of cushioning. In this regard, I’ve selected the NordicTrack EXP14i with its FlexSelect technology as it offers a unique versatility.

Let’s say you’re training for an outdoor running event. You and want to be prepared for race day. Road running is a much different experience than low-impact training, and failing to incorporate this variable realistically can definitely impact your performance. On the other hand, you may want to use cushioning when you’re not focused on event training. NoricTrack’s FlexSelect technology allows for both experiences. Just soften the impact by engaging dampers that can then be disengaged when you need a real road-running experience.

The EXP14i features a 14” touchscreen with integrated iFit technology. This allows you to browse hundreds of workouts led by world-renowned trainers both on and off the treadmill. Not only does this add diversity to your home workouts, but it further aids in preserving your knees since strength training combined with adequate cardio fortifies cartilage to prevent issues like arthritis. To make the most of your purchase, I’d recommend supplementing your treadmill with some of NordicTrack’s premium strength training products if you’re not already equipped.

Read Brian’s full review of the NordicTrack EXP 14i.

  • Cushioning can be adjusted
  • iFit training available
  • Automatic Trainer Control
  • Incline and decline training
  • No tilt/pivot capability with screen
  • Limitations without iFit subscription

Key Specs

Motor3.5 HP
Incline-3% to +12%
Running Area20″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions79.9” L x 35.08” W x 59.25” H
Screen14″ HD Touchscreen
Warranty10-Year Frame & Motor, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

4. Best Budget Home Treadmill – Bowflex T10

Bowflex T10 Best Budget Treadmill Under $2,000
Where to buy Bowflex T10
Where to buy Bowflex T10

Let’s face it. The economy is rough, and staying on budget is an important part of the treadmill shopping process. If you need to stay on the lower end of the $1,500-$2,000 price point, the Bowflex T10 is worth a look. We have a roundup of the best treadmills under $1,000 if money’s really tight, but, at $1,499, this product packs a punch.

With a spacious running deck of 22″ x 60″, a 10″ adjustable HD console, 4.0 HP motor, and 400 lb. weight limit, you can count on workout diversity with the capacity and build for more aggressive training. Many treadmills offer incline, but far fewer allow for decline training necessary for maximum lower-body muscle recruitment.

Your Bowflex T10 purchase comes with a 1-year JRNY membership valued at $149, allowing you to tap into hundreds of trainer-led classes and videos ranging from personalized workouts and variety in treadmill training to strength-focused routines, full-body workouts, virtual destinations, and real-time virtual coaching. You can even explore variety in entertainment with access to streaming options like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Disney+, Prime Video, and JRNY Radio.

See Brian’s detailed review of the Bowflex T10.

  • Incline and decline options
  • 400 lb. max weight good for the price
  • 10″ HD touchscreen
  • Large footprint
  • No built-in programs

Key Specs

Motor4.0 HP
Running Area22″ x 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity400 LBS
Dimensions85″ L x 39.6″ W x 65.3″ H
Screen10″ HD Touchscreen
Warranty15-Year Frame, 5-Year Parts, 2-Year Labor

5. Best Interactive Experience – ProForm Pro 9000

ProForm Pro 9000 Best Interactive Experience Under $2,000
Where to buy ProForm Pro 9000
Where to buy ProForm Pro 9000

The concept of home fitness has transformed. According to a 2021 study published by the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association, 68% of Americans began using some type of online fitness program during the pandemic and plan to incorporate use in the future. Whether you exercise exclusively at home or keep a hybrid regimen that includes gym workouts, you can significantly bolster the effectiveness of any routine with the right fitness app.

The ProForm Pro 9000 has exactly what you need with its combination of a 22″ Smart HD Touchscreen and iFit trainer-led workouts. Purchase of the treadmill includes a free 30-day membership that auto-renews for just $39 per month if you choose not to cancel, which I’d highly recommend you not do.

Access to iFit provides a full spectrum of fitness beyond just cardio including strength, balance, flexibility, interactive training, and much more. With the ability to stream global and studio class workouts in your own home, you’re getting the boutique experience for a fraction of the cost. With your iFit membership, you can access its features with your smart device, meaning you can use it at the gym, too, allowing you all-in-one access to training and stats all on one platform.

While the NordicTrack EXP 14i, also ranking in this roundup, features iFit, the larger touchscreen on the Pro 9000 model allows for more realistic simulation, making you feel as though you’re actually there as the program transports you to some of the most scenic places in the world. Best of all, the incline/decline automatically adjusts as you explore the terrain to make for the most true-to-life experience.

See Brian’s detailed review of the ProForm Pro 9000.

  • Recently upgraded 22″ HD touchscreen
  • ProShox cushioning
  • Auto-trainer control features
  • Restocking fee for returns

Key Specs

Motor3.6 HP
Incline-3 – 12%
Running Area22″ X 60″
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions77.3″ L x 35.3″ W x 59.6″ H
Screen22″ HD Touchscreen
Warranty10-Year Frame; 2-Year Parts; 1 Year Labor

6. Best Desk Treadmill –  LifeSpan TR5000-DT7

Lifespan TR5000-DT7 Best Desk Treadmill Under $2,000
Where to buy LifeSpan TR5000-DT7
Where to buy LifeSpan TR5000-DT7

Who hasn’t made an excuse not to workout? Most of us are busy, and a growing number spend hours in front of a computer. The National Library of Medicine published a study that found use of treadmill desks produced significant improvement in outcomes including postprandial glucose, HDL cholesterol, and anthropometrics.

If you’re ready to kill two birds with one stone, a desk treadmill is a great solution to merge your professional life with your fitness regimen. The TR5000-DT7 by LifeSpan is within your price range with all the features needed to foster productivity while torching calories. Its adjustable workspace ranges from 36″ to 52″, allowing for heights up to 6’8″ with the ability to pre-set two preferred heights. To ensure you have a sturdy workspace, the desk area is constructed of 1″ composite board with a laminate surface all mounted on a rigid steel frame.

To make your multitasking safe, the TR 5000 includes the Intelli-Guard feature that automatically stops the belt 20 seconds after stepping off the deck. Furthermore, it was thoughtfully designed with a low step-up height of just 6″ and padded arm rests to prevent accidents and enhance the viability for extended periods of use without getting uncomfortable.

It’s important to note this treadmill isn’t designed for running. With a top speed of 4 mph, its focus is on combining office work with exercise. Slow and steady wins the race. Considering most people burn around 100 calories per mile walking, an 8-hour workday spent at a 2 mph pace would burn an impressive 1,600 calories. Try beating that in a high-intensity cardio class!

See our detailed review of the LifeSpan TR 5000-DT7.

  • Multiple safety and comfort features
  • 400-lb. weight limit
  • Adjustable workspace
  • Not made for running
  • No incline

Key Specs

Motor3.0 HP
Running Area20” x 50”
Top Speed4 MPH
Weight Capacity400 LBS
Dimensions70.5″ L x 46.75″ W x 52″ H
Warranty3-Year Motor, 2-Year Parts, 1-Year Labor

7. Best Home Treadmill for Incline Training on a Budget –  NordicTrack EXP 14i

NordicTrack EXP 14i Best Incline Trainer Under $2,000
Where to buy NordicTrack EXP14i
Where to buy NordicTrack EXP14i

Yes, we’ve touched base on the benefits of the NordicTrack EXP 14i when it comes to it’s superior cushioning, but I thought it was worth also featuring for its incline training capabilities. Aside from offering a more realistic experience when engaging in iFit programming, the ability to train on both an incline and decline provides a number of strength-building opportunities.

The EXP 14i has an incline range of -3% to 12%. Sure, there are others with wider ranges, but they’re more expensive. (If you’re willing to spend $3,499, NordicTrack’s X22i model features one of the most expansive incline ranges of -5% to 40%!) In the $2,000 budget, the EXP 14i allows for the simulation of both uphill and downhill training.  Although the Bowflex T10 has a slightly more expansive incline range, it lacks in simulation, giving the EXP 14i arguably a higher potential for effectiveness in the enhanced muscle recruitment provided by incline training.

Why do I say this? There are two key reasons. For starters, the EXP 14i features a 14″ screen vs. the T10’s 10″ screen, thus providing a more immersive experience. Secondly, iFit programming included on the EXP 14i allows your virtual coach to adjust your incline setting. Not only does this further advance the feeling you’re actually in the environment featured on your screen, but it can be more effective if you’re targeting a very specific type of training, which iFit categorizes very efficiently.

For these reasons, someone looking for highly-targeting and efficient incline trainer can potentially benefit more from the programming provided with the EXP 14i. However, if you aren’t as concerned with inclusion of immersive tech, the Bowflex T10 is also a great option.

See our detailed review of the NordicTrack EXP 14i.

  • Large touchscreen doesn’t wobble when running fast
  • Auto trainer controls
  • OneTouch Controls and a Smart-Response Drive System
  • No tilt/pivot capability with screen
  • Limitations without iFit subscription

Key Specs

Motor3.5 HP
Incline-3% – 12%
Running Area20” x 60”
Top Speed12 MPH
Weight Capacity300 LBS
Dimensions79.9” L x 35.08” W x 59.25” H
Screen14” HD Touchscreen
Warranty10-Year Frame, 2-Year Parts, 1-Years Labor

Want to compare these models to see which one is best for you? Try our comparison tool. To use it, just check off any treadmill you want to look at in more detail, and then click ‘compare’. Learn more about what to look for when shopping for a new home treadmill below.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Treadmill Under $2,000

Home Treadmill Buying Guide

With such a competitive market, there are a lot of features to consider when treadmill shopping. Make sure you know what to look for that matters to you. Photo by: Oleksandr Kosheliev /

Comparing Home Treadmills in Your Price Range

If treadmills were cars, then one in the $1,500-to-$1,999 price category might be a Lexus. The best treadmills priced slightly under $2,000 are luxury rides even if they’re not the most elite options on the market. Their motors bring smooth performance, their decks are well-cushioned to protect trainees’ joints, and their consoles integrate the latest digital technologies. These treadmills approach light commercial quality and are the top designs made with at-home training in mind. Here are some notes to help you understand what’s available in this price category.

Electronics Expectations

The best treadmills under $2,000 often have eye-catching displays and excellent workout programming. Full-color touch screens are common in the $1,500-to-$1,999 category. These screens have controls for workouts and iPods/iPhones, plus some can show video and have web browsers and/or TV. On the other hand, some models skip out on the tech and transfer the focus into bolstering the quality of construction.

Here are some features included on many the models chosen for this list:

  • Large Screens: Screen size is highly dependent on the manufacturer’s focus in design and performance. That’s clear as you assess the products in this roundup which range from 9.3″ to 22″.  Whatever the size, you can usually expect monitors in this price range to be high definition, cream of the crop. Some of the touch screens include web browsers and can show video workouts.
  • Immersive Programming: Since the pandemic, a growing number of fitness junkies have turned to online workouts, and the market responded. There are hundreds of options, and you can learn more about some of our favorites here. Let’s take a moment to highlight those featured on the products included in this roundup.
    • Studio offers over 3,000 boutique fitness classes designed by leading fitness instructors are organized with your schedule in mind ranging from 10 to 60 minutes. They feature routines for all fitness levels and utilize your metrics across all workouts to help you more effectively assess your progress. You can compete with other users across the globe through Studio’s community-driven leaderboard, and the ability to earn FITCOIN for prizes is motivation to push harder.
    • iFit is an all-in-one fitness app offering workout downloads in several formats including Google Maps with Street View. Google Maps workouts can show street-level views for countless paths that users set up, plus they can replicate the hills and valleys of any charted terrain. Customers’ favorite treadmills have generous power inclines and declines to make the most of this technology since remote trainer controls allow the technology to change speed and incline to match the workout intensity, heart rate, and/or terrain.
    • FitU is a unique approach to virtual fitness introduced by Horizon. Although it’s not an app, they scoured the online fitness app market for the best that are compatible with their equipment. With more than 30 apps to explore in the FitU library, you can more easily navigate your options to pinpoint those most compatible with your training style.
    • JRNY provides the customization you’d pay a personal trainer an average of $40 to $70 per session for at just $19.99 per month. Users are provided personalized workouts daily and real-time virtual coaching to target the precise training needed to crush goals and raise the bar. Trainer-led classes are also available if you enjoy the innate competitive edge the group training environment is known for.
    • LifeSpan Club is the free fitness tracking technology offered by LifeSpan. Relatively simple, it keeps track of metrics including steps, distance, calories, and intensity. For easy accessibility of your data, you can sync your data and workout summaries to Apple Health and Google Health.
  • Preset workouts: Besides having high-tech workouts like those described above, the best treadmills under $2,000 also have excellent traditional workout programming. The selection is more varied than what’s found on cheaper treadmills, plus each user can create and save new workouts.
  • Wireless data tracking: As technology continues to advance, most cardio trainers are jumping on board to provide connectivity with mobile apps. Treadmills can connect with ViaFitiFit, FitBit and countless other mobile apps to wirelessly track workout info such as heart rate, time spent exercising and calories burned.

Speed and Incline/Decline

The average human athlete sprint speed is around 18 mph. Considering this is an elite-level metric based on competitive sprint times, you shouldn’t need a treadmill capable of that type of speed. All treadmills (except the desk treadmill) in this roundup have top-speeds of 12 mph. Not only does this cap preserve the life of your treadmill, but it also is to be expected in the $2,000 price range.

Even if you only plan to use your treadmill for walking, adding incline and/or decline to the mix allows you to increase muscle recruitment to tone leg muscles while checking cardio off the to-do list. Products featuring incline only allow you to improve posterior strength in the glutes, hamstrings, and calves.

When you add the downhill simulation of decline training, the anterior muscles are strengthened. This would include your quadriceps and hip flexors. Most treadmills between $1,500-$2,000 range in options from 10% to 15% incline. While not all provide decline, those in this roundup with this option range from -3% to -5%.

If you incorporate interval training in your regimen, a side feature to look out for is some type of easy touch control. This allows you to seamlessly transition speed and incline for the most effective high-to-low intensity intervals.

Motor and Track

Treadmills in this price class can meet and exceed most trainees’ performance needs. Their motor power is ample and their tracks are spacious.

  • The industry standard for home treadmill track motors this year is 3.0-4.0 CHP, and the models featured on on our above list all meet these parameters. They also have powerful incline motors. These cardio trainers can handle high speed training by large athletes without skipping a beat.
  • The industry standard for treadmill belt size is 20 inches wide and 60 inches long. Belts of this size are more than adequate for most trainees. Some high-end treadmills feature tracks with extra length and/or width. Choices with 22″ wide belts are included in my list.


Treadmills in this price class not only have enticing electronics and great power, they’re also built to last. Components such as commercial quality wiring, large track rollers and thick tread belts let manufacturers provide especially generous warranties. Here’s what to expect from warranties on the best treadmills priced from about $1,500 to $1,999:

  • Frame, Motor and Deck: Lifetime coverage
  • Parts: Three to five years
  • Electronics: Two to five years
  • Labor: One or two years

Summing It Up

The best treadmills under $2,000 are high performance and have top-of-the-line electronics. Shoppers buying in this price class can expect high quality features and generous warranties. Of course, your ultimate choice should target the treadmill most capable of meeting your unique needs. My goal in compiling this roundup has been to help you hone in your attention to the little details that make all the difference. Whether your primary target is high-tech integration, broad incline range, advanced cushioning, or keeping the cost as low as possible, there is a product for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treadmill under $2,000?

While it depends on your training needs, the Sole F85 offers a well-rounded set of features at the $2,000 price point.

What speed and incline can you expect out of a $2,000 treadmill?

Expect an average max speed of 12 mph and incline ranging from -3% to 15%

Can a treadmill reduce belly fat?

Absolutely! When combined with a healthful diet, regular treadmill use can reduce belly fat and maintain a lean physique.

Is incline or flat treadmill better?

Adding incline or decline increases exertion, allowing you to burn more calories and improve lower-body strength.

What makes one treadmill more expensive than another?

Factors including electronic features, motor power, programmed apps, broad incline and speed ranges, and overall build quality all impact price.