Choosing the Best Treadmill for Your Workout

When choosing a treadmill, the staggering number of available options often leaves shoppers feeling overwhelmed. Unfortunately, there is no single “best” treadmill on the market. What qualifies as the best treadmill for one person may not necessarily be the best choice for another. Deciding which special features are important and considering budgetary demands or space limitations, can help most shoppers determine the best treadmill for them and their workout.

What Are the Best Treadmills for Home Use?

When choosing an residential treadmill, it’s important to keep the size of the workout space in mind. Sturdy, non-folding treadmills with long decks may be the best treadmills for home workout rooms with a great deal of open space, while people in small homes may find that lightweight, folding treadmills with shorter decks better suit their needs. Also, the best treadmills for home aren’t necessarily the most expensive models. According to a January 2012 Consumer Reports study, there are several well-rated treadmill models in the under $1,000 price range. If a treadmill price seems too good to be true, research the manufacturer’s reputation and see what kind of warranty the company offers to stand behind its equipment. Treadmills with short warranties simply aren’t made to last.

What is the Best Walking Treadmill?

Treadmills used primarily for walking take less of a beating than those consistently used for running. So, for users who prefer walking workouts to running workouts, the best walking treadmills don’t require a high-powered motor or heavy-duty construction. Runners tend to require treadmills with longer decks, but standard 50-inch-long decks are sufficient for walking. Because walking enthusiasts don’t particularly need treadmills loaded with special features, the best walking treadmill generally costs less than the best treadmills for runners. When choosing a treadmill, walking enthusiasts will appreciate the fact that exercise that is gentle on their body is also gentle on their wallet.

What Are the Best Treadmills for Runners?

The best treadmills for runners have better stability, longer decks, more powerful motors, and more programmable features than treadmills used for walking. When choosing the best treadmill for runners, look for models that allow the user to adjust the speed and deck incline from the control console. The ability to quickly and easily change speed and incline is an invaluable feature, particularly for anyone who does interval-training workouts. Some treadmills for runners have decks that incline to simulate both uphill and downhill running, which allows for variety in the daily workout. Additional features on some of the best treadmills for runners include extended decks, cushioned belts, and chest-strap heart-rate monitors. Although bargains are occasionally available, serious running enthusiasts should expect to pay more than $1,000 for a high-quality machine that will last. The machines that we like for runners are the NordicTrack 1750 and the Horizon Elite T9 treadmill.


What is the Best Exercise Treadmill?

The best exercise treadmill is one that comes with features that allow the user to track their performance and fitness goals. While some treadmill models save performance and fitness goals in the console memory, others have Wi-Fi connections or USB ports that let users download their workout data to a computer, smartphone, or other electronic device. Although additional features (like MP3 docks and cup holders) are nice, even the most basic of treadmills will provide a cardiovascular workout that can benefit any fitness plan. In fact, one could argue that the best exercise treadmill is any one used to meet healthy fitness goals.

Having an in-home treadmill serves as a daily reminder of fitness goals, eliminates common excuses for not working out, and can motivate people to make healthy lifestyle changes. People in the market for a new treadmill have literally hundreds of options to choose from. But, that doesn’t mean choosing a treadmill has to be a difficult, intimidating, or confusing endeavor. Making a list of the top features needed to improve workout performance (as well as keeping in mind budgetary concerns and space limitations) can help shoppers narrow down the field of available models. Whether you are looking for a treadmill to incorporate into a walking, running, or interval-training workout, there is a model designed to meet your needs. You just need to put in the research to find it.

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